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Gun Control

Gun Control Sample 1   In the wake of all the school shootings in the past two years gun control has become a more serious issue than before. Gun control has always been a concern in the United States, but not until the first major school shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado did […]

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Toy Guns – College

Should Kids Have Toy Guns Michael Golden and Robert Shaffer both write articles on whether or not they want their kids to have toy guns. They both have different opinions on the issue and very good arguments to back up their reasons. Golden writes an article entitled “Why I Bought My Son a Toy Gun” […]

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Analysis of Dickinson’s Loaded Gun Poem

In the poem 764 of The Norton Anthology which starts “My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun -” (line 1), Emily Dickinson takes on the role of a married woman of the nineteenth century whose husband owns and completely controls her. The woman, whose voice Dickinson wrote from, reflects on the importance of her […]

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Combat Laser Sniper Gun Technology

ONE SHOT ONE KILL is how Sniper Gun works. The term Sniper was foremost used in 1824 in the sense of word Sharpshooter. The chief intent of this gun is to destruct valuable marks at drawn-out scope. In most of the instances, mark agencies human existences ( enemy soldiers, armed terrorists and felons ) . […]

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Analysis gun ho

Cultural values contributing to the United States’ Professional Leadership Style ? Cultural differences affecting Communication practices in multinational companies 13 Cultural values affecting Human Resource Management in Japanese and American companies Conclusion Cited ? multinational 15 works 16 Executive Summary ? 14 As Daisy Skied said, “People can only live fully by helping others to […]

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Should Guns be Outlawed

According to Kates and Don (2000), a gun is defined as a cannon that fires projectiles from a long tube known as the barrel at high velocities and in a low, flat trajectory. The fired projectile usually carries a charge that explodes when it hits its target. Some guns use ammunition that can pierce an […]

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Johnny Got His Gun By Dalton Trumbo

This is to analyze and discuss the book `Johnny Got His Gun` by Dalton Trumbo The thesis of the book was to tell the horrors of war and its futility that it was better to become a slave than to serve the war in name of intangible things. This paper will describe the experienced of […]

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The Gun – College

How far would you go to fit in or feel like you were part of the “crowd’’ ? Some people will go as far as having suicidal thoughts. Turning to something so harmful for love, is insane to me because there’s no benefit from it. The author of this short story I will be introducing […]

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