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Bt Brinjal

National Consultations on Bt Brinjal A primer on concerns, issues and prospects National Consultations on Bt Brinjal A primer on concerns, issues and prospects Contents 1. Introduction 2. Brinjals in India 3. Genetically Modified Crops and the Brinjal 4. Bt Brinjal: Prospects and Concerns 5. Glossary 6. References 1 3 5 13 19 20 Disclaimer: […]

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Epilepsy – 385 words – College

EpilepsyInitial History15 y.o. Boyplaying touch football when symptoms developedBecame unreasonably angry at his friendFell to the ground with sudden onset of unconsciousnessHis body stiffened with arms and legs extendedHe did not breathe for about 10 secondsHe then began violent,rhythmic, muscular contractions accompanied by strenuous hyperventilation that lasted 2 or 3 minutesIncontinent of urineHe then lay […]

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Immunostaining and In Situ Hybridization

The study of gene expression provides invaluable insight into an organism’s structure and function; how it is that from a mere embryo genes can control which cells, tissues, organs and limbs will develop, providing the organism with the inherited traits that specifically adapt it to its forthcoming environment. Mutations of particular genes are sometimes associated […]

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Chemistry Final

Types of microscopes: Dissecting: has 2 eyepieces and used for looking at a fly. Is D and used reflecting light Lower magnification, higher resolution Compound: has 1 eyepiece and is used for looking at a cross-section off plant. D and uses transmitted light Higher magnification, lower resolution Microscope objectives include xx, lox, xx, xx, -As […]

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Gattaca – 1142 words – College

Gattaca is a science-fiction film released in 1997, lead starring Ethan Hawke, Jude Law and Uma Thurman. The film details a man’s (Ethan Hawke/Vincent Freeman) physical breakthrough of the barrier of attaining his dreams of becoming an astronaut, but not being able to due to a heart defect imprinted in to his DNA. The film […]

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Gattaca – 816 words – College

“Gattaca” is a movie about a man named Vincent who is born into a “new” society that uses genetics as the make-up for what social class you are given and will remain in, no matter what you do. Vincent is a “godchild”. He is born the “natural way”, without any genetic altering and his future […]

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Pglo Transformation Lab Report

Introduction Transformation is the transfers of virulence from one cell to another, through the transferring of genetic material. It was originally postulated in 1928 through the works of Federick Griffith, a British microbiologist. Griffith observed that the mutant form, non-virulent form, of the bacteria Streptococcus Pnumoniae could be transformed into the normal, virulent form, when […]

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Dna Extraction Lab

DNA Extraction Lab Purpose: To compare the amount of DNA extracted from two different species, despite using the same method. Hypothesis: I predict that the liver will produce a higher quantity of DNA than the strawberry. This is because I believe that animals have a higher DNA yield because our structure is more complex than […]

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Genetics: Practice Test Questions

Practice Questions for FALL FINAL Biology KEY Note: These are a few sample questions that you can work through for more practice with genetics and experimental design. You should also review the evolution and experimental design quizzes and exams. These questions do NOT cover all of the material covered this semester. Completion of these questions […]

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Philosophical Paper: Gattaca

What will it be like in a not-so-distant future society where your life started with your parents designing your genes? After screening for unwanted genetic diseases, they select your sex, height, eye color, hair color, skin tone, and select from a menu of temperament, intelligence and occupational categories, all designed to place you in a […]

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Nano gene – College

NanoGene Technologies was a very interesting case in the fact that it looked at the business before the inception and into its first major issues. Taking a look at the companies history is very important when developing the issues involved with this case study. NanoGene Technologies is a life sciences start-up based on nanotechnology, focusing […]

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Cracking the Genetic Code

In the movie, Cracking the Genetic Code, we learn that people can discover their likeliness for illnesses, diseases, cancer, and more. In this age scientists are discovering so many new things from a single strand of DNA. Finding out that you are missing a nucleic acid in your genes, or finding out you have an […]

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