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Ariticle Review

A. Sexuality- Ideas about sexuality have changed tremendously in the past few decades. In this day and age, it is acceptable to be openly homosexual or bisexual. Seventeen states have made gay marriage legal. B. Marijuana- In the past marijuana was deemed illegal. Recently a few states have made it legal to buy. It can […]

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Politics of Tony Kushners Angels in America

Kushner’s American History and Politics as Millennium Approaches Though gay themes prevail in Angels in America, Tony Kushner’s work critically examines issues crucial to the American identity. Kushner uses social criticism from the viewpoint of his characters, who as members of minority groups, voice, witness or exhibit the moral decay, spiritual depletion and self-destructiveness found […]

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Lesbians and gay men have always existed in every historical period

Nowadays, when you look up in most of the dictionaries, you can find that the definition for “heterosexuality” is sexual orientation to and sexual activity with someone of the opposite sex, which means that heterosexual person are feeling sexually attracted to people of a different sex. And the meaning for “homosexuality” is sexual orientation to […]

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Ellen Degeneres as a Gay Icon

“It is excessively early to analyze the historical significance of Ellen DeGeneres’s coming out. yet this chapter can be a starting point for research workers to see long-run attitude displacements in this society about homosexualism. ” — the April 14. 1997. Time magazine. In this cover article of Time She has won infinite awards. has […]

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The Gay Rights In Kosovo Sociology

Homosexuality as a term is used to depict people who choose sexual dealingss and romantic fond regards with another individual of the same sex. This is non a new behaviour, it has been around for 1000s of old ages, and for 1000s of old ages it has been considered as a phenomenon that went against […]

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Gay Speak – College

Philippine Gay Language: A Pidgin By Johnnie J. Lim (2009) I. Introduction Inquiries about the meaning of the gay language in the Philippines have been raised including the origin of the terms used. The Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia defines it as “a vernacular language derived from Englog, and is used by a number of gay Filipinos. […]

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Analysis of Sheldon’s Gay Marriage Unnatural

The issue of homosexual marriage has created a fervor in recent American society. With some states allowing such civil unions and others refusing, the nation continues to debate this volatile issue. Reverend Louis P. Sheldon, in his essay “Gay Marriage ‘Unnatural’,” alerts his readers to his general proposition that gay marriage is, theoretically, culturally and […]

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Geyluv – College

Honorio Bartolome de Dios’ Geyluv tells the odd love story between Mike, an attractive Manila-based journalist, and Benjie, a gay project director of a non government organization. Geyluv, or Gay Love, in English touches sensitive socio-political issues that are far beyond literature. In some way, Geyluv challenges the Philippines’ conservativeness and the society’s untold discrimination […]

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Literature Review of Queer Theory

As being developed by poststructuralism, feminism, lesbian & gay studies and even American pragmatist theory (Parker,2001; Seidman,1997), queer theory has become one of the most important theories, which contributes to the research of sociology, arts and organizations. On the one hand, queer theory has been used to study the relations between the sexuality, gender and […]

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Language Analysis Gay Marriage

Agreeing with Tuohy, Newton’s letter to the editor, “It is nonsense to cling to the past” (The Age 16/11/11) responds to a statement by Julia Gillard, that as marriage has come to “have a particular standing” in our culture it should “continue unchanged”. Newton begins in a mocking tone, replying with “fine words”, inferring that […]

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