Essay on Empathy

An Empathy Essay on Slavery as a Slave

Forty years I have worked in the plantation, I am now finally a free man, but has life really been worth living? Like a dog I worked, what is the point of lives as black slaves?The start of the story goes back to sixty years ago when I was a little kid playing with my […]

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Who deserves our sympathy: Rhoda or Gertrude

Throughout the “Withered Arm” the main characters: Rhoda Brook and Gertrude Lodge experience lots of tragedy, and due to this, the book makes the audience empathise with the two of them. The following paragraphs will examine the lengths and extremes of these tragic events, and therefore conclude who deserves our sympathy. Rhoda Brook is a […]

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To what extent do you feel Miller is successful in presenting Eddie

A tragic hero according to Aristotle, is, ‘a [great] man who is neither a paragon of virtue and justice nor undergoes the change to misfortune through any real badness or wickedness but because of some mistake’. In this play, Arthur Miller uses many techniques to try and draw a picture to the audience, that Eddie […]

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Decline of trust empathy and civic engagement in the United States

The general purpose of this research is to demonstrate the need for strengthening the role of civic and community commitments in the civic engagement process by instilling a sense of trust, empathy and a sense of participation. All these are due to the incompetence of the government. The public response to the September 11 suggested […]

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Of Mice and Men Empathy Question

My initial response to this extract was one of empathy towards Lennie due to his immediate confusion yet, as I read it, I also began to feel appreciation for Crooks and the way he acts despite the emotional uproar he causes Lennie to experience. Crooks starts by planting doubts into Lennie’s mind. As his torment […]

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The importance of active listening and communication of empathy in the counselling relationship

There are many and varied skills used in a counselling environment and whilst all have equal relevance, I would like to focus on two skills which I feel are particularly important in the development of the counselling relationship. Active listening and the communication of empathy towards a client are individual skills which along with others […]

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