Essay on Classical Mechanics

Buridan copy

I defend the traditional view that Puritan’s impetus is permanent, and in this respect a forerunner of Newtonian inertia, against the suggestion of Stimulant Drake hat Puritan’s impetus is self-expending. In the last section I discuss whether Burundi anticipated Galileo law of acceleration. Outline: Introduction Section l: Aristotle and the chemistry of motion Section II: […]

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Dehydro-1,8-cineole C10H16O structure

Molecular Formula C10H16O Average mass 152.233 Da Density 0.9±0.1 g/cm3 Boiling Point 180.0±29.0 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Point 55.6±22.3 °C Molar Refractivity 45.5±0.3 cm3 Polarizability 18.0±0.5 10-24cm3 Surface Tension 35.1±3.0 dyne/cm Molar Volume 160.5±3.0 cm3 Experimental data Predicted – ACD/Labs Predicted – EPISuite Predicted – ChemAxon Experimental Physico-chemical Properties Experimental Boiling Point: 40 °C […]

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John – 275 words – College

Teacher Name: Verette Redmond Subject/Grade Level: Physics 11th & 12th Date of Lesson: 10/4/2013 Lesson Objective: SWBAT or SWU… SWBAT describe objects in equilibrium and describe different types of forces in terms of the Law of InertiaLanguage Objective: Demonstration of Learning: Given a free body diagram, SWBAT describe if an object is an in equilibrium […]

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The Atwood Machine Lab

Objective The objective of this experiment is to study Newton’s Second law of motion utilizing the Atwood Machine and to show that the acceleration is proportional to the force causing the motion. Theory Newton’s second law of motion states that the acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force acting on the […]

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2d Motion Lab

1) Once the simulation opens, click on ‘Show Both’ for Velocity and Acceleration at the top of the page. Now click and drag the red ball around the screen. Make 3 observations about the blue and green arrows (also called vectors) as you drag the ball around. The vectors appear to have both direct and […]

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