You’ve Got Mail Essay Example
You’ve Got Mail Essay Example

You’ve Got Mail Essay Example

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  • Published: November 18, 2016
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In the scene “Barrels” Jaws (1975), of the three categories music was more prominent than any other. There were several conversations as well. When anyone thinks of Jaws, they think of the music. It creates a sense of danger, suspense, and apprehension. The music in this scene works well with the dialogue, lighting, and continuity of editing. Goddykoontz and Jacobs (2011) describe music as being “a crucial part of the movie-going experience” (Sec. 6. 4; papa. 18).

In the “What If”- You’ve Got Mail (1998) clip, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s characters engage in deep conversation, putting it as the prominent sound used for this scene. The dialogue used showed the passion between the two characters. The tone in Tom Hank’s voice makes you believe he is ve


ry passionate about what he is saying and at the end when he is mad about her choosing another over him. Meg Ryan’s tone was a bit shaky and you can tell that she did not want to have the conversation.

The dialogue works well with the close-ups and type of conversation in the scene. Goodykoonts and Jacobs (2011) state that “every film uses sound in some way to draw the audience into the movie and keep it there” (Sec. 6. 4; para. 12). In the scene “Time to Get a New Clock”- The Mask (1994), it is obvious that sound effects played the prominent role in sound. There is some music in the beginning that I noticed. The floorboards start to creak as Jim Carey’s character walks down the hallway.

A cartooned clock then jumps out of his pocket and starts to

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make all kinds of sounds. You can hear the sound of him pulling the hammer out of his pocket and trying to smash the clock. You can hear every sound by the mask as the eyes pop out and spin around, and also the sound as he peels himself from the concrete. Each sound is comical and the viewer finds themselves listening closely as to what they might here next. Without the sound effects the movie would not have been that entertaining, so it works for this particular movie.

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