The Importance of Keeping Appointments Essay Example
The Importance of Keeping Appointments Essay Example

The Importance of Keeping Appointments Essay Example

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  • Published: May 30, 2018
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This Article covers appointed place of duty. That means from PT formation to COB that is where you will be. What a lot of Soldiers do not understand that includes appointments made by them or someone else. We have appointment times, SP times, formation times and many other start times that dictate we will be there. If a Convoy has an SP time of fifteen hundred hours and the Soldiers decide to show up late because they did not feel like getting ready on time people could die.

If they rolled out on time, they may have avoided the ambush or avoided the V-bied that hit them in the bottleneck. It sounds extreme but time management plays a critical role in the Army. When you make an appointment that spot has been reserved for you. That mean


s if you have been given the last slot someone else is going to have to wait for another one to open up. This could be one day or one month. And because you missed it someone else is still going to have to wait when they could have had that spot and been there.

If you are going to miss the appointment or cannot make it due to mission they do allow us to cancel the appointment with in twenty four hours. The Army allows us to make appointments for whatever we need. Be it for a medical appointment, house hold goods, CIF, Smoking Sensation or whatever we need, all types of resources are available to us. But when Soldiers start missing appointments, the system starts to become inefficient. What a lot of Soldiers do not realize is that when

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they miss an appointment it does not just affect them; it affects the entire chain of command from the Squad Leader all the way to the First Sergeant.

When a Soldier misses an appointment the squad leader must answer for the Soldier, the Squad leader must answer to the platoon Sgt. , the Platoon Sgt. Must answer to the First Sergeant. , and the First Sergeant must answer to the Battalion Sergeant Major. It is important to keep your chain of command informed at all times, especially if you are in charge of the well being of soldiers. On the twenty sixth of January I failed as a Non Commissioned Officer to fulfill this duty. I was informed that one of my soldiers might be going to the hospital.

I asked that person to keep me informed of my soldier’s status. Instead I should have checked on the soldier personally because her health was already in a fragile state and the problem she was having was of a very serious nature. I let my soldier down and endangered her by trying to keep the situation at the lowest level. I knew it was important to her that at the time her situation remained discreet. Although my soldier’s personal life is their business, their health and well being is mine and that should have taken precedence.

My actions not only affected my soldier and myself but by keeping my chain of command in the dark I potentially could have affected their reputation negatively in the sense that, should that soldiers condition been more severe they would have been blindsided and their chain have command would have question why they

did not act sooner. I took the situation too lightly and that was not my place to brush it off and assume that everything would get better.

I know now that as an NCO it is my job to take care of my soldiers but it takes more than one NCO to do so. By keeping my squad leader and platoon sergeant out of the equation I limit my resources for help on evaluating and fixing the problem. What I should have done the second that this information was passed down to me was to contact the soldier themselves to affirm the information and get details and then immediately get a hold of my chain of command and let them know what is going on.

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