Project Management and Maturity Model Essay Example
Project Management and Maturity Model Essay Example

Project Management and Maturity Model Essay Example

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  • Published: November 29, 2016
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1. What are the major economic forces that serve as an impetus for using oversight/ governance tools and processes? The primary advantage of using oversight and governance tools and processes is the ability to ensure that projects align with and support the organization’s strategy. Intense global competition, the need to minimize time to market, and an increase in the number of projects make such tools especially relevant.

2. The Super Web Design president has asked you to justify present and future oversight activities. Answer her request.

Oversight activities contribute to ROI and competitive advantage by ensuring that projects support organizational strategy. Oversight provides a bridge between senior management and the project management team and ensures that project managers understand how their projects are relevant to the overall goals of the organization. It also


supports continuous improvement in the way projects are managed. With oversight, a project that is not meeting goals or doesn’t support changing organizational strategy can be terminated and its resources redirected.

3. What are the three major advantages to an organization using a maturity model? The major advantages of using a maturity model are the emphasis on continuous improvement, ability to benchmark within an organization’s industry, and the involvement of senior management in project selection and management.

4. “We aren’t big enough to have a project office, but we need the discipline of project management methods and standards. ” What advice would you give the CEO of this organization? Justify. I would tell this CEO that even small organizations can benefit from a project office and oversight.

I would recommend that the CEO begin by implementing

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project management processes and following best practices as outlined by the Project Management Institute. Although it may take years to progress through the stages of the Maturity Model, the organization will likely see immediate improvements. In the meantime, the CEO can form an oversight group in lieu of a project office, in order to involve upper management in project selection and ensure that projects support the organization’s strategy.

5. Explain to a fellow student the major benefits of project management oversight to the organization? That being said, the benefits of project management are ten-fold: the manager actually gets to manage as they lead their team and institute a strategy that will see a specific project reach fruition. The client benefits because he/she is allowed to provide feedback, while relishing in the knowledge that their input really means something. And finally, the production team benefits because without the production team the project wouldn’t get started in the first place, much less finished.

Additionally, the production team is able to take a stake in something, work with it and see a project through from start to finish. So right off the bat you have the Holy Trinity of Project Management: manager, client and worker collaborating for the common good. In fact, it’s this very application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that ultimately will meet or exceed a stakeholder's needs and/or expectations on any given project

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