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The well-known adage in costumer service goes: the costumer is always right.

This perhaps is the rule that all in the service industry must abide by, with one going through lengths to provide the desire of the client. Yet, client service does not end with mere recognition of the right of the costumer. Accomplishment of such would perhaps deliver the product aspired for by the consumer, but it does not guarantee service that can be deemed ‘superior’ or exceptional.For a service to be truly excellent there has to be exceptional touches from a waitress that makes the dining experience indeed priceless.

Contentment, on both the part of the waitress and the costumer can essentially be found on small, simple things like carving a smile in one’s face and starting amiable conversations about random topics. This superiority in terms of attitude has to be coupled with service that is fast and efficient. The taking down of orders must be precise and accurate, with no pressure exerted on the costumer.The delivery of food must be quick, and the presentation to the costumer must be clean. Upon food delivery, there must be the complement of smile and a sincere grin.

A waitress must be down-to-earth and unpretentious in her attitudes. This type of stance emanates and can be sensed by the costumer. A waitress who is insincere would definitely discourage one to return to the establishment. A folksy waitress is one who is simple in words and attire, would return one’s smile, and would gladly converse with sincerity and with genuine interest.

In addition, a waitress must be patient and considerate in the requests of costumers. For instance there is a request, be it reasonable or not, then she must try to accomplish this. If the request is on the ridiculous side, then one must try to explain this fact to the costumer politely and calmly. All in all, a waitress with exceptional costumer service takes care of the costumers and does everything to please them and make them return to the restaurant.

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