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The air is crisp and smells of fresh rain that has settled into the earth, making it happy. There is a slight breeze, but it is not chilling. It is a perfect day. The sun shone in from the East in perfect rays in some spots through the barren tree limbs. The green grass was covering firm mud, moist but not wet enough to sink into. In small patches under the barren trees are little groups of yellow and purple flowers, just starting to say hello, peeking right above the earth and welcoming the visitors. To the left is a dirty creek, about 8 feet wide. It flows at a medium pace.

The sound is very peaceful and calming and compliments the beauty of the surroundings and the atmosphere of the day in general. There are ducks and geese sitting lazily, enjoying the sun which is warming their feathers. Occasionally, they will get in the water and dip down to find some food, but at this hour of the afternoon, they are resting well. They look peaceful and beautiful, especially the yellow and black chicks who are snuggling with their mothers to keep warm and safe. Across the creek is a concrete and aluminum pavilion meant to house picnics and across from it, a grassed ball field where a man and his son are throwing baseball.

The man is about 6’2” and he is wearing a black t-shirt, black hat, khaki shorts, and black converse shoes. His black mitt matches his young red headed son’s mitt, and I can only gather that black is his favorite color. He has dark hair and eyes, and does not smile, but seems to be content throwing the ball back and forth with his son, as he is absorbed in it. He pays no attention to anything around him except for the ball, the glove, and his son. Atop the small hill are various wooden structures; some look like castles, others look like cars.

There is wood mulch covering the ground within the fenced in area. There is a sign on the treated dark brown wood explaining age and time requirements for people wishing to enter. There are people of all ages inside – adults with their very young children and children of all ages. No one is unhappy in here; there are smiles on all the faces. The most fun ones to watch are the little ones with their tiny little legs and arms. They have such excitement in their faces as they try to climb to get to the ultimate prize – the slides. They holler “come on mom! ” or “Watch me! Watch me! Some of the more timid children are playing in the sandbox, but there are no toys.

They are building structures that look like mounds with their little hands as their parents engage in idle conversation. There are a few children getting pushed on swings – their hair flies forward and back with each corresponding swinging motion. They are holding on for dear life, but loving it, some slightly scared, but there is one screaming “higher ! higher ! ” One small girl with blonde hair is particularly noticeable because she is squealing as her much older brother pushes her on the swing.

He, being much more daring than she, is running under her as he pushes her high. She squeals in half fright, half amusement, and she is gripping the chains of the swing so tightly that her small knuckles are noticeably white and red. Her cheeks are red from the excitement and the wind and her bright blue eyes are shining, seemingly noticeable for miles. There is an elderly couple beside me; about in their 70s guessing by their white hair and the fact that they still have some meat on their bones. They hold hands and talk and watch the kids play.

They talk about their own children and how they did not have such things back in their day. The parks were not so nice, but “boy what these kids have today” keeps them amused and remembering for quite some time. The ice cream truck is already starting to make his rounds, and it is obvious on the children’s faces that this is a joy to them, and obvious by the parent’s faces that they are not so happy about this. The children scramble to ask their parents for money, and some run to the edge of the wooded fence in an attempt to peer over at the delight on wheels.

The elderly couple walks to the truck and in hand and walks away with two cones, hand in hand. The sun sits still, warming and welcoming the new crowd of parents and children to the park. The ducks rise from their sleep and begin looking for crumbs from ice cream cones. Some f the children are tired of playing and pay attention the ducks for awhile. The man and his son drive off in their big red Dodge Ram truck. Three minivans leave as two more pull in. This beautiful day and this beautiful place reflects life, love, peacefulness, and ice cream.

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