Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging Essay Example
Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging Essay Example

Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging Essay Example

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  • Published: February 27, 2017
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I’ve always felt that I am connected to everyone around me and I have to value that connection. I thought that was normal as I thought everyone does that. But now that I’ve found out that I belong to Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging group, things got much clearer why I have attitudes and feelings that I always had. I agree that I am an ESFJ as I have always given other people priority more than myself. I like being an ESFJ because it basically means that I am a people person.

Being a student, it really helps to have many friends as it greatly converts the pressures of the academe into fun. According to Carl Jung, Extraverts generally appear as they are. Basically, you get what you see (Keating, 1987,p. 7). I like i


t that I am an extraverted person because people would not perceive me as deceitful a person. It really feels good to be categorized with honest people. Also, if an ESFJ’s attitude and actions are focused on other people, that means I can be an advocate for better change.

ESFJs are also known as entertainers. So that explains why whenever I see people whom I know is sad, I somehow make an initiative to make him or her feel better. As I go on with research about ESFJs, I was surprised to find out that there are many negative traits attributed to ESFJs. I was surprised by these negative traits because since I am an ESFJ myself, I may have overlooked things that only other people can perceive about me. Because ESFJs care focuses more externally, they ay

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alert to danger that sometimes be interpreted as being paranoid.

ESFJs would almost do anything to please somebody that could lead them to commit reckless acts just for the sake of pleasing everyone. What scared me a lot while discovering these negative traits it that ESFJs are over-sensitive people. They tend to be hurt by basic things, and get hurt real bad internally. Also, when people get hurt around them, they would also get affected even if the issue is detached from them. This is due to the ESFJ’s over-empathizing. I have always felt a strong need to be liked by other people.

Since being a people person is the natural configuration of ESFJs, the pressures of being accepted can cause insecurities. I was surprised to know that being a people person can have disadvantages (Berens and Nardi, 1999, p. 24). ESFJs also are strict followers of rules; they are conservative, and quite practical. They are very conscious about gender roles. These traits can limit them to venture on new things and expand their horizons (Portrait of an ESFJ). Even though being an ESFJ has many agreeable traits, I admit that things could go worse for an ESFJ.

When people deal with other people, disputes are most of the time present and should be resolved. Being an ESJF myself, I observed that I can, at times, be selfish to what I believe in. ESFJs are practical so at time they can be dominant as they feel that their ideas and methods are for the good of all. Some considerations maybe overlooked as ESFJs already have a set rightness or wrongness of thing.

As a conclusion, learning about my personality type gave me a more perspective of who I really am.

Being an ESJF has many negative attributes and not that many redeeming ones. Knowing my personality type is a very good opportunity for me to reassess myself. But I don’t necessarily have to change, personality is something intact within us and it can be very resistant to change. I have realized that I should be more conscious whenever the negative traits manifests. For the positive attributes, I should still care externally—for other people. Doing good deeds to others is something that makes me feel good. After all, I am an ESFJ and no one change that.

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