Comparison of Electing in Japan and United States
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Japan is a multi-party bicameral parliament with a representative democratic constitutional monarchy. The emperor of the state acts as the head of state while the prime minister serves as the head of government and also the head of the cabinet. The cabinet is the branch that is in charge of directing all executing branch. The […]

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Electoral College Politics
Federal Election Commission
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As of November 1, 2016, 1,780 candidates had shown interest for the presidential seat, they filed Statements of candidature with the Federal Election Commission. However, to appear in the ballot box, vying for the United States presidency, the candidate must meet a range of regulations, as the required policies and deadlines (Craig, 2016). The rules […]

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Democratic Party Electoral College
Electoral College
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However, in recent times this System has come under scrutiny and there are now many arguments that suggest the Electoral College (CE) should be scrapped and replaced by a national popular vote. One of the biggest problems with the Electoral College is that under the system you don’t need a majority of the national popular […]

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Electoral College George W. Bush Separation Of Powers Voting
Is the Electoral College Fair
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The Electoral College has been a topic of discussion ever since the election of 2000. When you rely on this system, there could easily be a different outcome in the electoral vote and the popular vote. With the Electoral College in place, some of Americans’ votes are basically worthless. When the Electoral College was put […]

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Accountability Electoral College President Of The United States Voting
Why The Electoral College Should Be Abolished And
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Ever since its creation at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, the Electoral College has been the most widely debated aspect in the Constitution. There have been over 700 proposed constitutional amendments aimed at fixing or abolishing this process. And Congress has on several occasions held highly publicized hearings on Electoral College reform but overall has […]

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Accountability Electoral College Federal Government Of The United States Voting