The Case of the Butterfly Ballot on the 2000 Presidential Election
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Introduction Theresa LePore’s case and the Butterfly Ballot ethics needed sensible decisions based heavily on relevant values, goals, and obtainable information. The political election that took place on November 7th, 2000 will keep haunting both the politicians and the citizens in the U.S (Montjoy & Slaton, 2005). The butterfly ballot that was designed by Theresa […]

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Electoral College Presidential Election
Women in the 2016 Presidential Election
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Introduction Women usually do things suitably as men simply because they’re just as clever as men. Ladies are identical to men, and are entitled to have identical possibilities as men. In line with society, men are purported to be the leaders, family voices and the most dominating gender. Ladies are imagined to be gentle and […]

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Presidential Election
Republican Use of Fear to Gain Votes on Presidential Election
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Following the high tension of political power in the United States, political parties have been using different strategies to owe majority voters on their side. Since the 1860s, the two main parties in America have been the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Republican Party has the most number of seats in the House of […]

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Electoral College Presidential Election Voting
The Procedure of Electing an American President
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Introduction The procedure of voting for and or Electing, The President of the United States, is explained in the U.S constitution. The 12th, 22nd, and 23rd amendments have modified this procedure. The United States of America holds elections after every four years. Both the President and the Vice President must have attained the age of […]

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Electoral College Presidential Election Vice President
Presidential Election in 2004 and 2012
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Considering the independent democratic ad in United States of America, in the year 2012 there was a record of more than 915000 of the presidential ads which were aired on national and broadcast television cables compared to the year 2004 which was about 637000ads showing a kind increase of about 44.5 percent. (Namkoong et al, […]

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