Does Modern Technology Make Life More Convenient Essay Example
Does Modern Technology Make Life More Convenient Essay Example

Does Modern Technology Make Life More Convenient Essay Example

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  • Published: March 29, 2017
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Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better with simpler technology? Everyone might have different opinion. It depends on what the individual needs. Some people may think that they can’t live without technologies nowadays but there’re still people who are willing to chase for a simple lifestyle. Our world was created in the most simplex form formerly. Days by days and years by years, men are progressing constantly. For this reason, the world is getting more and more evolutional. From the uncomplicated primitive lifestyle to the technological lifestyle these days, we can see that the world has changed a lot.

In evidence, we can find electrical appliances in almost every family; we can also see everyone is with a mobile phone on their hands wherever they go etc. Fro


m these examples given, we can know that progressions of technology are absolutely a necessary for men’s life nowadays. We had used to depend on those modern technologies. In a strict word, we can’t live without technologies! For me, I will think that modern technologies really bring us a more convenient life compared to days with simpler technologies. For instance, we can search for anything that we do not sure about through the unlimited network.

Works can be done in a short while, problems can be solved easily, and the most important is that things that we will not know easily can be learned from the net too. All these are caused by the modern technologies we had. Besides that, networking help men with busy days not to drift apart from each other. People can easily hold together with the network. They can chat o

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the net, viewing each one’s web camera and calling from one’s computer to the other for free! This keeps them keeping in touch in their busy days.

Especially for parents that worry much about their children who abroad, they can now talk to their children and seeing their face with just a click! Besides of networking, as mentioned above, electricity is also one of the necessary on the advanced days now. We can see electricity is widely-used by men these days. Electricity helps to improve human’s lifestyle into a more comfortable condition. Home appliances make us more convenient in our daily living. Digital products let us have more funs in life. Such as digital games, mobile phone, music player and more. These are all created with the base of electricity and electronics.

Without these, life is dull especially for youngster. In addition, communications are also the modern technology which is widely-used nowadays. People use vehicles to reach everywhere they go. Unlike the old days, men’s legs are the only way to bring them to places which they want to go. Cars, ships and air-planes, these are communications which men these days depend on to travel around. With these, we can save up times. We can easily reach places that we want to go in a comfortable way. In conclusion, modern technologies bring us a lot of advantages. With modern technologies, life is different from the past.

Technologies help us expose to knowledge faster, it helps humanity progress faster, and it also helps millions of patients in the hospitals. Modern technologies define our generation. All technologies have benefits. We save more times, money and strength to achieve a task.

Men and technologies are depending on each other. Humanity progresses improve technologies yet technologies help to improve men’s life. We have used to life with technologies, without technologies, life is back to the old days. Our lifestyle is definitely more convenient and better with modern technologies!

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