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Live-able streets, safe walkways, shopping, dining, and living environment, does not sound like going to college, does it? In the next 10 to 20 years, in the City of Fullerton, a new College Town will be constructed, bringing a breath of fresh air to the university itself as well as the community. California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) is located in Fullerton, California. The university is recognized as the largest campus by enrollment in the California State University System. With an increasing volume of students, the university has continuously expanded.

With the purpose of making a more satisfying life for students, as well as growing a stronger community and promoting the educational environment to the surrounding areas, a joint city/university project is being designed. Targets of this project are primarily students who want to live on campus, the City of Fullerton, as well as residents of Fullerton. However, there are no limitations to anyone who would like to come and experience the academic atmosphere of College Town, the name of the project. College Town brings opportunities for an improving growth to the community in terms of growing tax revenue to the city.

Also, it gives the university the expansion it needs to build a strong legacy through increasing its financing with profits from new businesses. New jobs and opportunities are offered to students, making their lives much easier and more enjoyable. College Town is being developed to be a small community where local residential and students come together. By that, it means housing is widely available to those who are interested. A parking structure will also be constructed to provide easy access. Free convenient trolleys will become a new way to transport people within the town.

Also, to attract more people, as well as to encourage students to stay longer on campus, a whole range of activities are to be provided including a fine-restaurant for dine-in, an AMC cinema, an organic groceries store or retailer, and a tea station. College Town with ROI of 18% will bring profit to the City of Fullerton as well as to the university. Restaurant, co-ops, housing and parking rent will earn annual income of $40 million generating of $6 million revenue tax, in general. It also brings more opportunities to students in terms of new jobs as well as new entertainment.

Most of all, it gives the university the opportunity to build its legacy. However, since College Town is a costly and time-consuming project, a strategy needs to be continuously adjusted to best fit under different circumstances. College Town is expected to be constructed from 2015 to 2025 with the estimated cost of $200 million, and that is well worth the long-term investment. I. Introduction: Company Review and College Town Project 1. What does Arron’s Engineering Group Inc. do? Arron’s Engineering Group Inc. is one of the world’s largest technical services.

Company revenues in 2010 were nearly $10 billion. The company offers full-spectrum of support to industrial, commercial, and government clients across diverse markets. It offers a full spectrum support to industrial clients, commercial, and government in many markets. Arron’s Engineering Group Inc. ‘s services include a consultancy, scientific expertise, also all technical aspects and construction, operations and maintenance. Main markets vary from aerospace and defense, buildings, energy, to technology, and so on.

The company’s fundamental strategy is based on building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients and customers. Have been in the industry for over 60 years, Arron’s Engineering Group Inc. has tried its best to retain business with loyal clients as well as attract new customers. With steady growth and loyal customer’s supports, the company has retained in the top of the industry. We also prospect in diverse global markets. Arron’s Engineering Group Inc. ‘s operations are located in North America, mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Africa and Asia.

Headquarters are in Pasadena, California. As mentioned above, building strong and long-term relationships with customers is the key to the success of the company. Arron’s Engineering Group Inc. ‘s missions are to fulfill all the needs and expectations from clients, keeping them satisfied every step to completion. 2. What is a College Town? A college town is a community, or sub-community, or district, due to its size. College Town’s population is most of the time dominated by its university population.

In addition, the economy of the city and the university are related to one another. Thus, the university and the city are well supported to each other. Furthermore, being developed like a sub-community, College Town often creates its own unique culture with the community, leaving a legacy for its future generations. Due to rapid growth of the student population, many universities and colleges have developed their own College Town; for example, Arizona State University, Ohio State University and the University of Connecticut. II.

Fullerton – The City of Challenges and Opportunities Located 22 miles southeast from Los Angeles, in the center of Orange County, the City of Fullerton is considered a full-service city, best known for its unique combination of different cultural environments, commercial and industrial, residents, and education. Those provide a premium quality of life for both residents and businesses. The City of Fullerton, one of the largest cities in Orange County, with a population of 138,610 (CA Dept. of Finance Jan. 2010), has a strong value of tradition; it respects history while preparing to meet any challenges of its future.

To challenge the future, Fullerton provides opportunities to those who want to pursue a higher education. California State University, Fullerton, is one of the most well-known universities in Orange County. The university was founded in 1957 by Dr. William B. Langsdorf. With eight different colleges, Cal State Fullerton offers 105 degree programs, including 55 bachelor’s degrees and 50 graduate degree programs. In Spring 2011, the university enrolled 34,912 (57% female). With the increasingly large number of enrollment, the university has rapidly expanded.

The Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics opened in 2008 and soon became the state’s largest accredited business college; it is included in the 2011 edition of Princeton Review’s Best 300 Business Schools. Cal State Fullerton and the City of Fullerton have a strong relationship with one another. The Fullerton Arboretum is a joint project between the university and the city to provide education about environmental science. The idea of College Town is inspiring in terms of raising public awareness of Fullerton as an education city.

Also, the plan is in response to the challenge given by the State of California to the city and the school, “to create areas that will keep people in the city, get them out of their cars and provide housing. ” III. Existing Condition Cal State Fullerton was constructed bordering on the East by 57 Freeway; on the West by State College Boulevard; on the North by Yorba Linda Boulevard; and on the South by Nutwood Avenue. The current campus surrounding is mostly sub-urban, including apartment complexes, housing tracts, shopping centers and industrial parks.

The main campus now consists of 236 acres making up college buildings, parking structures, a Titan Student Union, a Recreation Center, a Multi Sports Complex, and offices. Existing land uses are well-suited to educational purposes. However, with the desire to be more involved with the community as well as to improve the quality of student life, there are expansions needed. A recent survey shows that CSUF students look for new joys and entertainments that might keep them stay longer on campus. IV. College Town – the Resolution, One and For All 1. CSUF to the Community

By closing Nutwood Avenue – the barrier separating the campus from the community, the university/city collaboration plan is designed for “a university without borders. ” Parts of Nutwood and Commonwealth Avenue will be designated for a green-pedestrian-friendly space. The layout is based on the success of similar model of mixed-use development efforts that Arizona State University, Ohio State University and the University of Connecticut have applied. Furthermore, an innovative idea of using a local trolley system to connect key destinations within the City of Fullerton such as Downtown Fullerton, and Fullerton College is under consideration.

Nutwood will be reclaimed as a pedestrian mall, and Commonwealth will be both pedestrian-and-bicycle-friendly. Target Customers College Town customers are mostly students from CSUF, Hope University, Western Law University, and people who are interested in living and experiencing the academic environment. In addition, college professors, employees, and businesses, looking to promote their product or service to one of the most well-known university in Orange County are also welcome. 2. Housing- Not a Problem

College Town offers chances to live a better life with a competitive market price for students and residents who look for an exciting living condition. Furthermore, College Town is designed to provide its citizens a hassle-free living environment where they can have all the benefits of safe and attractive units. Well-equipped facilities including relaxing outdoor fitness areas, tennis courts, and a swimming pool are built to provide customers a more luxury living standard. College Town mission is to maintain the highest level of customers’ satisfaction.

College Town apartments are all constructed to fit with best quality; functions and designs. College Town offers almost 200 apartments with a range of flexible layouts from 650 square feet to 1,100 square feet. Flexible layouts are offered to customers to match with what they look for. Source: Denisekee. com To help increase activities along Nutwood Avenue and the upper portion of Commonwealth Avenue, new housing types will be constructed to accommodate a greater number of rental housing units as it to be compatible with the existing residential.

The complexes’ location along Nutwood Avenue will also help to support retail and commercial activities within College Town. 4. Park Once – Once and for All College Town is going to use the strategy named “Park Once,” which will utilize more efficiently the parking supply and having as many shared spaces as possible in a common pool of publicly available spaces. Sharing existing parking resources as a flexible pool is a better way to exhaust the usage of the parking than dividing them into small, inefficient private parking areas. This strategy will go along well with the pedestrian-oriented strategies. Park Once” creates an environment, which is one of College Town’s goals to form a walk-able district. If allowing each and every retail, office, or tenant to own private parking, spaces are not efficiently used. Also, the result is lacking a customer welcome; at every parking lot, customers are informed that their car will be towed if the person visits other places besides the building where the vehicles are parked. 5. Why Park Once Strategy Should Be Utilized? * Park Once – an easier, safer, and more pedestrian-friendly parking. Students and residents can easily follow a “Park Once” pattern.

Daily transportation within the Town will be on their feet before they return to their car. * Differing peak times – Different Uses. Offices, restaurants, and retails have different peak times during a day. Sharing parking can best use all of the parking supply. College Town parking will be managed as a public utility, with public parking provided in strategically-designed areas. Building private parking should be discouraged in the future. When new tenants such as new stores or offices, require a guarantee of spaces during certain hours, for example, Monday to Friday, 9a. m. to 6p. m. College Town should be able to give them opportunities to rent those spaces in the public parking.

Those arrangements give the parking flexible availability in different hours for other users, and the result is a more convenient, efficient sharing of spaces and lower costs for all. 6. Two “Es:” Enjoyments and Excitements College Town is the fresh air of excitement and enjoyment to the university, as well as the surrounding area. There are a whole range of new activities that will be provided to students and College Town residents, including a 20 Pho 7 Restaurant, a Tea Station, a Trader Joe’s, and an AMC cinema.

More interesting, students and residents of College Town will use their pass or ID card when they purchase to receive tax-free service at certain places within the town. In addition, new stores will be opened giving students and College Town residents more opportunities to new job and better lives. 20-Pho-7 (24/7) Restaurant A dine-in Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant will serve customers with a whole range of delicious Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant will be open 24/7 just like its name. Students and residents will no longer worry if there is not any restaurant open at night.

Tea Station A warm-fuzzy tea house serves hundred types of beverages including smoothies, boba milk-tea, and teas. Also, ordering snacks including pop-corn chicken and fried tofu can be an option for those who enjoy eating Chinese foods. The place with free Wi-Fi access, plenty of tables will be an excellent place for students to meet after school. The place will be open until 12 am for those nighters Trader Joe’s An organic grocery store like Trader Joe’s will help fulfill the needs of people who are concerned about having a healthy lifestyle.

It also provides convenience to students, residents, and others if there is a groceries store right there on campus. For those who have families and need to cook, a Trader Joe’s on campus will give them much easier access to healthy foods. AMC Cinema There is no need to go anywhere else to catch the latest movie. There will be an AMC cinema on campus. College Town encourages students and residents to stay out and socialize more. An AMC cinema is a “Must” to come on the weekends or even weekdays after school. V. Estimated Cost and Return

College Town @ Cal State Fullerton uses 62 acres constructing area to build a sub-community with pedestrian-friendly area, public spaces with easy access, where campus and community converge. The project will call for about 800 units of housing ranging from 650 square feet to 1,100 square feet each, 200,000 square feet of retail spaces, and 75,000 square feet of office spaces. Also, a 1,500 stall parking will be constructed with the estimated cost of $25 million. In total, the project is expected to cost minimum at $190 million.

In return, an annual income of approximately $39 million to the university coming from residential, retail, and parking rents will make up about eighteen percent (18%) Return-on-Cost (ROC). The expected return of 18% is high compared to most projects during this economic downturn. The university annual income will generate about $3. 4 million in tax revenue to the City of Fullerton as well as $2. 4 million Federal Tax. Furthermore, annual estimated sales revenue of $5 million from College Town’s retail sales will establish a sales tax of $425,000 to the city.

VI. Competition Based on the advantages from the vicinity to all the universities, College Town has some exclusivity to differentiate itself from other competitors. However, College Town still faces some close competitors such as a few groups of apartments in the City of Brea and Orange. In addition, other stores and retail in the surrounding area are also considered College Town indirect competitors. Brea Mall and The Block at Orange may as well become main competitors to College Town since those two places offer both shopping malls and restaurants.

VII. College Town – Reach Out Marketing promotions for College Town will start with CSUF students, since they are the main prospect of the project. College Town will increase its awareness among students by collaborate with the university to send email and announcement to a broad group of students. International students have the most potential to become College Town residents, so brochures and flyers will be placed at International Student Center for those who are interested. Facebook, as well as other social media advertising sources, will be used.

Also, local newspapers such as The Orange County Register, The Daily Titan, The Hornet will be used to gain public attention. Advertisement for College Town complex will be placed on Rent. com, “the nation’s #1 Internet listing site (ILS) in the rental housing industry. ” To reach out for more customers, College Town will collaborate with retail stores and businesses to place advertisements and necessary information at their other locations. College Town will maintain its highest level of service quality, making sure it exceeds customers’ expectations. Staff and employees will be trained to serve customers to their best interest.

VIII. To Investors Cal State Fullerton has rapidly increased its student population, especially international students and out of state students. That guarantees a strong potential of growth for College Town. Based on calculation, with a high rate of Return-On-Cost (18%), College Town will bring economic profits to the university and the City of Fullerton. Besides, College Town gives students and its residents more opportunities to enjoy their lives in terms of new jobs and new activities. As mentioned above, College Town is expected to help the community develop more.

Not only bringing high economic profits to the community, it also gives the community what it needs to grow stronger. To the City of Fullerton, College Town will increase the city image of an education city. It brings the academic environment to the surrounding areas, making the community a healthy learning environment and reducing crimes. To CSUF, College Town will bring a stronger reputation to the school, building a fundamental for a new, strong legacy. To businesses and retail, College Town will provide chances for them to get closer to customers, especially students, and residents in the City of Fullerton.

IX. Conclusion College Town, a joint effort between the City of Fullerton and California State University, Fullerton, with the desire of growing a better community as well as improve the quality of student’s lives, is being designed. The project is also supposed to improve the academic atmosphere of the community, making it a healthy learning community. In addition, new jobs and new activities coming from collaborations with retails and companies are added to make residents’ lives more enjoyable. College Town has been financially calculated to cost about $200 million.

In return, with the high ROC (Return-On Cost) of 18%, the project is estimated to bring an annual profit of $39 million, generating about $6 million in tax revenue to the city. College Town clearly brings economic profits to the community, and it also brings strength and growth to the community, while it builds a stronger legacy for Cal State Fullerton. The project takes 20 to 25 years to finish; this is well worth the long-term investment. At last, College Town will become a dream come true to the whole community, and the dream needs to take its chance now.

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