Clean, Green and Beautification of Dhaka University

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Dhaka University is situated in the heart of the Dhaka city. Though it is one of the most famous university in the world, it is losing its cleanness, greenness as well as beautifulness. There are several reasons which are creating this problems which cause a great havoc to the teachers, students and also to the residence of the campus. It is not only polluting the environment of the campus but also It is facing various problems such as politics, session jam, shortage of seat in halls, insufficient dust bins etc. Infrastructure is one of most important problems of Dhaka university. As number of students is increasing every year so to accommodate its new students it has to increase its building which is destroying its beauty. So all the people those who reside in this area and the authority of the campus should be more concerned with these problems and take necessary steps to overcome this.

Objectives: We have identified some important objectives of our assignment. Here we show 3 important objectives in below-

1)Creating Awareness: All the people of all the age should be made aware about the waste of the campus. Teachers, students and others can play an important role to clean the campus. They can also create the awareness among themselves, the residence and also to outside people of the campus.

2)Making A Volunteer Team: In order to make the campus clean and green a volunteer team can be created among the teachers, students ad staffs of the university. The volunteer team can work with the ‘City Corporation of Dhaka’ to keep the campus clean. Also the team can plant new trees in the campus area with the help of the students to make the campus area green. Also the team can launch several campaigns to create awareness among the teachers, students, residence and to the outside people of the campus.

3) Infrastructure Development: In the campus area we have to install Dustbin or waste bin. Also every waste product and waste needs to be thrown in a particular area in the campus. The authority must make everyone in the campus area to use the dustbin or waste bin. Also new buildings must come up well planned so that there are enough spare in the campus area to plant new trees. We have found many other Importance which will be shown in our detailed assignment.

Importance: Dhaka University is the most famous university in Bangladesh. So we should concern all about the clean, green and beautiful environment of our campus. Because its we who are responsible for our unhealthy environment of our campus. In this assignment we will show reasons and solutions of existing problems. As by discussing with the authority and other specialist and general students we will make this assignment we think, taking effective steps wil be easier and successful too.

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