Anton Chekhov Essay Example
Anton Chekhov Essay Example

Anton Chekhov Essay Example

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  • Published: November 12, 2016
  • Type: Autobiography
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The text below remains the same, with the added instruction to justify the alignment of the content within a paragraph using :



Born in Taganrog, South Russia on the Azov Sea on January 17, 1860, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was the third child of Pavel Egorovich Chekhov, a grocery store owner. His grandfather had been a serf who gained his family's freedom in 1841. Along with his siblings, young Chekhov worked in the family store while attending the local school. Their father, known for his extreme religious beliefs, often subjected them to physical abuse. In 1876, their father's business failed and the family decided to start anew in Moscow. At that time, sixteen-year-old Chekhov remained behind to complete his education.

Chekhov, a blonde young man with brown eyes, had qualities of sel


f-reliance, humor, energy, and attractiveness. In August 1879, he joined his parents in Moscow where his father was employed as a laborer and his mother worked part-time sewing. Soon after arriving there, Chekhov enrolled in the medical school at Moscow University. He quickly assumed the role of head of the family after his father's departure and fulfilled this responsibility for the rest of his life. Upon completion of his studies in 1884, he started working at Chikino Hospital in Russia but unfortunately began coughing up blood that December—a sign of tuberculosis which eventually led to his death on July 2nd, 1904.

In an effort to increase his earnings in Moscow, Chekhov contributed to the humor magazines he personally enjoyed reading. His initial story was published in March 1880 by a magazine called the Dragonfly, which eventually published nine more of

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his stories that year. Most of these stories were signed "Antosha Chekhonte." Furthermore, his initial book, Tales of Melpomene, consisting of six humorous pieces, was self-published in mid-1884 using his own money (on credit). These early stories by Chekhov exhibited cleverness and enthusiasm, reflecting his potential as a writer. In 1886, Chekhov's first book to be published by someone else, Motley Stories, was released with his true name on it. This book achieved success and established Chekhov as a promising talent. Consequently, he reduced his medical practice and devoted more time to writing. In February 1887, he was elected to the Literary Fund, an exclusive honor reserved for distinguished authors. Following this honor, Chekhov's first completed play, Ivanov, premiered in Moscow in November 1887. Subsequently, he shifted his focus from writing for humor magazines towards serious fiction and drama.

Chekhov's works include both plays and short stories. Some of his well-known play titles include The Bear, The Cherry Orchard, A Marriage Proposal, Uncle Vanya, and The Wood Demon. As for his short stories, notable titles are A Woman's Kingdom, The Black Monk, The Shoemaker and the Devil, A Bad Business, and The Lottery Ticket.

Characters/Character Analysis: Ivan Dmitritch is a content middle-class man with an annual income of twelve hundred. His wife, Masha Dmitritch, is the owner of the lottery ticket in the story.

The story took place in their house where Ivan, who was content with his life, sat on the sofa after supper and read the newspaper. This implies that Ivan is satisfied with his current living situation. The events occurred at night, after supper.

The main focus of

the story is Ivan Dmitritch, a middle-class man who earns an annual income of twelve hundred. He and his family are satisfied with their simple way of life.

After dinner, Ivan sat down and grabbed a newspaper to read. Masha, his wife and one of the few lottery players, requested him to verify the lottery numbers in the newspaper. Ivan skimmed through the column of numbers and was astonished to discover that they coincided with his wife's (9,499). Both Ivan and Masha were elated and started daydreaming about their plans for spending the money, convinced that riches would bring them joy. They envisioned a lavish and extravagant lifestyle that could satisfy all their life's necessities.

They have already started dreaming about a life of riches, as though they have already checked if they have the same lottery ticket to claim the winnings. However, Ivan imagined his own dreams: leisurely enjoying a luxurious vacation, buying property, paying off debts, and taking care of immediate expenses. Ivan also wanted to travel internationally, and his wife quickly expressed her desire to do the same.

Masha requested him once again to verify the lottery ticket number to confirm, but he declined and opted to wander around the room and contemplate. His thoughts centered on traveling and reveling in a life of wealth all by himself. This self-centeredness gave rise to negative thoughts and wicked intentions, including the idea of remarrying. His desires overshadowed the love they once shared. Ivan gazed solemnly at Masha, and she returned his look with animosity. She had her own plans, desires, and reflections; she comprehended her husband's thoughts. And she knew

that it all revolved around her monetary prize. However, their daydreaming came to an end as reality abruptly confronted them with the truth that Masha's lottery ticket number (26) differed from the announced results (46).

All the thoughts and ideas remained as mere thoughts and ideas.

The Lottery Ticket serves as a reminder of the power of money and its ability to transform people. Anton Chekhov explores the theme of money in this story, highlighting its ability to exploit people's weaknesses and alter their behavior, speech, and thoughts. Additionally, Chekhov emphasizes how money can be detrimental to relationships.

Learning to be content and appreciating what we have is crucial, instead of focusing on what we lack. This mindset allows us to find contentment and eliminates the desire for more.

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