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Which of the following factors should businesses consider when establishing a product’s selling
economic conditions
A business charges a small company a higher price for a product than it charges a large company for the same product. What does this represent
price discrimination
What is the advantage to a business of using bar-code pricing?
easier to change prices
Which of the following is an example of an ethical issue as it relates to predatory pricing:
a local ice-cream shop prices menu items below cost in an effort to eliminate its competition
What might happen if a business’s customers feel that they are not getting the most value for their money?
customers spend money elsewhere
One way that many businesses use technology to reduce the costs associated with marking prices on
products is by using
computer-generated tags
Why do some new companies set their selling prices as low as they can?
to get market share as fast as possible
What is an external factor that affects the price that a business charges for its products?
economic conditions
How does technology help businesses when it enables them to obtain and analyze vast amounts of
information that impact the pricing function?
by determining the best time to adjust prices
Which of the following is an aspect of channel management that impacts customer service?
How do channel members add value to a product?
by performing certain channel activities expertly
What do marketers want to achieve by determining distribution intensity
ideal market exposure
What indirect channel of distribution is used to reach large retailers when the producer does not want
responsibility for the selling activities?
producer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer
When is it best for a business to use an exclusive distribution pattern?
it needs to maintain tight control over a product
What is an advantage for producers in using the producer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer distribution channel?
wholesalers usually buy in large quantities
What is one action that customer service can take to facilitate order processing?
communicate effectively
Which situation hinders a business’s ability to provide quality customer service?
vendor consistently has back orders
What statement is true about technology in relation to channel management?
some businesses have the capacity to distribute most or all of their products through the internet
Which of the following makes it possible for a business’s drivers to determine their exact location and
obtain accurate directions to destinations:
global positioning system
What example demonstrates the use of satellite tracking within a distribution channel?
a dispatcher has current knowledge of a delivery truck’s location and destination
Which of the following would probably use a longer channel of distribution than the others:
a bottle of shampoo
Which of the following is an example of distributing goods through a gray-market strategy?
A pharmacy sells brand medications to customers in foreign countries for a lower price than they can get domestically.
What is an example of a large business using coercion in the distribution channel?
Threatening to stop using a supplier unless given major concessions
What factor could determine legal ownership of goods in the distribution process
Involvement of agents
What legal example is represented by a manufacturer selling its products through a toll-free phone system, a company web site, and several retailers?
Dual distribution
In which situation might exclusive distribution be considered a legal arrangement?
A franchiser requires a franchisee to sell only the franchiser’s products.
How should the information be presented when writing informational messages?
In the order of importance
What is an example of a topic that would be addressed in an informational message?
Date and time of an appointment with customer
What is an example of an external factor that affects promotion?
Government regulation of ads
Which advertising message reinforces the concept of materialism?
The government rates our product higher than our competitor’s product.
Why are there specific guidelines for advertising to children?
Children are impressionable, and the wrong kinds of advertising can affect their development
How does promotion benefit customers?
Helps them to select appropriate products
What is an example of advertisement stereotyping ?
A television commercial depicts a woman mopping the kitchen with a new floor cleaner.
Banner and pop-up ads impact the way audiences receive promotional information. These types of
messages exist because of the following technological development:
Which statement is true about regulating international promotional activities?
A business must understand that the laws governing promotional activities vary by country
Advertising that promotes the support a bank gives to community projects is __________ advertising.
What type of promotion is depicted by a business’s one-time announcement of its half price sale in the local newspaper?
Product promotion
What form of promotion is generally emphasized for complex, technical products sold to industrial users?
Sales promotion
What is new technology enabling businesses to create that is impacting the promotion function?
. Individualized messages
Which of the following best describes the relationship of promotion and marketing:
What is an objective of institutional advertising?
To demonstrate the organization’s role in community affairs
In which stage of a product’s life cycle do promotional activities focus on differences between competing products?
What is an example of publicity?
Company news release
Which of the following situations most accurately depicts a promotional ethical issue in relation to
A newscast teaser televises graphic film clips of a war zone during prime-time viewing.
How do competing businesses within the same industry usually react to each other’s promotional mixes?
By changing distribution channels
Determine whether the following is a true statement: It is important for the promotional message to be factual.
True, it must be based on facts.
Some governments regulate promotional activities in their countries to protect consumers from
deceptive advertising.
Which of the following is a print promotional medium:
Shoppers’ guide
Why are promotional media such as newspapers and television referred to as mass media?
They reach a lot of people at the same time.
The most important benefit that magazine advertising offers to an advertiser is its ability to
target a particular group of consumers
How have technological advancements enhanced a small business’s ability to promote its products?
Information can be communicated by more venues, and messages can be customized.

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