How might personality psychology best be denied
E. Scienfitic study of what it means to be a person

Which of these questions does personality psychology ask?

Which of the following is an accurate way of assessing personality?

Of the following, which is NOT a source of personality theory?
D. conduction

Which of the following would be an inductive approach to the study of personality?
D. After observing people at a party, you decide that extroverts enjoy parties more than introverts do.
(um duh?)

Statistics are useful to personality psychologists
E. for of all of these reasons

Of the eight perspectives discussed in your text, which of the following is NOT true?
D. Very few of the perspectives are still regarded as useful

Roots of personality psychology can be traced to the theater because
A. actors ofter portray “characters” or easily recognizable types of people

An early supporter of psychological testing (and where much testing is still conducted was
D. The US armed forces

In the 19th century, an important individual in the origin of personality psychology was
C. Darwin

Which of the following most emphasized the importance of life-span, longitudinal study of personality?
D. Murray

The Gestalt tradition emphasized the idea that
A. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

If you read a new “finding” in the newspaper one morning but notice that only Caucasian subjects from Seattle were used in the experiment you might not give a lot of credibility to the study. This would be because of possible _____ limitations
B. Generalizability

Advances in the field of biological science
E. have helped researchers to think more clearly about what personality is

Gestalt psychologists hold a fundamental belief that
D. people are more than the sum of their parts

The Barnum effect refers to the tendency to
E. believe vague generalities about one’s own personalitly

A nonmothetic approach to personality
C. seeks to formulate general laws

If you read your horoscope in the morning newspaper and feel strongly that it is a personal message about how to conduct your day, you may be experiencing the
A. Barnum effect
(or your just crazy as f**k)

Nonmotheitc approach to personality
C. seeks to formulate general laws
I did this twice!! gotcha!!

If we ask everyone in the class to describe the personalities of everyone else they know in the class, and then use these data to form a theory about the personality of college students, we are using

Which of the following does NOT describe a good theory?
D. tautological

The roots of modern personality psychology can be traced to developments in the 19th century biological sciences based on the work of
C. C. Darwin
Damn darwin is everywhere

Personality psychology that is focused on the study of individual cases is termed
E. idiographic

When personality psychology uses the term “ego forces”, this refers to
B. the sense of identity or self

A correlation coefficient is a mathematical index of
B. the sense of identity or self

When two personality measures are negatively correlated, this indicates

A high, negative correlation between sleep deprivation and anxiety would indicate that
C. The more sleep deprived a person is, the less likely he/she is to be anxious

The term temperament, as used in personality psychology refers to
A. an individual’s characteristic emotional and motivational nature

The notion that there are personality “types,” clusters of characteristics that tend to occur together
A. can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, at least.

Darwin’s evolutionary theory influenced the development of the field of personality psychology through
C. The idea that people are subject to the laws of nature, like other animals.

Margaret Mead’s view on the role of culture in personality was influenced by her findings from several different cultures that
D. In some cultures, both the males and the females had the characteristics that our culture identifies are “masculine”
^^^so interesting

With respect to unconscious forces, personality psychology as a field
D. struggles to understand how and to what extent unconscious forces play a role in human behavior

An approach to personality would be called nomothetic if
C. it seeks to formulate laws that hold across individuals

If a theory is classified as “falsifiable,”this means that the theory
D. could be shown to be false by some type(s) of data

Research suggests that pets
B. have personalities that different people may agree on.
^^^wait wut

What is the definition of the inductive approach?
A. Reasoning from data obtained by observation to theory

An early representation of personality psychology can be traced back to what?
B. Theater

Which of the following statements is true of the unconscious?
D. Personality psychology struggles to understand how and to what extent the unconscious plays a role in behavior

According to Allport, what is the method by which personality should be studied?
B. Idiographic

In personality psychology, why are males and females often studied as separate groups?
A. To find and understand differences in personality between males and females

Which term applies to the tendency to believe that vague generalities are a good description of one’s personality?
E. The Barnum effect

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