Electronic Funds Transfer Essay Example
Electronic Funds Transfer Essay Example

Electronic Funds Transfer Essay Example

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  • Published: August 16, 2017
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Populating in an electronically controlled universe today. it is non that hard to accept the fact that about everything is chiefly controlled by engineering. Here comes the age when about everything happens within a individual chink. Apparently. about everything in the society happens within seconds. This has been chiefly enhanced through the being of on-line connexions through the development of the cyberspace. The developments of banking systems at the same clip have besides been pushed through.

With the being of the on-line trading processs. the development of fund transportation processes besides demanded several advancements in footings of making the possibilities of managing the money the fastest manner possible. To be able to run into the demands mentioned above. it could be observed that the demand for express money transportations is heightened. With the many money exchanges go oning around the Earth on a regular basis. the old system of money transportation that requires clip and several complicated processs of claiming the transferred financess already is being bit by bit eliminated in the human society.

The demand for a velocity enhanced transportation of money could evidently non be met by the said type of fund transportations. On the other manus EFT’s or Electronic Fund Transfer gives the best possible manner of directing money from all over the universe towards the different parts of the universe. More than that. the security of money transportation has besides been heightened by this peculiar type of pecuniary dealing process. To be able to larn more about the said process of money transportation. it is necessary to cognize the basic information refering to its primary developments.


How it all Began The developments of EFT’s have been chiefly handled by Bankss who wanted to increase the services that they provide their clients with. It could be noted that through the increased concern of investors and economic partisans in heightening the procedures of fund transportation around the Earth gave the bankers an thought on what to really use in the processs of developing the said system of money transportation from individual to individual and company to company minutess.

At foremost. the development of this peculiar procedure assisted on recognition minutess. the usage of cards in pecuniary minutess and other basic processs refering pecuniary processs of transportation. However. when the bankers found out the possibility of using the benefits of on-line connexions in this peculiar procedure. the development of the integrating of on-line cyberspace connexions within the processs of finishing bank to bank pecuniary minutess has been pushed through.

Now. through the cyberspace entirely. investors. business communities and even merely ordinary bank depositors could already reassign and have financess through the cyberspace. The said process of pecuniary fund transportation sweetening besides involves several other types of other pecuniary minutess such as:

  • Sale: where the cardholder wages for goods or service.
  • refund: where a merchandiser refunds an earlier payment made by a cardholder.
  • Withdrawal: the cardholder withdraws financess from their history. e. g. from an ATM. The term Cash Advance may besides be used. typically when the financess are advanced by a merchandiser instead than at an ATM. Deposit: where a cardholder deposits financess t
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their ain history ( typically at an ATM ) .

  • Cashback: where a cardholder withdraws financess from their ain history at the same clip as doing a purchase. • Inter-account transportation: reassigning financess between linked histories belonging to the same cardholder
  • Payment: transferring financess to a 3rd party history
  • Inquiry: a dealing without fiscal impact. for case balance enquiry. available financess enquiry. linked histories enquiry. or petition for a statement of recent minutess on the history.
  • Administrative: this covers an assortment of non-financial minutes including PIN alteration. ( Beginning: Wikipedia. hypertext transfer protocol: //en. Wikipedia. org/wiki/Electronic_funds_transfer. ) These types of dealing involve client to the company. company to bank. so bank to bank communicating to be able to finish the dealing transportations. It has been found out through surveies system of electronic fund transportation minutess receive a considerable figure of people who are able to appreciate the benefits of the said pecuniary dealing processs ( Davies. 1989. 34 ) .

    The said system of fund transportation involves legion pass oning process between several parties. This is to verify the individuality of the transmitters every bit good as the individuality of the receiving systems for the interest of security intents. The Benefits of EFT Looking through the position point of the transmitters of the pecuniary financess that are to be transferred. it could non be denied that there are several benefits that outline the full EFT procedures doing it more practical for investors. concern partisans every bit good as local depositors to do usage of.

    The said benefits include the undermentioned: ( a ) Speed Most fund transportations that are assisted through electronic devices such as on-line bank connexions and other reassigning agents. the transportation clip treating takes at least tow to three yearss if the location is merely within the state. whereas it takes four to five working yearss when the minutess are to be done internationally. Either manner. the processs of the transportation in the instance of EFT is far much faster than that of other get offing based transportation processs.

    ( B ) Security Since no existent money is traveling to be transferred from party to party. there would be fewer instances of financess being lost. Everything is tracked through web systems. adequate ground for transmitters to be rest assured that what they sent would be received by the people that they are directing the financess to as it is. ( degree Celsius ) Minimal Fees Since the velocity is heightened. this peculiarly means that the parties involved in the minutess are minimized every bit good. Hence. the fees that are charged are much lowered down in rates that are most probably more acceptable to the transmitters of the money.

    ( vitamin D ) Transaction Order Details are Intact It has been much necessary for this peculiar type of money transportation to maintain everything on path. This peculiarly means that the dealing inside informations are kept for perennial updating of the people who are directing the money to assist them maintain good path of their financess establishing from the sum of pecuniary financess that they send out. ( vitamin E ) Money Pull

    offing aid The tracking inside informations of the systems really promote the clients to hold an effectual manner of pull offing their money. It is through this process that they are able to help their clients in commanding their usage of their money.

    With the benefits mentioned herein. it could be observed that the EFT processs so increase the capablenesss of the transmitters and the receiving systems of money to command their financess through uninterrupted and accurate trailing processs. It is through this that the clients are good served by the Bankss through the integrating of bank systems. electronic transportation and on-line connexions. This is peculiarly the chief ground why most concern endeavors today choose to pay their investors and their employees through EFT processs. They intend to give their employees bank cards that would let them to retreat their payments through ATM mechanization.

    The investors on the other manus receive their portions of the company net income in the same mode. At times. they give their histories to the concern fiscal decision makers and so the financess are merely transferred to their histories in clip of cut-offs. The Regulating Laws Harmonizing to Roland E. Brandel’s book entitled “The Law of Electronic Fund Transfer Systems” ( 2005. 15 ) . “the impending big influence of technological inventions within the economic promotions of the human society is so doing a great alteration in the manner the people used to see banking systems” .

    It is through the development of the said systems that the people already view Bankss to be one of the most efficient executing sectors of the human society. However. because of several security steps. the authorities along with the basic ordinances of the Bankss has passed several lineations of processs that should be used to be able to entree EFT systems in a much safer manner.

    It could non be denied that it is besides through the being of EFT’s that some computing machine hackers are able to entree the individuality of other people and worse. are able to do intrigues to be able to fraudulently steal organize their histories through on-line connexions. It is for this peculiar ground that the security steps have been pushed to the bounds. Everything is extremely being tracked particularly when it comes to fund transportation processs. Harmonizing to Tan Beng Chye Dennis: “The U. S. Government proctors EFT conformity through Regulation E of the Federal Reserve Board. which implements the Electronic Funds Transfer Act ( EFTA ) .

    Regulation E governs fiscal minutess with electronic payment services. specifically with respect to revelation of information. consumer liability. mistake declaration. record keeping. and grosss at electronic terminuss. ” This is merely among the ways by which the authorities protects the financess of the people who are utilizing the said transportation system. The security of the money that they send through electronic processs is one of the primary concerns of the Bankss and the on-line fiscal companies that process the service.

    With the close observation of the processs of the EFT system. it could be noticed that the mandate of who should merely be involved in the transportation every bit good

    as with the receiving of the financess are held in direct trailing. this is peculiarly to turn to the safety of the fund and the efficiency of the service. Conclusion The modern twenty-four hours concern processs are so prosecuting in the set waggon of going extremely hi-tech in finishing the services that they ought to give their clients every bit good as their employees.

    Through the being of EFT systems. the concern minutess of many transnational concern organisations experiences easiness at present. Book maintaining processs have been reduced and paper plants have been bit by bit minimized. It could be observed that through the integrating of the new engineering with the processs of assisting the concern companies perform their most of import functions of supplying financess to the society their occupations became much easier to finish.

    Furthermore. the enhanced security of fund transportation processs through electronic application and the integrating of the jurisprudence within the system give much promise to a more efficient service provided by the Bankss in coordination with the on-line fiscal helping companies. True. engineering has non merely increased the efficient capablenesss of the bank systems in reassigning financess. it besides eased the processs of concern minutess and assured the clients in having their money in a unafraid process.

    It could be observed that the outlook for a more complicated and comprehensive process in fund transferring processes in the hereafter is so sensible. The ceaseless alterations that happen in the banking systems are surely to be enhanced for better service to the clients that the Bankss and fiscal companies ought to impart some service to. Indeed. the researches that are done today sing this peculiar affair surely would convey much better consequences for the concern industries.