EC CS111Technology in Action Chapter 1

Social Networking
A means by which people use the Internet to communicate and share information among their immediate friends, and meet and connect with others through common interests, experiences, and friends.
Crisis Mapping Tool
A tool that collects information from e-mails, text messages, blog posts, and Twitter tweets and maps them, making the information instantly publicly available.
Digital Divide
The gap between the levels of Internet access and the availability of technical tools in different regions of the world.
working without continual direction and control
QR Codes
A technology that lets any piece of print in the real world host a live link to online information and video content.
solicits online input from consumers, phenomenon of consumers checking in with the voice of the crow before making purchases
Collaborative Consumption
Sharing products rather than owning them individually
Computer Literate
Being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations and you know how to use them.
Unwanted junk e-mail.
Augmented Reality
A combination of our normal sense of the objects around us with an overlay of information displayed.
Affective Computing
A type of computing that relates to emotion or deliberately tries to influence emotion.
binary digit (bit)
A digit that corresponds to the on and off states of a computer’s switches. A bit contains a value of either 0 or 1.
The language computers use to process data into information, consisting of only the values 0 and 1.
data mining
The process by which great amounts of data are analyzed and investigated. The objective is to spot significant patterns or trends within the data that would otherwise not be obvious.
Information technology (IT)
field of study focused on handling and automatic retrieval of information.
The understanding that you are working for something larger than yourself.
1st factor that leads to greater motivation
Cognitive Surplus
results when leisure time and tools allow us to engage in creative acts
feeling confident and excited about learning new skills
Using the Internet to get small donations from many people to start a business is called; a style of generating capital to start a business through social media
Quick Response
What does QR stand for?
A popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service
refers to the commands that instruct a computer what to do
Computer Forensics
Analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence
Crisis Mapping Tool
Next Einstein Initiative
rallying the support of the world to identify mathematical genius
2nd factor that leads to greater motivation
3rd factor that leads to greater motivation
Web 2.0
tools and web based service that emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users, move from just consuming internet content to creating content
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