E-Commerce Final

_____ strategies can be used to improve the value that the business provides to its customers.
_____ strategies focus on reducing costs or generating value by working with suppliers or inbound shipping and freight service providers.
The _____ of an electronic commerce implementation includes the costs of hardware, software, design work outsourced, salaries and benefits for employees involved in the project, and the cost of maintaining the site once it is operational.
_____ is measured by the ease of expansion of bandwidth, disk space, and additional software (database, traffic analysis, and so on) that can be added to an account as it grows.
Which of the following techniques measures the amount of income that will be provided by a specific current expenditure?
Net Present Value
_____ is an example of a return on investment technique.
Hiring another company to provide the outside support for all or part of a project is called _____.
Early Outsourcing
In many electronic commerce projects, the company outsources the initial site design and development to launch the project quickly. This approach is called _____.
Partial Outsourcing
In _____, the company identifies specific portions of the project that can be completely designed, developed, implemented, and operated by another firm that specializes in a particular function.
A(n) _____ is a company that offers start-up companies a physical location with offices, accounting and legal assistance, computers, and Internet connections at a very low monthly cost.
Fast Venturing
In _____, an existing company that wants to launch an electronic commerce initiative joins external equity partners and operational partners that can offer the experience and skills needed to develop and scale up the project very rapidly.
Equity Partners
_____ are usually banks or venture capitalists that sometimes offer money, but are more likely to offer experience gained from guiding other start-ups that they have funded.
Operational Partners
_____ are firms, such as system integrators and consultants, that have experience in moving projects along and scaling up prototypes.
Venture Sponsor
The _____ is the existing company that wants to launch an electronic commerce initiative.
Operational Partners
_____ provide the venture sponsor with knowledge of industry best practices.
Project Management
_____ is a collection of formal techniques for planning and controlling the activities undertaken to achieve a specific goal.
Business Manager
The _____ should be a member of the internal team that sets the objectives for the project.
Project Manager
A(n) _____ is a person with specific training or skills in tracking costs and the accomplishment of specific objectives in a project.
Account Manager
A(n) _____ keeps track of multiple Web sites in use by a project or keeps track of the projects that will combine to create a larger Web site.
Application Specialist
Most large businesses have _____ who maintain accounting, human resources, and logistics software.
Web Programmers
_____ design and write the database-driven Web pages.
Customer Service Personnel
_____ help design and implement customer relationship management activities in the electronic commerce operation.
Network Operations
The _____ staff functions include load estimation and load monitoring, and designing and implementing fault-resistant technologies.
Database Administration
Most electronic commerce sites requires a(n) _____ function to support activities such as transaction processing, order entry, inquiry management, or shipment logistics.
Postimplementation Audit
A _____ is a formal review of a project after it is up and running.
_____ is/are digital cash mired by a company instead of by a government.
Credit and Debit Cards
What payment method dominates online transactions today?
Not-For-Profit Fundraising
Most current scrip offerings, such as eScrip, focus on the _____ market.
Charge Card
A _____, offered by companies such as American Express, carries no spending limit, and the entire amount charged to the card is due at the end of the billing period.
Closed Loop
In a(n) _____ system, the card issuer pays the merchants that accept the card directly and does not use an intermediary, such as a bank or clearinghouse system.
Open Loop
Whenever a third party processes a transaction, the system is called a(n) _____ system.
A(n) _____ bank is a bank that does business with sellers that want to accept payment cards.
When a cardholder successfully contests a charge, the merchant bank must retrieve the money it placed in the merchant account in a process called a(n) _____.
Automated Clearing House
ACH is short for _____.
Internet payments for items costing from a few cents to approximately a dollar are called _____.
Small Payment
The term _____ refers to all payments of less than $10.
Some companies have begun to offer small payment and micropayment services through _____ telephone carriers.
Double Spending
_____ is spending a particular piece of electronic cash twice by submitting the same electronic currency to two different vendors.
_____ electronic cash is electronic cash that cannot be traced back to the person who spent it.
Serial Number
One way to be able to trace electronic cash is to attach a _____ to each electronic cash transaction.
Serial Numbers
Creating truly anonymous electronic cash requires a bank to issue electronic cash with embedded _____ such that the bank can digitally sign the electronic cash while removing any association of the cash with a particular customer.
PayPal earns a profit on the _____, which is money that is deposited in Paypal accounts and not used immediately.
The free payment clearing service that PayPal provides to individuals is called a _____ payment system.
A(n) _____ electronic wallet stores a consumer’s information on his/her own computer.
A disadvantage of _____ wallets is that they are not portable.
Smart Card
A _____ is a stored-value card that is a plastic card with an embedded microchip that can store information.
Paper Checks
The largest dollar volume of payments today are made using _____.
_____ is a technique for committing fraud against the customers of online businesses.
Identify Theft
_____ is a criminal act in which the perpetrator gathers personal information about a victim and then uses that information to obtain credit.
_____ is a key element in a phishing attack.
Computer Security
_____ is the protection of computer assets from unauthorized accessed, use, alteration, or destruction.
Any act or object that poses a danger to computer assets is known as a _____.
The protection of assets using nonphysical means is called _____ security.
A(n) _____ is a person or device that is able to listen in on and copy Internet transmissions.
Originally, the term _____ was used to describe a dedicated programmer who enjoyed writing complex code that tested the limits of technology.
_____ refers to protecting against unauthorized data disclosure and ensuring the authenticity of the data source.
_____ refers to preventing unauthorized data modification.
_____ Refers to preventing data delays or denials.
Web Bug
The purpose of a(n) _____ is to provide a way for a third-party Web site to place cookies from that third-party site on a visitor’s computer.
Active Content
_____ refers to programs that are embedded transparently in Web pages and that cause action to occur.
A(n) _____ is a small application program.
Trojan Horse
A(n) _____ is a program hidden inside another program or Web page that masks its true purpose.
Sun Microsystems
Java is a programming language developed by _____.
Active X Control
A(n) _____ is an object that contains programs and properties that Web designers place on Web pages to perform particular tasks.
Active X controls run only on computers with _____ operating systems.
A(n) _____ is software that attaches itself to another program and can cause damage when the host program is activated.
The term _____ describes the process of hiding information within another piece of information.
_____ is the protection of individual rights to nondisclosure.
Sniffer Programs
Software applications called _____ provide the means to record information that passes through a computer or router that is handling Internet traffic.
A(n) _____ allows anyone with knowledge of its existence to cause damage by observing transactions, deleting, data, or stealing data.
_____ is the electronic defacing of an existing Web site’s page.
_____ is pretending to be someone you are not or representing a Web site as an original when it is really a fake.
_____ encryption encodes a message with an algorithm that uses a single numeric key, such as 456839420783, to encode and decode data.
A Web server can compromise _____ when it allows automatic directory listings.
A Buffer
_____ is an area of memory set aside to hold data read from a file or database.
Commerce Service Providers
_____ often offer Web server management and rent application software to businesses.
Commerce service providers are also called _____ service providers.
A _____ is a listing of goods and services.
Filling Out Online Forms
In the early days of electronic commerce, shoppers deleted items they wanted to purchase by _____.
In a shopping cart, clicking the Checkout button usually displays a screen that asks for _____ and shipping information.
The Web is a _____ system, unable to remember anything from one transmission or session to another.
One way to uniquely identify users and store information about their choices is to create and store _____.
Transaction Processing
_____ occurs when the shopper proceeds to the virtual checkout counter by clicking a checkout button.
Large information systems that store the same data in many different physical locations are called _____.
Application servers are usually grouped into two types: page-based and _____ systems.
Application Integration
_____ is accomplished by programs that transfer information from one application to another.
Larger businesses often prefer to use a _____ application system that separates the presentation logic from the business logic.
_____ software packages are business systems that integrate all facets of a business, including accounting, logistics, manufacturing, planning, project management, and treasury functions.
Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP is the acronym for _____.
Web Services
The W3C defines _____ as software systems that support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.
_____ is a message passing protocol that defines how to send marked-up data from one software application to another across a network.
_____ is used to describe the characteristics of the logic units that make up specific Web services.
_____ CSPs provide small business with an Internet connection, Web site creation tools, and little or no banner advertising clutter.
Data Mining
_____ can help businesses find customers with common interest and discover previously unknown relationships among the data.
_____ packages allow the merchant to have explicit control over merchandising choices, site layout, internal architecture, and remote and local management options.
WeSphere Commerce Suite is produced by _____.
Commerce Server is produced by _____.
_____ software typically provides tools for linking to an supporting supply and purchasing activities.
Knowledge Management
_____ software often includes powerful search tools that use proprietary semantic and statistical algorithms to help users find the content, human experts, and other resources that can aid them in their research and decision-maing tasks.
Knowledge Management
_____ software is designed to help businesses mange the information in documents, rather than the documents themselves.

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