Does Technology Ensure Progress? Essay Example
Does Technology Ensure Progress? Essay Example

Does Technology Ensure Progress? Essay Example

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  • Published: December 31, 2017
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For technology, we mean the advanced machines or tools and the practical skills. The objective of technology Is to help people out from dealing any big Issues or any dangerous tasks. For progress, we mean the positive movement towards a goal and paying effort that lead to success. Technology and progress are definitely interrelated. The good reason is the term "innovation"; technology is the kind of Innovation that is the act or process of inventing or Introducing something new and It also can be defined as a progress, Improvement or reformation.

First of all, the evidence that technology does ensure progress is "invention". The Invention of the automobile has had a great effect on society. Although automobiles are not Important In the daily life of every country, they are widely used In most develop


ed societies. In my opinion, they have played a significant role in this development and have greatly affected the culture as well. Before the automobile, goods and people were often transported by train or horse-drawn wagon. However, the trains did not run everywhere and horses were slow and could carry only Limited dads.

People rarely traveled far from home unless it was a necessity. Then the automobile made it possible for people to travel anywhere at a faster speed and in relative comfort. The automobile also contributed to development in other areas. With Its Invention came a new form of manufacturing - the assembly line. It Is a more efficient process forever changed the way that work was done. In addition, the automobile was a great labor and time saving device, given Its owners more leisure time. This is in tur

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made progress to the society because of the automobile as a tool r machines to accomplish their wills.

Technological advances made people to have time saving, comfortable living as well as the satisfaction of human wants. Second, the technology does ensure progress by giving a chance for students and people to learn in order to be an expert. Today's world Is so competitive that people should take advantage of having these practical or industrial skills In order to survive. Students would have a chance of having wide variety of resources to help them in their studies. In my opinion, students can indeed learn more and learn more quickly tit the help of modern technology.

The piece of technology once again having a learning tool must be a computer. Without them, we can't search the Information from the internet, working on their assignment as well as the communication within the relatives. Can make things done with technology. For instances, they can have the ability from creating web site with computer program and can even make the electrical things move like Robot to the investigation on drugs that help cure fatal diseases from people. These kinds of students would have potential to be an engineers, doctors or even scientists that would contribute to the society in the future.

Once again, it is undeniable that technology is being advanced in different items above. Third, technology does ensure progress because of having industry and manufacturing. The machines allow us to produce goods and services, and also the creation of the new raw materials that provide better quality and comfort. It is unquestionable that competitions will exist forever, and under

such circumstance, we must have innovation and creation to fight with others. Faster speeds, large scale of reduction are also what we need in the market economy.

They are the crucial factors that we strive to have in order to keep pace with others. For those who object the argument of technology does ensure progress, they have got the challenging question about the technology will bring us into a negative way like pollution and radiation problem. It is true that the pollution problem is hard to solve and manage. However, technology is improving gradually, as a matter of fact, we have lots of products invented or improved upon up the present. We have confident to make research or investigation on a new technology so as to tackle the pollution problem on one day.

The evidence that technology does ensure progress is because of having a tool or practical skills by itself; therefore, it can produce, develop, explore or expand the resources in a positive movement. Also, the science, chemical products, machines or facilities are the source of production, that's why I agree technology does ensure progress. It is conducive to make changes in terms of the machines and tools, people loud eventually get benefits because of higher standard of living, convenient of having automobiles, increase the education and technical skills and the efficiency that we produce the products.

Although there is still a drawback on the polluted environment, but it is necessary to improve and make changes on it. Innovation of the machines may later solve this kind of problem. For the above reasons which state that we have many wonderful advantages instead. We should

simply be aware of the effects that progress has on us and strive to diminish its negative influence. After all, progress is inevitable.

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