Discipline 1 Essay Example
Discipline 1 Essay Example

Discipline 1 Essay Example

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Discipline is of the utmost importance in order to ensure the efficiency of the military organization as a whole as well that of the individual units. Efficiency helps to ensure that goals are met and that the highest level of profeesionalism is maintained at all times. The level of discipline directly affects a soldier's conduct so the two concepts are directly related and of equal importance. Discipline is important in life as well as in the Army. The core values of the British Army are: courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment.

While all these values should be followed individually, discipline is needed to apply the correct application for all of them.

If you lack the discipline needed to correctly apply t


he core values you are not only letting yourself down but all the others around you making yourself an individual; not a team player. Basically discipline is what is needed in order for order and control to be maintained. There will always come a time where you want to do wrong or even do wrong, and with that thought you will be able to make a conscious decision to know what you are doing or done is the right thing.

It is believed that if you work on something long and hard enough that it will pay off in the end, which is a personal trait that once it is at a level where you feeling comfortable will allow you to face any situation and be able to know the right thing to do. The basic method discipline is to tackle challenges that you can successfully accomplish but which are near

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your limit. This doesn’t mean trying something and failing at it every day or does it mean staying within your comfort zone.

Discipline and respect are important in life as well as in the army. Respect is one of the army’s seven values.

The seven army values are loyalty, respect, duty, honor, selfless service, integrity, and personal courage. While respect is one of the army values, discipline is needed for all of them.

You must have discipline in yourself in order to have selfless service, to do your duty, to have personal courage, as well as loyalty, and honor. And it takes a discipline to respect. The definition of discipline is

  1. training to act in accordance with rules; drill: military discipline.
  2. activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training: A daily stint at the typewriter is excellent discipline for a writer.
  3. punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.
  4. the rigor or training effect of experience, adversity, etc. : the harsh discipline of poverty.
  5. behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control: good discipline in an army.
  6. a set or system of rules and regulations.
  7. Ecclesiastical . the system of government regulating the practice of a church as distinguished from its doctrine.
  8. an instrument of punishment, esp. a whip or scourge, used in the practice of self-mortification or as an instrument of chastisement in certain religious communities.
  9.  branch of instruction or learning: the disciplines of history and economics.

Basically discipline is what is needed in order for order and control to be maintained. Ar 600-20 Chapter 4 is about Military Discipline and Conduct including military discipline, obedience

to orders, military courtesy, soldier conduct, maintenance of order, exercising military authority, disciplinary powers of the commanding officer, settlement of local accounts on change of station, civil status of members of the reserve component, participation in support of civilian law enforcement agencies, membership campaigns, and extremist organizations and activities. All persons in the military service are required to strictly obey and promptly execute the legal orders of their lawful seniors.

This is a rule that all individuals must live by wheather they agree or disagree. All individuals in the armed forces will show respect to seniors at all times. This helps to maintain military discipline. Military personnel will also show respect to the National Anthem and the National Colors if they are in uniform or not. Military discipline and effectiveness is built on the foundation of obedience to orders.

Brand new privates are taught to obey, immediately and without question, orders from their superiors, right from day one of boot camp. Almost every soldier can tell you that obedience was drilled into their heads at one point in Basic Training. For example, no talking in the chow line, don’t talk with your hands, head and eyes forward, no smiling, stand a parade rest, and of course the famous “Yes Drill Sergeant / No Drill Sergeant”. Those are just the simple orders you are made to obey in the military. Greater orders mean bigger consequences. Military members who fail to obey the lawful orders of their superiors show lack of discipline.

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