Difference of Communication Strategy Essay Example
Difference of Communication Strategy Essay Example

Difference of Communication Strategy Essay Example

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  • Published: January 19, 2022
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Communication strategy is the process of effective and productive communication among groups, individuals and organizations for successful objectives. A good communication strategy should consider both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It should also overcome the barriers of communication in order to ensure effective transmission of messages from sender to the receiver. A good communication strategy develops good relations and unity among the involved parties. This is clearly outlined in the following informative speeches below.

Informative speech:

The speech talks about how to have good health. It outlines that good health can only be achieved by good health exercise and healthy eating habits. America is ranked as the leading country in the world that has a high percentage of obesity. However as a young generation, we can change this by improving our ongoing dietary products and


also putting other factors into consideration. The speech highlights the following factors as the advisable practices to ensure good health. First, every person should have a good diet plan. On good diet plan, the speech thoroughly stresses on carbohydrates, the energy giving foods. Carbohydrates should be mostly taken as the first meal of the day. All the foods that we consume daily can cause obesity, cancer, and other related diseases.

Second the speech supports physical exercise also for good health. Doing exercise helps reduce accumulation of cholesterol in the body reducing risks of catastrophic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Physical exercise reduces stress, provides enough sleep and also keeps the body fit. We should be conscious about our health since our life depends on it. The speech was good since it addressed the foods we should consider and also gives corrective measures

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on how we should keep our health fit. It has also highlighted some few contagious diseases that are associated with poor health. The speech could have been better if it addressed real life examples of the effects of poor health and also if it could discuss the correct measures in details.

Informative speech:

Shopping online is a blasting business today. Numerous individuals are searching for another option to physical shopping, and internet shopping is the fix for that. Internet shopping is a flourishing business sector, and the numbers can demonstrate it. The Monday following Thanksgiving a showcasing term made for the Monday after the Thanksgiving occasion is a day where you can discover genuine online rebates and deals. A year ago, Cyber Monday was the biggest online deals day in the US history with customers burning through 3 billion US$ web as per the Huffington post. 30% of these deals were versatile deals. A year ago, 2015, was the year of the official ascent of the portable buyer. Actually, as indicated by the same article, 51% of internet shopping is produced using cell phones. The eventual fate of internet shopping is truly in the palm, and by that, obviously I mean our telephone.

Truth be told, even Google, a year ago, revealed a "Portable well disposed" upgrade, driving site proprietors worldwide to improve their locales chip away at cell phones. This makes a point to organizations of the developing significance of versatile for now shoppers as 64% of them today own a Smartphone, according to PEW Research. Online shopping is changing, and so are our habits, customs, and traditions. I remember that a couple of years ago when

I would go physical shopping for a particular item, most of the time I couldn’t find it and go back home sad and frustrated. Now, however, it all changed. Last summer, I wanted these shoes. I went through the whole DMV area to look for them. I did not find them because of the high demand for them and the little stock. Hopefully, I grabbed my phone and got them shipped out to me from Amazon Germany. Thanks to online shopping I am no longer frustrated but happy with my purchase, and I am even wearing them today.

Earlier I said that online shopping is changing our customs and traditions. I said that because, last Black Friday, half of all purchases were made online. Black Friday is traditionally the day where shoppers wake up at crazy hours, freeze in long lines and fight to buy a big screen TV or a discounted vacuum, but with online shopping, this is no longer the case. I have been doing some research to see what the craziest thing is bought online. Honestly, I did not think I could find something that could surprise you, but then I discovered that someone bought the original Hollywood sign for $450.000 in 2005. The seller had bought the sign two years before from a man who acquired it after the city put up a new sign in 1978. I also found that a guy sold space on his forehead for advertising purpose in the form of a tattoo. This cost $38.000 for the seller, and the company that bought it used the space to advertise its snoring remedy. I also found some interesting

facts about online shopping. In fact, Amazon has more than 94 million visitors a month and more than $48 billion stores earning each year. On Amazon’s peak day the retail giants sell up to 320 products per second. On a typical day, online sales peak is at 11:25 AM est.

Top products purchased online include clothing with 31% of all sales, books and video games with 28%. Being a student in NOVA opens many doors. First, you can use a student discount on many websites. You can use your NOVA email and get great discounts. Amazon offers a free year premium trial for students. You can get free delivery on all items, and also a 2day delivery for almost all purchase. I have signed up for this trial; it cost me nothing with my NOVA email. Amazon offers so many products and being able to find something you can’t find anywhere else shipped to you in two days for free is very convenient. Also, Northern Virginia does only count one outlet, Potomac Mills. It is very hard to access since there are no metro lanes. However, online, people who live in Northern Virginia can access a larger variety of option to buy from their place. You can even get your groceries delivered to your position; you don’t have to carry these heavy bags. In fact, Safeway, Giant, or even Harris Teeter offers free delivery to your place.

Persuasive speech:

Do you consider yourself reasonably healthy? Do you weigh at least 110 pounds? If you answered yes to all these questions, you are an eligible donor and should be donating blood every two months. There is a huge lack

of participation of eligible donors, and I have been doing my research, and I found on the Red Cross blood website that less than 10% of the US populations donate blood every year. This is a crazy fact in my opinion since every 2 seconds day and night someone in the US needs blood. This is a serious problem, but it does have a very easy solution: to donate! In this speech, I would like to make every one of you a regular blood donor. First, I want to emphasize the benefits of the donor.

You can just give on the off chance that you are fit and sufficiently solid to do as such. Prior to each blood gift handle, a progression of wellbeing checkups are performed on the benefactor thoroughly free of expense. So essentially, when giving blood, you get a free wellbeing registration. So you are sparing lives, as well as determining the status of yours. Giving blood decreases the danger of heart sicknesses. Truth is told, by giving blood, your level of iron declines, so it brings down your danger of heart attack. And last but not least, every blood donation can save up to 3 lives. In fact, there are no substitutes to blood since it is only made by the human body and cannot be manufactured. So by donating blood, you have this wonderful feeling that you will save up to 3 lives.

The two most common reasons that people give for not donating blood that they never thought of it or that they don’t like needles. Honestly, the needle sounds terrifying, but the pain level is equal to someone scratching your

arm. For those of you who have never donated blood before, the process is straightforward and easy. First, you fill up a quick form about your sexual history and health. Then you will receive the free checkup I was talking about earlier. After this check-up, you will be seated on a chair and get asked from which arm you want to donate. A professional staff member will clean your arm and insert a sterile non-reusable needle. After this process, which takes about 10 minutes, you will be requested to relax while enjoying some juice and cookies. And that’s it the process is over. It’s a very natural process and by doing this, as I started before, you can save up to 3 lives. I keep talking about these three lives, but let me explain what I mean.

The blood you donate is divided up into three components: red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Each element in separated so a patient can be given the particular part they need. This makes the most of every blood donation as one donation helps three patients. Red blood cells are used to fight anemia. Platelets contribute to control bleeding during surgery and plasma helps with cancer blood disorder. The joy you get by helping three lives for every donation can be multiplied by 6 in a year since you can donate every two months. That makes you help 18 lives a year. If you give for ten years, you can save up 180 lives. I want you all to take a moment and think about someone you love and care about him or her. I hope that does not happen

to any of you, but imagine this person in need of a blood transfusion.

This reason should be enough to persuade you to go and donate. If you are interested in doing so, I encourage you to go to the closest American Red Cross or even to Inova Blood Services as soon as you can. Inova Blood Donor supplies lifesaving blood to 24 different hospitals in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area. The closest Inova Blood Service is located at 2501 Parkers Lane, Alexandria, VA. Organizing a group donation is something they can do. I encourage NOVA to call 18882566372 to schedule a group donation every two months. I know they held a donation event on December 2015 and in March 2016, but this is not enough. NOVA needs to raise awareness about this since students and professors and staff members of NOVA are literate and mostly healthy people, and these people are the person that can make a difference. NOVA counts several campuses, and if they all organize a group donation every two months, it can create a vast change and hopefully help these people in need. The Student Government Association and the Student Ambassador Club organize community service projects including volunteering at Inova Blood Donor Drives. By joining this club, you can not only save lives but also start building your resume, so this is an excellent initiative NOVA students can take.

Informative speech:

There are various methods to make efficient and productive group interaction successful. There should be dynamic to a meeting that helps channel thinking and work to enhance efficiency and productivity. First, we should consider the purpose of meeting as a group,

each and every person in a group should be a resourceful resource and very contributive in a group. The group should also select a leader and a secretary for better management. The group should have an agenda to discuss and also be strategic for satisfactory results. During the actual group discussion, we should maintain nonverbal skills such as good eye contact and also verbal skills such as persuasive speaking.

Communication is a fundamental social process since it entails human interaction among individuals and groups. Human interaction involves assimilation of new traits and also unity among the involved parties. It is also critical in panel discussions since people exchange some behaviors, ideas and builds a good relationship. It helped me overcome various customs. First, I learned how to overcome anxious and stress. I found out that in group discussions, any bothering idea or point can be shared and ironed out successfully in a group. I also acquired confidence, especially in class presentation. Every member was always confident doing the presentation, and this helped me earn confidence.

Many class members used nonverbal communication skills such as body movements to second their statements. This assisted me on how to keep eye contact with people and how to use facial expressions when doing presentations. Communication is both a social and technical process. Communication helps you to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings and also experiences. It also helps you to develop confidence to talk to others and it also makes you capable of addressing a mass. It also fosters good empathy among and good morals ourselves.

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