Daring Hyde Park Ride Essay Example
Daring Hyde Park Ride Essay Example

Daring Hyde Park Ride Essay Example

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  • Published: September 30, 2017
  • Type: Diary
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The highly anticipated day that everyone had been eagerly awaiting all week had finally come. The entire household was filled with a noticeable sense of excitement, which could be seen in my younger brother's radiant smile, my sisters' energetic movements around the house, and the diligent preparations my mother made for the picnic. In the meantime, my father was on the phone speaking with my cousins to ensure their arrival at our house by eleven-thirty. When I finally emerged from the bathroom at eleven-forty-five, our home was bustling with relatives - from little cousins to aunts and uncles - as everyone had gathered together.

Despite all the seats in the family car being taken, my uncle's car was still needed as there were twelve of us in total. We all eagerly prepared to embark on a sunny day trip to Hyde Park. Prior


to our departure, my father ensured that everyone had their seat belts securely fastened. This adventurous outing felt like an entire village on the move. As soon as we started our journey, a ray of sunlight beamed onto the back of my neck, depleting my energy throughout the entire trip. This extensive and exhausting excursion seemed never-ending, resembling the perpetually congested traffic in central London.

The weather, being arid, made me suspect that moisture was evaporating from the surface of my dark-colored skin. Finally, we arrived at Hyde Park. However, we were constantly bombarded by embarrassing tales, which affected everyone including my poor old father. We searched for an unoccupied area and found solace under the shade of a monstrous oak tree. Despite a slight but invigorating breeze, the picnic was laid out in

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a fine manner, making it even more appetizing. The only conversations that I overheard were requests to pass various items, highlighting the fact that we feasted in a family fashion. Afterwards, we posed for hilarious pictures and played ball well into the late afternoon.

The day out was exceptional, receiving a perfect score of ten. However, it continued into the early night with an extraordinary Middle Eastern dinner at Al'gall, a Lebanese restaurant. The entire establishment was illuminated by candles, creating a visually striking but soothing ambiance. The background featured the melodious sound of a flute, enhancing the uplifting and vibrant atmosphere. Without any doubt, this restaurant felt like an escape into the realm of imagination.

The food provided an incredible experience, tempting every taste bud from the delicious Arabic dates as the appetizer to the spicy rice and mouth-watering watermelon slices. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and my relatives had similar reactions. My little cousin exclaimed "yummy" while my father declared it was "absolutely delicious." However, some found it too spicy, especially my sisters, while others struggled to find words to describe the occasion. Given the indulgent meal, a visit to the restroom became necessary. Unexpectedly, as I hurriedly unbuttoned my trousers with my head down on my way to the toilet, I suddenly smelled channel 5 perfume. Before I could look up and identify its source, I collided forcefully with a stranger who happened to have this delightful fragrance.

In a moment of instinct, I grabbed onto the girl as she lost her balance. Simultaneously, I focused on picking up the books she had dropped. As I regained my footing, I directly faced the unfamiliar person,

standing motionless. Never before had I encountered such exquisite beauty. Her small, sharp hazel eyes gazed at me graciously. These eyes, reminiscent of a sunset, never failed to capture my attention. It was not just her physical appearance that captivated me; every aspect of this young woman, who appeared to be in her late teens, held my fascination. From her perfectly proportioned figure resembling an hourglass to her caramel-colored skin and even up to her luscious lips. Words escaped me as this girl took my breath away, causing my entire body to freeze. My knees trembled as if I were off balance, my hands felt numb and immobile, and my heart thumped like a jujitsu drum. Most significantly, my tongue felt heavy like a ton of bricks, yet somehow I managed to speak, mumbling an apology: "I am so so sorry." In response, she replied with humility: "No, it was my fault."

I stood in awe of the exquisite beauty before me, rendered momentarily speechless. I felt like a lemon, but my awkwardness dissipated as she asked, "Where do I know you from?" It was an opportune moment for an impressive response: "Could it be that your middle name is beautiful?" Her giggle and blush were delightful. Internally projecting coolness and confidence, despite lacking both qualities, I put on a brave face and inquired about her name. She introduced herself as Jasmine. Excitement surged through me as I introduced myself as Sadiq Ali and offered to buy her a drink. My nerves calmed and confidence blossomed. However, Jasmine explained that she couldn't accept because she had plans to have dinner with her family. Undeterred, I responded

with determination: "That goes for both of us; it's the least I can do after causing this inconvenience." Reluctantly, she agreed to a quick drink. As our conversation progressed and we got to know each other better, Jasmine shared details about her large family where she was the twelfth and youngest child. She mentioned being raised in Cairo until her family relocated to London when she turned two due to her father's job. Deeply engaged in conversation, we instantly clicked and felt an incredible chemistry.

The event was undeniably incredible. It embodied the essence of dreams, and if love at first sight exists, this was it. We spent what felt like hours together in just thirty minutes. However, all good things must come to an end, and so did this moment. We exchanged contact information, and as I leaned in for a tender kiss on her soft cheek, I whispered, "I'll give you a call." With reluctance and a heavy heart, I left.

Eventually, we were informed that it was time to return home upon reuniting with my loved ones. The journey back was smooth and quick without any noise or traffic. We reached home in only half the time it took us to travel there earlier that day. The bright crescent moon illuminated the cat's eyes on the road ahead—a sight that brought me joy because it seemed as though the moon itself was guiding us home. Through the slightly open front window came a gentle breeze whispering one word: Jasmine.

It was a remarkable day that should never be forgotten and always cherished.

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