Dangers of Overreliance on Technology Essay Example
Dangers of Overreliance on Technology Essay Example

Dangers of Overreliance on Technology Essay Example

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  • Published: December 28, 2017
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Bob Herbert (2010) asserts, "The blessed wonders of technology are overwhelming us. We do not control them; they control us". This means that, although the development of technology has helped in improving our lives, the over reliance of it has negatively impacted on human abilities. The rise of technology has begun to replace human brains functions. For instance, people nowadays prefer storing simple information on their computers rather than memorizing it on their brains. Therefore, the over reliance on technological devices to perform simple tasks o made many people become lazy.

Over reliance on technology has also distorted the social life of many people. Before the rise of technology, people would Interact and socialize, but nowadays many people Like connecting with their friends and relatives through social media, instead of face to face commun


ication. This has negatively affected our relationship with our friends and families because we no longer cherish the good times we shared together with them. The over reliance on technology has also made us miss out on the real world, since we are more engaged n our own lives and we do not interact with others.

This behavior of individualism brought about by reliance on technology affects how we relate with others and creates social problems since we cannot tolerate others. The emergence of social media sites like backbone, tweeter is beginning to destroy relationships and friendships. In the modern world, many people find It easy to open up their personal feelings and emotions behind computers screens Instead of face-to-face communication. Human affection has reduced because the very technology that was received to bring people together has created a virtual distance

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between them.

This explains why, many relationships started through online media do not last, since lack of physical interaction between the partners erodes the bond between them. Over reliance on technological devices like laptops and cell phones can sometimes make people lose focus in whatever they do. For instance, in the article "Tweet less, kiss more", Bob Herbert narrates how a certain lady driver narrowly committed an accident along the Washington-New York Highway. The lady was talking through the ell phone while driving carelessly by interchanging lanes without any care.

That act of careless driving could have caused a serious road accident and which could have led to bodily Injury or death to the lady or other drivers. This act shows that over reliance on some communication devices may make people lose focus and concentration on what they may be doing. Technology may also lead to lack of effective communication skills among children and adults. There are some cases, brought about by reliance on keyboards instead of verbal communication.

Moreover, he easy access of computer games by children affects their development of communication skills and interactions with others. This is because, many children nowadays prefer spending time alone playing computer games or surfing the internet instead of playing and interacting with other children. Lack of interaction with others creates a problem in the development of effective communication skills. Bob Hubert points out the need for people to minimize the usage of technological gadgets so that we could explore their inner human capabilities.

He stresses out that people should focus on their individual needs that seem essential to them and more specifically on non material things

that fulfill them and those that help them to embrace people around them. To conclude, I would like to say that technology is essential to people's lives and thus we cannot live without it. However, people should not let it control their lives because it reduces the brains abilities and distorts social life skills. Although, technology is a benefit to have, interaction and socializing with others is essential for people.

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