CS148 Final Exam Ch10

• What are the forms of alternative marketing and alternative media programs?
Buzz marketing
Guerilla marketing
Lifestyle marketing
Experiential marketing
Product placement
Branded entertainment
• What is word-of-mouth marketing also known as?
• Why is buzz marketing is attractive to marketers?
High credibility
Fast growth
• In buzz marketing programs, brand ambassadors or customer evangelists are typically individuals that what?
Brand ambassadors, customer evangelists
– Typically individuals who already like brand
– Offer incentives in exchange for advocacy
– Honest about relationship
• Companies normally select brand ambassadors for buzz marketing programs based on what criteria?
– Devotion to brand
– Size of social circles
• Be able to identify the inoculation, incubation, and infection stages of buzz marketing.
inoculation – when the product is being introduced. It is difficult to generate buzz marketing during this stage.

Incubation – when the product is being tried by a few innovators and trendsetters. Buzz marketing is easier, but still difficult.

Infection – when widespread use of the product begins. During this stage is the best time for a buzz marketing program. True customer-generated buzz occurs after awareness, and often the awareness is generated through traditional media.

• In stealth marketing, how do brand ambassadors show and talk about a product to others?
Talk about a product like you are a fan, do not disclose that you are being paid by brand
• Identify lifestyle marketing.
Involves identifying marketing methods associated with the hobbies, entertainment, and lives of the target audience. The idea is to intersect with consumers during their daily lives.

For instance, A/X Armani Exchange reaches young consumers by sponsoring and setting up booths at music festivals and fashion shows.

• What is product placement?
A planned insertion in a movie, television show, book, or other form of entertainment. It has been used since the 1890s, but only recently has grown in popularity.

– Increase awareness
– More positive attitude toward brand
– No immediate impact on sales

• What is branded entertainment?
Brand woven into the storyline

Usage increased sharply with reality shows

Also found in novels, plays, songs, and movies

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