Cry the Beloved Country dialectical journal Essay Example
Cry the Beloved Country dialectical journal Essay Example

Cry the Beloved Country dialectical journal Essay Example

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“Kumalo climbed into the passenger car for non-Europeans. already full of the humbler people of his race…” (43) How there’s a passenger car entirely for non-Europeans is apprehensible at the clip period that this novel is set in. but people who read this in the twenty-first century might believe that this is uneven how Europeans couldn’t stand to sit in the same passenger car as non-Europeans. “Black and white it says. black and white. though it is ruddy and green. It is excessively much to understand.” (47) The order it goes. black and white so ruddy and green. It shows you that the Whites are more superior because they are the mark to travel. and the inkinesss have to halt and wait. The Whites ever get first word on things and inkinesss have to settle with that the Whites le


ft them. “They talked of immature condemnable kids and older and more unsafe felons. of how white Johannesburg was afraid of black offense.” (52)

How it says “black crime” is merely incorrect. There is such thing as white offense excessively. but seemingly the white people don’t think that white offense is merely every bit unsafe as black offense. It shows how frightened they were of people of different races and believe that merely because of your colour you are prone to make more unsafe things. “That is a commiseration. says Msimsngu. I am non a adult male for segregation. but it is a commiseration that we are non apart. They run trams from the Centre of the metropolis. and portion is for Europeans and portion for us. But we are frequently thrown off the ropeway by immature

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bullies. And our bullies are ready for problem excessively.” (58) It’s kind of sad how this is a individual who doesn’t believe in segregation. but feels the demand to be apart from the other race.

When person is being hostile towards you it’s non a good feeling. so of class you wouldn’t desire to be near that person. I think in this scene and clip it’s apprehensible that person would experience this manner about being separated. Kumalo’s face wore the smiling. the unusual smiling non known in other states. of a black adult male when he sees one of his people helped in public by a white adult male. for such a thing is non lightly done. (81) It bothers me that this smiling is for a title that should be done anyhow. I mean. I know it’s set in a clip where there’s segregation between the different races. but seeing how I was born and raised in an epoch where it isn’t customary to disregard person entirely because of their race.

The little kid opened the door. carefully like one who was afraid to open heedlessly. the door of so of import a house. and stepped shyly in.” (35) Just how the girl’s motion is describes makes me experience scared. The words “timidly” and “carelessly” truly add on to how you could visualize her traveling. Bing a little kid and traveling into a house that is owned by such an of import individual would be terrorizing because if you were to by chance interrupt something or steal up so it’d be really bad. “They go to Johannesburg. and there they are lost. an no one hears

of them at all.” (39) It sounds like Johannesburg is sucking them up and non allowing them free. Peoples might ne'er hear from people that have gone to Johannesburg because their life was acquiring worse by life in Johannesburg. I would be sort of frightened to travel to Johannesburg because no one hears from you once more.

“He goes carefully that he may non knock anybody. keeping tightly on to his bag.” (47) He’s afraid that person might seek to snap his bag. Being in an unknown topographic point is difficult for a batch of people. They hear rumours and so they get scared. It’s non bad to ever be careful. but it wasn’t merely careful he was being. The immature adult male took the lb and walked a short distance to the corner. As the turned it. Kumalo was afraid. The line moved frontward and he with it. seizing his bag. And once more frontward. and once more frontward. and shortly he must come in a coach. but still he had no ticket. As through the has all of a sudden thought of something he left he line. and walked the corner. but there was no mark of the immature adult male. (48-49) Trusting aliens with your money isn’t an easy thing to make. And being in a foreign topographic point makes it even more confusing on if you should swear anyone or non. When you’re hapless like Kumalo was. money was really cherished to you. He was taking money that was traveling to be used for apparels. Sing person run off with your money is something that makes you lose religion in the human


“She came here to look for her hubby who was recruited for the mines… She lives in Claremont. non far from here. It is one of the worst topographic points in Johannesburg… … that is her work. she makes and sells it… These adult females sleep with any adult male for their price… She has been in prison. more than one time.” (53) Kumalo’s sister went to the large metropolis to happen her hubby and it turns out that she ne'er did. At least that’s what it seems like it’s seeking to suggest at. It seems like every bit shortly as she entered a topographic point to be rumored as a better economic country. she lost all ethical motives and values. This is sad truly. for both Kumalo and his sister. (55)

“How can I utilize it? he said. This money was to direct Absalom to St. Chad’s… This money we have saved for that intent will ne'er be used for it.” (38-39) Stephen feels if he were to utilize the money they saved for his boy it wouldn’t be right. He besides knows that if he doesn’t use it. it might ne'er be used for anything at all. He doesn’t cognize where his boy is because he hasn’t tried to reach of all time since he left. “Take it all. Stephen. There may be physicians. infirmary. other problems. Take it all. And take the Post Office Book––there is 10 lbs in it––you must take that besides. – I have been salvaging that for your range. He said

– That can non be helped. she said. And that other money. though we saved it for St. Chad’s.

I had meant it for your new black apparels. and a new black chapeau. and new white collars” (40) I think how Stephen’s married woman tells him to take all the money is something that shows how much she cares about his well being. How they were salvaging it for a range for his married woman and new apparels for Stephen but his married woman wanted him to take the money for their demands before their wants. Stephen needs to hold adequate money for anything and everything that might be thrown in his way in this journey he is about to ship on. “This is a long manner to travel. and a batch of money to pay. And if he has to convey her dorsum. what will that be excessively?” (42) He’s traveling to this unknown metropolis where they don’t cognize how much things are. And if his sister is soberly ill. so what? He’s non traveling to go forth her at that place. she’s household and household ever comes foremost.

“Is it incorrect to inquire more money? John Kumalo asks. We get small plenty. It is merely our portion that we ask. plenty to our married womans and households from famishment. For we do non acquire plenty. The Lansdown Commission said that we do non acquire plenty. The Smit Commission said that we do non acquire plenty.” (218) Everyone is stating that John Kumalo is hapless because he isn’t acquiring adequate money. He’s inquiring if inquiring for money is something that is socially acceptable. even if you need it to non hunger. I think that this is kind of sad because when you think about

it there are people in this clip of twenty-four hours that would inquire the same inquiry to themselves but ne'er ask.

I lied. This doesn’t work. (43)
Ha. This one doesn’t work either  (51)
Oh and this? FAIL.
“They went into a room where a tabular array was laid. and there he met many priests. both white and black. and they sat down after grace and ate together.” (51) At a clip of societal and political agitation. the two different races could sit together without being appalled by each other’s races. I think that speaks
for itself in the fact that faith is unifying the (187)

“They knelt down. and he prayed. softly so that the neighbours might non hear. and she punctuated his requests with Amens. And when he had finished. she burst into a downpour of supplication. of self-denunciation. and pressing request. And therefore reconciled. they sat manus in manus.” (61)

“… And he said to her. will you now take a 4th hubby? And urgently she said. no. no. I want no hubby any longer.” (146)

“ And so he laughed once more. and allow travel her custodies. and took up his chapeau. I shall come for you when everything is ready for the matrimony. Have you apparels?” (148)

“-I have heard you. he said. I understand what I did non understand. There is no choler in me.” (214)

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