Crucible Definition Essay Example
Crucible Definition Essay Example

Crucible Definition Essay Example

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  • Published: December 21, 2017
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The name of the play, The Crucible, refers to a harsh examination that took place in Massachusetts known as the Salem Witch Trials. This significant event will serve as a notable assessment of individuals’ principles and convictions. Within a community of devout Puritans, they followed a strict and modest way of life and regularly attended church. They were peaceful and serene people.

The society was once peaceful until a dark secret caused chaos. Envy is considered the root of all evil and its presence led to other serious problems that tested the people's resolve. In The Crucible, Proctor and Abigail concealed a terrible sin which caused problems not just for them but also for others. Abigail's envy grew so strong that she was willing to accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft in


order to get rid of her.

This triggers a frenzy of panic and uncertainty among people, leading to unwarranted accusations against anything or anyone in close proximity. The irrational fear spawned by this belief engenders paranoia, leading to widespread finger-pointing. During the trial, the virtues of love, honesty, and ardor are put to the challenge. Elizabeth is convicted, and Proctor, upon learning this, chooses to sacrifice himself in her stead.

During his trial before a judge, Proctor decides to tell yet another falsehood. However, rather than protecting himself, he chooses to protect the honor of those around him and ultimately sacrifices his life to bring an end to the Salem Witch Trials. Proctor undergoes various trials and challenges in order to assist others.

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