Computerized Inventory System

Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without computer; in fact they have become so important that nothing can replace them. Computers impacted many areas in today’s society. One of it is the business area. Business uses computers for keeping track of accounts and Items you need. In this era, manual transactions evolved Into computerized ones. Manual credit Inventory systems turned out to be slow and inaccurate resulting to problems like loss of items and unable to track the location of records.

Making use of our current technology can make a vast difference in data recessing in terms of speed, accuracy and storage. These are the reason why most business government offices and big establishments injecting this current technology into their system. This contains the proposed Inventory system for the Loco’s. It contains diagrams, data flows and flow charts that describes on how the system flows. The proposed system utilizes the best way to organize the database type of system and to improve the services of the people involve.

This business Is presently using the manual system, It Is their way In recording the credits, which takes time in doing their works and Is prone to human error. They never use computers in keeping their tracks.Based on the data gathered from Mr.. Pablo Loco, owner of the store revealed some of their problems on their current credit Inventory system which Is manual. Listing of credits Is done manually In such a way that the owner writes down the details of different materials every time a transaction is being done.

These results, too much time. He is also tasked to maintain the credit inventory that is being operated manually. This is very confusing process and very prone to human errors. The researcher seen their problems Like loss of items list and unable to track the location of the lists, searching record manually, data redundancy, and Insufficient security of backups and data inconsistency are now the problems that are faced by their current system.

Therefore, the researcher tried to find what would be the best solution of their problem, then it come up into my mind to proposed to them a Computerized Credit Inventory System. By implementing this system into their store it can help their works easier and faster. Recording (Credits) START Get the customers list for credit Record This study is focused on Computerize Credit System. For the effectiveness of my study at Loco’s Store.

I conducted an interview to the store owner to adopt the Computerize Inventory System which is simpler and not time consuming than a manual inventory. This study limits only on customers credits. It is really important to have a Computerize Credit Inventory System because this will alp the store owner to establish a precise and efficient inventory of all its credit and transaction at a particular date.

This study, shall benefit the owner who will use this program. This can provide greater accuracy and more flexibility in the types of information that can be generated by the program. This is why the need for a fast and efficient credit inventory system is now important for this kind of business. Computerize system – putting details on computer, to store information in a computer system or process it by computer I

Manual – operated by a person rather than a machine or computer Credit Inventory System – is a listing of all assets and property owned by an individual ‘ or a business operation. System – programs used to operate and maintain resources for application programs or the storage in keeping files and recording of data. Computer – programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve and process data Proposal – an act of putting forward or stating something for consideration. Record – an official document that records the acts of a public body or officer.

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