computer science chapter 5

slide show
group of slides comprise a presentation; a slide show may include any number of individual slides

feature of many application programs, such as word processing programs and database management systems, that enables the user to organize selected information in a particular way, as, for example, alphabetically or by date

database management system (DBMS)
software that allows a user to create and manage a computerized database, and to create reports from stored data

request for information from a database

instant messaging (IM) software
software that allows for communicating online in real time that causes pop-up windows to interrupt users when a message is received

graphics and multimedia software
software that allows users to work with graphics, video, and audio files

project management software
category of programs that allow a user to plan, design, schedule, and control a project, thus facilitating the effective and efficient management of complex projects

visual representation of data that often makes the data easier to read and understand; displays data in graphical rather than numerical form

web conference
an online conference between two or more participants at different sites, using computer networks and web conferencing software

search engine
software used to search, locate, and retrieve information from various web sites

web authoring software
software that helps users develop web pages without learning web programming

clip art
professionally designed graphic images sold for use in word processing and other types of documents; collections are sometimes included in a software program

drawing program
software that provides an intuitive interface through which a user can draw pictures, make sketches, create various shapes, and edit images

special shortcut feature that allows text to be formatted in a single step

sofrware developed by an individual or software publisher who retains ownership of the product and makes it publicly available for a small “contribution” fee

application software
programs that enable a user to perform specific tasks; examples of programs include word processors, database programs, spreadsheets, and desktop publishing

relational database
type of database in which various tables can be linked (or related) in a way that allows you to retrieve data from more than one table; tables must have a common data field such as a product number

personal information manager (PIM)
software that helps users organize contact information, appointments, tasks, and notes

in a table created by a database management system application, a location into which one kind of information about an entity, such as a name or address, is entered

personal finance software
programs that assist users with paying bills, balancing checkbooks, keeping track of income and expenses, and other financial activities

spelling checker
a part of a program or a standalone application that automatically searches for spelling errors and suggests correctly spelled alternatives

database output that is often printed, such as a utility bill or a school transcript

custom program
a specialized software program a programmer writes to meet a company’s special requirements; also called customized software

site license
a contract that allows an organization to load or use copies of a piece of software on a specified maximum number of machines

programming feature that guides a user through a series of steps which allow the user to select content and layout options to be applied to a file

presentation graphics software
an application program that allows one to create a computerized presentation of slides

structured query language (SQL)
standard for querying or asking for particular information from a database management system

customized software
specialized software program a programmer writes to meet a company’s special requirements; also called a custom program

video and audio editing software
software that allows users to create and modify recorded video and audio clips

tax preparation software
programs designed to aid a taxpayer in analyzing federal and state tax status and to prepare and transmit tax returns

image-editing program
software that allows a user to touch up, modify, and enhance image quality

educational and reference software
programs that facilitate learning, such as software designed to enable a user to learn algebra, or that provide reference information, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries

proprietary software
software owned by an individual or business that cannot be used or copied without permission

integrated software programs
software that is packaged together and is designed to work together seamlessly

communications software that allows groups of people on a network to share information and to collaborate on various projects, such as designing new products or preparing employee manuals; also called collaboration software

in a table created by a database management system application, a row providing information about one entity, such as an individual or an organization

spreadsheet software
a productivity program that provides a user with a means of organizing, calculating, and presenting financial, statistical, and other numeric information; used to manipulate numbers electronically instead of using a pencil and paper

productivity software
programs that allow users to perform specific tasks, such as creating documents, preparing income tax returns, managing finances, sending and receiving messages over the internet, and designing new products; software that enables a user to be more “productive”; sometimes called application software

legal software
programs designed to help a user analyze, plan, and prepare a variety of legal documents including wills and trusts

entertainment software
category of programs that includes interactive computer games, videos, and music

vertical application software
complete package of programs that work together to perform core business functions for a large organization

individual application software
programs individuals use at work or at home

grammar checker
a part of a program or a stand-alone application that automatically searches for errors in grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and suggests correct alternatives

text, voice, or video message sent or received remotely, over a computer network or the system by which such a message is sent; short for electronic mail

objecting linking and embedding (OLE)
a feature of Windows operating systems and applications that allows material from one application to be imported into a document created in another application and linked in such a way that when the material is updated in the originating application, it is automatically updated in the application into which it has been imported

web-conferencing software
programs that make web conferencing applications possible

in a spreadsheet, the intersection of one row and one column into which text, numbers, formulas, links, or other elements may be entered

software suite
combination of applications programs (usually integrate) bundled as a single package; may contain applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, and possibly other programs

software piracy
the act of copying or using a piece of software without the legal right to do so

painting program
software that allows a user to create images in bit-map form and also to color and edit an image one bit at a time

a form of instruction in which students are guided step-by-step through the learning process

desktop publishing (DTP) software
type of software that enables a user to produce documents that closely resemble those done by printing companies

a computer program that is provided free to users by its creator but for which the creator usually retains the copyright

a document created using presentation graphics software that may contain text, graphics, images, sound, and other elements that can help capture and hold an audience’s attention

word processing software
type of computer application that allows the user to create, edit, manipulate, format, store, and print a variety of documents, including letters, memos, anouncements, and brochures

computer-aided design (CAD) software
sophisticated kind of productivity software providing tools that enable professionals to create architectural, engineering, product, and scientific designs

query by example (QBE)
a standard for querying, or asking for particular information from, a database management system

sequence of instructions designed to accomplish a specific task and generally executed by issuing a single command

collaboration software
programs that enable people at separate PC workstations to collaborate on a single document or project, such as designing a new automobile engine; also called groupware

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET – the layout content of the actual webpage can be seen within the web authoring software

commercial software
programs intended for businesses or other organizations with multiple users

software program feature that allows a user to quickly locate a number or a particular type of text within a file

packaged software
programs created and sold to the public on a retail basis by software development companies

a computer application in which data is organized and stored in a way that allows for specific data to be accessed, retrieved, and used

matrix formed by the intersections of rows and columns, like in a spreadsheet

a previously created and stored form

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