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Part 4 Competencies and competitive advantage of Old Chang Kee Considering to what the competitive advantage Old Chang Kee possesses, it is obviously the food product, especially Curry Puff. As there are a lot of homemade food products like this from the competitors, but the factor that leads Old Chang Kee shares customers that competitors cannot match is the taste come with the price. The affordable price range makes a wide range of customers. All products of Old Chang Kee were priced between $1 to $2.

This means that Old Chang Kee can serve its food to the young children even down age into the kids. The customers would be the seven-year-old children. Notably, the wide range of customers that are able to afford to purchase food products from the retail outlet would also welcome consumers who were still not full after their meal to purchase any food products from the outlets (Mynewsdesk. com, 2013). The several menu of food product at least 30 menus tempts the consumers to choose the new style not only the Curry Puff.

This , then , becomes the advantage of Old Chang Kee that is able to keep the puff lovers, old consumers, with the new product to increase source of revenues and increase the group’s revenues (Oldchangkee. listedcompany. com,2012) Quality Control is remarkable. The company is committed to maintain high standard and high level of quality control to deliver foods which are safe to consumers. Old Chang Kee obtained HACCP certification. This was to certify that the manufacturing of currying puffs, starting from handling of raw materials to processing, storing and delivery of the products.

Quality control procedures are not only the quality of high standard, but hygiene control, maintenance of equipment, cleaning and sanitation, raw material control are the most important which Old Chang Kee cares to serve consumers. In the retail outlets are participated to up the class of the company to be advantage. The staffs are trained to keep the standard of food products. They are also trained to have the skill to use the equipment, cooking and hygiene control. The retail outlets are classified into five area groups based in their location.

Supervisor will manage one specific area group and a maintenance team which has four members will work regular maintenance work and hygiene maintenance for all the retail outlets. A leader in a team will manage the operation and the staffs. Depending on the size and volume of each retail outlets, the employee counts for each shop will range from two to eight employees who work either both shifts or single shift. Read more: http://www. ukessays. com/essays/marketing/company-analysis-of-old-chang-kee-marketing-essay. php#ixzz2HGkzwdky http://www. finanznachrichten. e/pdf/20090225_124523_5ML_D96678C99938409248257567003EA0C8. 2. pdf Business model of Old Chang Kee At first, 1956, Old Chang Kee was established the local business as the coffee stall along McKenzie Road, Singapore. Customers preferred the delicious pastry stuffed full of curried potatoes, chicken, a slice of egg, fried with several herbs and spices. Singaporean did not only love eating the puff because of the deliciousness, but they also preferred the elaborately cooking of Old Chang Kee. From local coffee shop, Han Keen Juan established MNC for the hot and greasy kitchen of Old Chang Kee.

Later, he planned to transform Old Chang Kee into a successful business entity. Old Chang Kee was set to bet modernizing and re-engineering the business with the implement of new systems to ensure quality standards. Old Chang Kee, then become Singapore’s leading brand of curry puffs and other hot savories. Singapore encourages the small business to transform the country into a highly innovative economy aimed at leveraging on knowledge as a new factor of production. The local small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector is an important vehicle for increasing the economy’s competitiveness in the global market system(Thomas,2010).

From the encouraging of Singapore, then it is not surprising that Old Chang Kee makes decision to step itself into the transformational leadership style, this is to achieve the strategies and goals. Old Chang Kee is based in Singapore related in the manufacturing and distribution of food products. Old Chang Kee expanded in Singapore, Malaysia and Republic of China. The most famous of Old Chang Kee Curry Puff, but the business did not stop producing new products, later the company created as many as 30 products which could be found in its network of outlets distributed around Singapore, Malaysia and Republic of China (UKessays. om,2003-2013). After collaborated with Spring Singapore and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) to develop a strategy to create, own, protect and exploit its signature curry puff-related intellectual property rights, Old Chang Kee continues into a value-added franchise programme (Thomas,2010). Obviously, the company started being one of the Halal food in 2004 led Old Chang Kee to be fulfill its brand values as because the food could step worldwide to the multi-cultural and multi-religious segment of society.

Nowadays, Old Chang Kee brand has become a household name. It is in the food industry. Customers are familiar to this brand and to guarantee this successful business model Old Chang Kee possesses, the company was awarded the Singapore Promising Brand Award and also the Singapore Heritage Brand Award in 2004 and 2005 (Mynewsdesk. com, 2013). References UKessays. com,2003-2013, Company Analysis Of Old Chang Kee Marketing Essay, retrieved 5 January,2013 from http://www. ukessays. com/essays/marketing/company-analysis-of-old-chang-kee-marketing-essay. hp#ixzz2HH6CYQAJ Menkhoff,T. , 2010, Creating value through knowledge management, retrieved 5 January,2013 from http://www. spring. gov. sg/NewsEvents/ITN/2010/Pages/Creating-value-through-knowledge-management-20100615. aspx Mynewsdesk. com, 2013, Old Chang Kee, retrieved 5 January,2013 from http://www. mynewsdesk. com/sg/view/pressrelease/about-us-old-chang-kee-prides-itself-in-what-we-do-here-s-some-of-the-things-we-think-makes-us-different-from-the-others-813422 References

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