Compare the role of two complementary therapies with those of more orthodox treatments

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There are many different complementary therapies which can be used to treat an individual who has to undergo a lot of different orthodox treatments. For example, people who may suffer from lung cancer would have to undergo different treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, people who have stroke would have to have different orthodox treatments with different complementary therapies which would benefit them. Individuals who may suffer from lung cancer may be asked to undergo therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki.

These complementary therapies would benefit the individual with the disorder they have. Although, these complementary therapies may not be able to cure the individuals cancer but it would be able to support the individual with the treatments they may have. The role of the complementary therapy reflexology would be to massage the individuals feet which would make them feel at ease and although they might be unaware of the different areas of their body being affected, through the reflexology they will be able to identify any areas that might have been affected due to the disorder.

For example, if an individual describes that they might feel a sharp feeling this would suggest that the individual’s body might be out of balance. Cancer (online) states: “Therapists think that you become ill when energy pathways are blocked, and unblocking them can restore energy and balance. ” This can indicate that the orthodox treatment that the individual may undergo may not be as useful for them as the therapy as the therapist may be aware of why the individual can be ill due to the blocked pathways.

However, relating this to cancer, the orthodox treatment can still be beneficial for the individual due to the radiotherapy killing the cancer cells. Although, the complementary therapy may not be as useful for the individual, it could still make them feel at ease once the energy is being resorted and is balance. The complementary therapies could support the individual as they would make the individual feel relaxed after the orthodox treatments they have had.

The orthodox treatments would be free and would be easily accessed which can result with the individual not accessing the complementary therapies due to the barriers such as, geographical and financial. Some of the complementary therapies can be funded by the NHS such as reflexology which would benefit health and social care service users who wish to feel more relaxed after having orthodox treatments which can make them feel at pain. Lung cancer would require the individual to undergo more orthodox treatments to get rid of the cancer.

However, it would only help to get rid of the cancer and would not be able to make the person feel emotionally stable. The complementary therapies would make the individuals feel more relaxed emotionally as they would be able to feel better which can make them think positive of the orthodox treatment outcomes. Another therapy such as the aromatherapy would also support the orthodox treatment as it could make the individual feel at ease as the therapy would help to heal the pain that the individual is experiencing from the different orthodox treatments.

These therapies would not only support people who have cancer but would be able to treat people who may experience different signs and symptoms and can make people feel at ease after a stressful day. Aromatherapy would have the role to use different oils which will help a person heal. However, due to using oils people may prefer having reflexology as they might be allergic from the oil. This can cause contra-indications in the individual’s treatment.

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