Comp Exam 3

Like other operating systems, Linux is proprietary software. T or F
Because virtual memory is faster than RAM, users may notice the computer speeding up while it uses virtual memory. T or F
Chromebooks and Chromeboxes typically contain an SSD as their internal storage device. T or F
If a user or task has been assigned a higher priority than others by the network administrator the operating system performs higher-priority tasks first. T or F
In the Mac OS GUI, you can drag scrollers to display more window content. T or F
Which of the following is a vendor of antivirus software?
What can you use to identify a problem with resources so that you can try to resolve any problems?
Performance monitor
The company for which you work has just released an updated device driver version. Which of the following is least likely to be the reason for the release?
to manage new Internet connectivity issues
Which of the following is least likely to be a capability of the new server operating system your firm has developed?
providing touch screen technology
What term is sometimes used to describe a computer that runs a Windows operating system?
What can you use if the computer cannot start from its boot disk?
Recovery media
Which of the following are shortcuts to an app or other content in Windows?
When you run an app in Windows, it appears in an on-screen work area app. What is this called?
Which of the following kinds of operating systems allow only one user to run one program or app at a time?
single user/single tasking
You are looking for a product developed by Microsoft to enable your organization to manage applications and websites either onsite or on the cloud. Which product will you use?
windows server
Which of the following kinds of drives is the drive from which a personal computer starts?
Embedded computers and some mobile devices often use which of the following kinds of operating system?
single user/single tasking
You want to remove unnecessary files from your computer. What do you use?
Disk cleanup
Which of the following statements about data types is FALSE?
Text data types are used for lengthy memos.
If you are running a check that applies a formula to the primary key, what kind of check are you running?
Check digit
If you are running a check to ensure that a required field contains data, or the correct minimum number of characters, what kind of check are you running?
Which of the following kind of checks is a validity check performed on data, which ensures users enter only numeric data into a field?
Which of the following identifies the quality of data in a database?
data intgetrity
What is a more user-friendly interface some users use instead of interacting directly with a DBMS?
front end
Which of the following statements is NOT true about the database approach?
A disadvantage to the database approach is isolated data.
Which of the following, with regard to the entire database, should be made on a regular basis?
Which of the following is NOT considered a part of file maintenance?
the creation of a new database
A form that sends entered data across a network or the Internet is called which of the following terms?
After a power failure, you instruct the DBMS to use the log to reenter any changes made to the database since the last save or backup. What term is used to describe this backup technique?
forward recovery
Data integrity is important because computers and people use information to make decisions and take actions. T or F?
A relational database typically processes and summarizes large numbers of records efficiently. T or F?
In a forward recovery, the DBMS uses the log to undo any changes made to a database during a certain period, such as an hour. T or F?
Some report generators allow you to create a webpage, which can be interactive. T or F?
Metadata describes the widespread growth of data, the variety of formats in which this data is available, and the processing required to make this data accessible in a timely manner. T or F?
Which of the following kinds of modems is a modem that sends and receives digital data over and information to and from a digital line?
How many feet can the range of Bluetooth devices be extended with additional equipment?
Which of the following is a simple, inexpensive network that typically connects fewer than 10 computers?
peer to peer network
Which of the following can be avoided if a computer or mobile device has a motherboard that integrates networking capability?
Which of the following terms is an electrical disturbance that can degrade communications?
An extranet essentially is a small version of the Internet that exists within an organization. T or F?
Only small networks use routers. T or F
As data moves through a network from one program to another, it can use at most one kind of network standard. T or F
Wireless access points have high-quality antennas for optimal signals. T or F
Some mobile users have a wireless modem that uses a mobile phone provider’s network to connect to the Internet wirelessly from a computer or other mobile device T or F
You run a large network in which it is important to keep a duplicate of the central devices in case the primary one fails. What category of network topology does this network use?
star network
Which group developed the WiMAX standard?
You are a technology expert and you have been asked to predict which technology will become the Internet standard for data transmission, replacing T3 lines. Which of the following are you most likely to predict?
The design of computers, devices, and media in a network is categorized as either client/server or peer-to-peer. What is the term used to refer to this characterization?
network architecture
Digital communications describes a process in which two or more computers or devices transfer all of the following EXCEPT ____.
Which of the following is the greatest problem with regard to a bus network?
the bus itself may become inoperable
Which of the following is a LAN that uses no physical wires?
Which of the following is a central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network?
wireless access point
Which of the following kinds of devices is any type of hardware capable of transmitting data, instructions, and information between a sending device and a receiving device?
Microwave transmission involves sending signals from one microwave station to another. What is this often called?
fixed wireless
Network expertise is acquired through years of experience and training because so many variables exist for a total network solution. T or F
The unauthorized modification violates the end-user license agreement (EULA), so the device will still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. T or F
When software developers create apps for Apple’s iOS, Apple scrutinizes the software to ensure it adheres to strict guidelines. T or F
A UX designer plans and designs software and apps that consider a user’s reaction to a program and its interface, including its efficiency, its effectiveness, and its ease of use. T or F
Mobile web apps are not deployed to an app store. T or F
Which of the following allows the computer to collect data over time and process all transactions later, as a group?
batch processing
What does a Project Management Professional (PMP) test evaluate?
knowledge of tasks required during system development
Who is responsible for the security of data and information stored on computers and mobile devices within an organization?
computer security specialist
Which of the following are programs that analyze data, such as those in a decision support system?
Your company needs to hire someone to write and develop web content so that they will appear at the beginning of search results. Of the following, who gets the job?
SEO expert
What identifies data outside of a normal condition?
exception report
Which of the following works closely with users to analyze their requirements, designs and develops new information systems, and incorporates new technologies?
systems analyst
Whether you are seeking a new job or currently are employed, which of the following websites is NOT useful?
What does a network security administrator do?
configures routers and firewalls; specifies web protocols and enterprise technologies
Which type of report usually lists just transactions?
What type of information can be proven as correct or incorrect?

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