Cold War at Its Height

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What was the name of the theory that said that if one country in a region fell to Communism, others would surely follow?
domino theory
The two superpowers that opposed each other during the Cold War were the United States and
the Soviet Union.
The line graph shows US defense spending from 1946 to 1968. What happened to US defense spending from 1946 to 1948?
It dropped by approximately $30,000 million.
Which Cold War event happened last?
The Vietnam War ends.
Which country launched the first satellite into outer space?
the Soviet Union
Tensions rose as the two opposing superpowers competed for
The arms race meant that once the United States built hydrogen bombs,
the Soviet Union built them too.
In what way did the political situation in Vietnam resemble that of Korea in the 1950s?
Both Vietnam and Korea were divided into a Communist North and a non-Communist South.
The closest the world came to war during the Cold War was when the Soviet Union placed missiles on the Caribbean island of
Which of the following resulted from the Vietnam War? Select all that apply.
Vietnam is united under a Communist government.
Support for the containment of Communism lessens.
Anti-government feelings spread in the United States.
Communism spreads to Laos and Cambodia.

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