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Part ii: point of view/indirect character development, question 2 Miss Love is an independent woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind to others. This is why she’s a good match for Grandpa Blakeslee. Burns shows how Miss Love convinces Grandpa to many things that he hadn’t done before, and how she makes Will realize that even though the town thinks one way about something, he can think another way. She serves as a catalyst for change in both Grandpa and Will Tweedy’s lives in many ways.Miss Love serves as a catalyst for change in the life of Grandpa because she gets him to open his mind to new ideas and gets him to do things he’s never done before. One thing that Miss Love got Grandpa to do was to shave his beard off.

Will tell us, “Miss Love cut off most of the thick gray beard with the scissors after which Grandpa wrapped a steaming towel around his face to soften the stubble…” This shows that he is willing to make changes and not stick to what he’s been doing. Another thing that Miss Love got Grandpa to do was to start selling more modern things at the store.She convinced Grandpa to buy a car and start selling cars, and other new things, at the store. “They were chock full of ideas.

Miss Love was planning a window display of linen dusters, dust veils, and driving caps with goggles. ” (Burns, 259) Miss Love serves as a catalyst for change in the life of Will Tweedy because she shows him that it’s okay to do things that others wouldn’t. Will becomes friends with Miss Love and understands her better than others in the town. While others hate Miss Love, Will is befriending her.

He gets to know her better than anyone else in the town. He realizes that she isn’t who everyone thinks she is.Despite what Mama and Aunt Loma thought, Will realized that she wasn’t out to steal their inheritance. He realized that he shouldn’t go along with what everyone else says, he should form his own opinion of people.

This is how Miss Love served as a catalyst for change for Will. These are just some ways that shows how Miss Love served as a catalyst for change in Grandpa and Will Tweedy’s lives. She taught them both to look beyond what they know, and to be open to other things. She was an intelligent woman that had a lot of things to bring to their world. She enabled them to open their eyes to the changes going on in the world.

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