CMA Review: Pretest 2

Type of schedule allows for the most efficient use of staff, materials, and facilities
Grouping: Scheduling
what piece of mail should be placed on top when sorting the physican’s mail?
envelope marked: PERSONAL
Open punctuation is characterized by
absence of puncuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary close
the federal insurance program that provides for the medically indigent is
the process of transferring an amount from the day sheet to the ledger is
A numeric filing system requires the use of
an alphabetic cross-reference
The file folder labe for Jennie Holmes-Mathis should be
Holmes-Mathis, Jennie
Third-party participation in an office indicates the relaptionships among the
physician, patient, and insurance company
A claim may be rejected by an insurance company becuase of the omission of
-complete diagnosis
-policy number
-patient birth date
-itemization of charges
How much postage is required for a first-calss letter that weighs 3 oz if the first ounce costs $0.34 and each additional ounce is $0.25
When the word Confidential is to be typed on the envelope, it should be placed
below the return address
The most formal of complimentary closings is
very truly yours
When making an appointment, which information is not needed
insurance information
This type of call allows more than oner person in more than one place to talk simutaneously
conference call
theis procdure protects against the loss of data
backing up
A tickler file is
future events arranged in chronolgic order
This does not require a CPT code
characteristic of a receptionist that might make an impression on a patient
direction to consider additional codes is
see also
refers to factors that influence health status
mail that is opened accidentally should be
resealed with tape and noted as opened in error
Evaluation adn Management (E&M) descriptors
-physical examination
-school physical
-well-baby check-up
-preoperative physical
an example of a third-party payor
in the Problem-oriented medical record (POMR) system, the initial database includes
a numbered list of present problems
A trial balance is a comparison of
ledger card totals and account-receivable balance
when adding information to the medical record, new notes are added
newest to the front
Calls require immediate transfer to the physician
another physician
appointments should be scheduled
in consecutive order eithout large gaps
NOT part of basic information obtained at the patients’ first visit
standard-size paper and envelope for business correspondence is
8 1/2 x 11; no. 10 envelope
patient’s ledger cards should be kept
in a separtate ledger file
bank statement is reconciled with
record of the proceedings of a meeting are the
protects data from loss
backing up
scheduling system based on scheduling similar appointments or procedures together
appropriate information to include in a patient information brochure would be
information about the scope of the practice
a new employee must complete what form
this abbreviations is NOT correct
HGB; should be hgb
patient information taht is released without patien’ts authorization might result in legal charge of
invasion of privacy
correctly addressed envelope includes
omission of all puncuation
this circumstance would waive the need for a written release of medical records
in double-entry bookkepping, the original entry is put onto the
daily log
the correct way to indicate an enclosure notation is
superbill provides
insurance claim
purpose of records management
coding system not associated with medical procedures
NOT an indexing rule
Initials come before complete names
ICD-9-CM codes that refer to factors taht may influence the patient’s health status are
smallest piece of information that the computer can process is a(n)
index of files on a disk is the
appointment system of the office should take into account the needs of the
Dear Mrs. May: is an example of
mixed punctuation
master list of equipment inventory does NOT include the
operating manuals
hospital records may be released by the authoriztation of the attending surgeon only
operative notes
illness that existed before an insurance policy is written is known as a(n)
preexisting condition
A patient has not been seen in the office for 2 years. The patient’s record would be found in the
inactive files
An important consideration when deciding how to position the computer monitor at the reception desk is
patient confidentiality
which grou[p of patients hould be escorted to the examination room and given instructions on what they are to do
-new patients
-established patients
-older adults
which information is NOT essential for the surgery scheduler when requestiong a surgery date
name of the assisting physician
the notation c: Julia Jones, MD means
A copy of the letter is sent to Dr. Jones
A history and physical usually does NOT contain
results of laboratory tests
Under a managed care plan, the physicain agrees to
Accept predetermined fees
Which type of insurace organizaation uses the fee-for-services concept?
preferred provider organization
which factor is not included when dertermining the level of service for E&M codes?
cost of services
When money is placed in an account, which of the following documents is prepared?
deposit slip
The most common color-coding system color codes the
Patient’s surname
Who is leagl owner of the information in a patient’s medical record
the patient
Wehn preparing the appointment matrix, the first action is to indicate
times not available
scheduling patients with the same medical complaints on the same day is
group scheduling
A major advantage of using a computer for word processing is
extensive editing capability
NOT true of certified mail
insurance coverage is available
must be sent by first-class mail
personal letters and postcards
A medicare clain for a deceased beneficiary may be paid directly to the physician if
the estate is billed
All checks receievd as payment for charges should be endorsed
Correct for an inside address
David Roberts, M.D.
NOT true about a postage meter
A license must be obtained from the post office
two-letter abbreviation for Nebraska is
Which letter style requires the complimentary closing and typed signature be placed in line with the left margin of the body of the letter?
full block style
NOT included ina memorandum
Complimentary close
Second page of a two-page letter contains what heading?
name, page number, and date
complimentary close of a letter is typed how many lines below the last line of the body?
A fee profile is derived from
physicain charges
what demographic information is included in a medical record
date of birth
requires an ICD-9-CM code
irritable bowel syndrome
when it is 4:00 pm in New York City, what time is it in Seattle, WA
1:00 pm
ideally, a telephone should be answered before the
third ring
An E code in the ICD-9-CM coding system
pefers to external causes
universal clain form developed bny Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) is
Patients who are always late or who habitually cancel appointments hould be scheduled
At the end of the day
An error was made in charting the patient’s record. The method used to correct the error is to
Draw a single line through the error, write the word error, make the correction, and date and initial the entry
SOAP is an acronym for
problem-oriented progress notes
A patients refueses to follow medical advice and the physician decides to terminate the relationoship. The letter to the patient should state all
-an offer to make records available
-that the physician withdraws from the case
-a future date after which the phyician is not available
-that the patient still needs medical care
When the medical office works on a fixed appointment schedule and a patinent arrives without an appointment reqesting to see the physician, the patient
should be squeezed in for a brief visit so the phyician can decide what the next treatment step should be
If a patient calls to cancel his or her appointment
immediately offer a new appointment time
A good telephone techniques is a
low-pitched and expressive voice
If a patients account has been turned over to a collection agency and teh patient call about the bill, the patient should be told
to deal with the collection agency
The entry, editing, manipulation, and storage of text using the computer is
word processing
When a shipment of supplies is received, the supplies should be checked against the
enclosed packing slip
A credit balance on an account occurs when
the patient pays in advance

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