city of ember questions

was to keep the instructions for leaving the City of Ember

One mayor died before he could tell his successor about the box.
what happened to the chief builders plan for the box

Students picked a job from a small cloth sack
what happened on assignment day

all the streets looked the same with rows of two-story stone buildings. On the street level were shops and above were apartments
What did the city look like

Doon got in trouble from taking a dare from Lina
what happened to Lina and Doon’s friendship during their fourth year in school?

they had to rely on timekeepers to change the date sign and wind the clock
The people of Ember did know know the exact year because?

the roof of the Gathering Hall
In chapter 2, where did Lina go that she was not suppose to go

Doon had a talent for ____________?

looking for something that had been lost
Why was Granny tearing up on the couch?

She went outside the lighted areas of Ember and became frightened
What happened to Sadge:

Bright City
Lina dreamed of a __________

cleaned and cooked for them
what did Mrs. Murdo do to help Lina’s family?L

________ found poppy when she was lost

a box with printed paper inside
What did Poppy find?

the builders were coming back to help the people of Ember
the Belivers thought that

after trying to decode the message, Lina found an important word. What was it

At the end of Chapter 7, Lina decided to ask ____________ for help

he thought it was important
What did Doon think of the document

Mrs. Mundo
after granny died, Lina and poppy moved in with?

Lizzie said she got the canned foods from _______ who said he explored the storerooms

the mayor
who was in the room full of supplies

the guards
Since the mayor was the committing the crime, Lina and Doon decided to tell the

when Lina needed someone wise to talk to, she went to _______

the way out
Egress means

when Lina looked over the edge of rocks near the riverbank, she found a

a steel panel
the key was in a

candles and matches
what was inside the boxes that Lina found in the dark tunnel

the way out of Ember was by the

She lied to the guards about where he was
what favor did Nammy Proggs do for Doon?

Doon and Lina went to the ________ to hide

Doon and Lina wrote a not to _______ and tell her they were leaving Ember and how to follow them.

the chief guard spotted Lina and started chasing her
What happened as Doon watched Lina run across Stonegrit Lane

a blackout
_____helped Lina escape.

she waited for poppy so she could bring her along
Why was Lina late meeting Doon?

Poppy found a _____ in the boat

The first change Lina noticed as she climbed in the tunnel upward was the

In a cave
where was the city of Ember

books or photographs
The trainer told the old people to bring no _________ or __________ with them to the new city

What is life like on earth during the time the journal was written

How many men, women, and babies were sent to Ember?

What did Lina and Doon see as they looked over the cliff in the cave?

threw down the message the had written Clary
What did Lina and Doon do while they looked over at the CIty of Ember?

Mrs. Murdo
Who found the message from Lina and Doon?

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