Christmas Message Essay Example
Christmas Message Essay Example

Christmas Message Essay Example

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  • Published: August 22, 2021
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Dear BPW sisters, I am delighted to send my warmest Season's Greetings during this joyful and exciting time of yuletide.

Throughout 2018, women have demonstrated resilience and determination in the face of accomplishments and challenges. We attribute our success to God Almighty. Since assuming the presidency of the BPW Club of St Kitts in June 2018, I have had the privilege of leading our club in various areas important to women. These areas encompass Charity Projects, Health and Well-Being Lectures, and Professional Development. Our future plans involve numerous Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Projects, including the ‘Say No to Plastic Use’ initiative that aligns with our International Theme: “Empowering Women to realize their Sustainable Development Goals”. As members of BPW, we strive for growth promotion, business support provision, and encouragement offering. I actively advoc


ate for women's rights while connecting with women on both local and global levels.

There are numerous opportunities available within BPW for women. It is hoped that these opportunities will be taken advantage of to broaden horizons and personal growth, as well as becoming respected business leaders in the community. As President, concerns about women's oppression have been voiced in meetings with the government and other forums. There was an opportunity to attend the launch of the St Kitts Nevis National Gender Equality Policy and the consultation on the Green Paper for Universal Health Care. These policies are crucial and will impact us as women. The commitment is made to continue engaging with appropriate officers to ensure our club contributes to these important policies. Everyone is urged to stay on track as efforts are made towards completing what has been started.

As we enter 2019, ou

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goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of women and society. We will work to expand BPW and approach this year with enthusiasm and renewed energy as we take on various projects. Let us always remember the words of our International Prayer and let them guide our actions as we fulfill our mission. I commit to giving my best efforts for the benefit of all members and setting an example through my leadership.

Thank you for the chance to serve and the ongoing support from my executive and the general membership. Our strength is in our collaboration and teamwork. Wishing you a Christmas and New Year filled with love, laughter, and good health! President 2018-2019, Cheryleann Pemberton, MBA

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