Christmas Holiday Essay Example
Christmas Holiday Essay Example

Christmas Holiday Essay Example

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  • Published: February 9, 2022
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The Christmas holiday, observed in Christian countries, is an annual event that usually lasts from late November to early January. It centers around Christmas Day on December 25th and also encompasses the festivities of the New Year.

In the 4th century, Christianity becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire led to the tradition of celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25th. This paper's objective is to categorize and explore the Christmas season, which commences on December 25th (also known as Christmas Day), by examining its causes, impacts, and influence on individuals. While opinions about this holiday may vary, it is largely regarded as a time for familial celebration, home decoration, and experiencing joy. These activities create lasting memories and distinguish this season from others. Ultimately, Christmas symbolizes selfless love, kindness, forgiveness, and charitable actions.

People worldwide, regardless of their beliefs


and backgrounds, acknowledge the significance of this holiday. While Christmas is traditionally associated with Jesus' birth, it also represents profound spiritual principles. Consequently, there are no explicit instructions in the Bible regarding the observance of this day. Consequently, diverse traditions have emerged during the Christmas period. In numerous Western nations, these festivities encompass both secular and religious elements.

Traditionally, the sacred Christmas begins with Advent, a four-week period that starts before Christmas Day and ends on Epiphany, January 6th. During Advent, Christians prepare to celebrate Jesus' birthday on December 25th. Each week of Advent represents a different aspect of Christ, including the Holy Spirit, the flesh, death, and Christ's judgment. On Christmas Eve, many churches hold an evening service, and at midnight, Catholics and most Protestants have a candlelight service. On Christmas Day, the observance of

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Christmas includes traditional rituals like burning Yule logs as a symbol of light triumphing over winter darkness.

The practice of lighting logs on Christmas Eve and keeping them burning until the Epiphany celebrations is still observed by Europeans. The tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas holds historical importance as it symbolizes God's gift to save humanity from sin and continues the ancient Roman custom of exchanging gifts for the New Year. However, in most cultures, Christmas is primarily viewed as a time to give presents to children. This tradition dates back to the 19th century when Santa Claus and other gifts became symbols of generosity and forgiveness.

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