Chemistry Quiz Chapter 5 3/20 Flashcard

When forming a chemical compound, an atom of an element ______.
loses electrons.
An anion is any atom or group of atoms with a _____ charge.
The molecular formula for table salt is _____.
Whenever two elements form more than one compound, the different masses of one element that combine with the same mass of the other element are in the _______.
ratio of small whole numbers
The names of polyatomic ions end in ___ or ___.
-ite or -ate
In polyatomic ions for which there is an -ite/-ate pair, the -ite ending will always indicate ____ oxygen atom than the -ate ending.
one less
The systematic name for baking soda is _____.
sodium bicarbonate.
In writing a formula for an ionic compound, the net ionic charge of the formula must be ____.
The elements in the periodic table are arranged in vertical columns called ___.
Groups 1A through 7A and Group 0 make up the ___ elements.
Metals on the periodic table are located on the __ and lower sides of the table.
left (beneath the staircase).
Nonmetals are on the right and ___ sides.
upper (above staircase)
Every substance is either an ____ or a ____.
element or a gas
A compound is either _____ or ionic in nature.
Molecular compounds are composed of two or more ____.
non-metallic elements.
The representative particle of a molecular compound is a ____.
Ionic compounds are composed of oppositely charged ____ combined in electrically neutral groupings.
The charges of the ions of the ____ elements can be determined by the position of these elements in the periodic table.
Most ___ metals have more than one common ionic charge.
Binary ionic compounds are named by writing the name of the ____ followed by the name of the ____.
metallic cation, non metallic anions
Names of binary compounds end in ___.
For example, NaI is ___.
Sodium Iodide
When a cation has more than one ionic charge, a ____ is used in the name.
Ternary compounds contain at least one ____ ion.
Binary molecular compounds are composed of two ___ elements.
Binary molecular compounds end in ____.
Prefixes are used to show how many __ of each element are present in a molecule of the compound.
As2S5 is ____.
Di(2)arsenic Penta(5)sulfIDE (-ide because it’s a binary molecular compound)
Compounds of the general formula HX, where X is an anion, are named as ___.

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