Characters Who Have Experienced A Life Threatening Situation Theatre
Characters Who Have Experienced A Life Threatening Situation Theatre

Characters Who Have Experienced A Life Threatening Situation Theatre

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The undertaking will utilize differing theatrical devises to state the narratives of six chief characters who have experienced a life endangering state of affairs.

Excerpt of imperativeness release ;

A immature adult female stands on the platform of a suburban railroad station.

She is waiting for the 6.45pm train.

She has a mission...

After join forcesing on A Moment on the Lips to popular and critical acclamation, manager Kim Hardwick and award-winning dramatist Jonathan Gavin reunite to show the universe premiere of Bang. With equal doses of temper and grief, Bang is an uplifting narrative of hope and panic - a supplication for a brokenhearted universe. Set against the planetary background of spiritual divine force, Bang is an intelligent and complete geographic expedition of religion and moral codifications, a make bolding new Australian work that ask us all to oppugn what we truly believe in.

Written by Jonathan Gavin, Directed by Kim Hardwick, Designer Mark Thompson, Lighting & A ; Vision Designer Martin Kinnane, Composer & A ; Sound Designer Steve Francis. Cast includes Blazey Best & A ; Wendy Strehlow

My chief focal point in this undertaking will be developing and prolonging equilibrium between the dramatist, creatives and histrions, hence guaranting a dynamic presentation of a new Australian work. I besides have peculiar involvement in prosecuting the histrions in a free flowing duologue ( both spoken and mute ) that heightens their inventive and emotional responses to the text and consequences in a true public presentation.

Three Additional Assessment Criteria as discussed with Creative Practise Supervisor



degree Celsiuss.

Decided per centum values

Creative pattern project-70 %



search project-30 %

Decided Specialization

Maestro of Arts Practice ( Directing for Stage ) MAPrac ( Directing for Stage )

Writing/research undertaking

Guidelines for campaigners: as written by Johannes Klabbers on 10th March 2010.

The intent of the seminar and authorship undertaking is for the campaigner to:

Joint the constructs informing the pattern and the undertaking being completed as portion of the class.

Demonstrate an apprehension of the relationship between their ain pattern and the work of historical and modern-day practicians in their proposed field of specialization nationally and internationally.

Reflect critically on the procedure and results of the undertaking completed as portion of the class, and their pattern in general.

The authorship /research undertaking takes the signifier of pre production and dry run journals


After old ages of workshops and treatment the drama is written and so traveling into pre production I have to inquire myself, what is BANG?

Bang is a new text based Australian work written by Jonathan Gavin, commissioned by White Box Theatre, to be co-produced by White Box Theatre and B Sharp: for Belvoir Street Theatre. Bang will premier on the 10th June 2010 at Belvoir Street Theatre and near on the 3rd July 2010.

What 's the narrative of the drama?

Through a shared calamity ( the bombardment of a suburban railroad station ) an Australian household ( Belinda, David and their unborn kid ) , a Turkish household ( Hatije, Miri, Yusef and Kahlid ) and two castawaies ( Tricksey and Sister Rosalie ) battle with a significance forA being beyond spiritual or political rhetoric. Their personal narratives interweave to finally develop a deeper meaningA

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for 'being alive ' . Bang explores racial bias, the righteousness of spiritual idea and our life long hunt for a personal religion.

What is my function as the manager of Bang?

To orchestrate the production by uniting cardinal individuals/staff in the needed countries of moving, casting, costume/set/prop/lighting/sound design, sound composing, selling and promotion.

Bang is a new work so I may besides be required to work with Jono on developing the concluding bill of exchange for production.

In modern-day theater different managers assert different degrees of authorization and duty depending on the construction and composing of single companies or organisations and the managers ' artistic accomplishment base.

Barrie Kosky will frequently utilize his endowments as an arranger, composer, musician and interior decorator in his function as manager. Meryl Tankard has entree to her dance public presentation history and Tracey Letts to his accomplishments as a dramatist and histrion of text based stuff. The function of a manager in modern-day theater is redefined by each new production as modern-day theater is ( nevertheless nuance ) a systematically variable, formless and fluctuating art signifier.

What do I necessitate to make, as manager, traveling into dry runs for Bang?

Interpret the action ; internal analysis

Plaies are webs of knowing behaviour or action and even though the signifier is non conventional Bang is full of knowing action playing. Actions are the internal mechanisms of the drama and designation is important to directing histrions.

Once I decipher actions for the scenes, overall actions for the drama will look. Vselod Meyerhold said, `` Wordss were simply ornaments on the skirts of actions '' and it will be my duty to light the possible actions of Bang, giving the histrions physical and emotional intent.

Actions are most efficaciously understood as transitive verbs. For illustration,

Belinda: No, come on.

David: Belinda.

Belinda: No I 'm ill of the Irish bull. Let 's hold it.

David: Do n't.

Belinda: Let 's see what 's left if we open the door to all the things we 're non allowed to state.

David: I begged you non to acquire that train. I begged you.

Belinda aggravates David. In response David accuses Belinda.

Bing able to direct the histrion in pass oning an action is one of the most important facets of the actor/director relationship.

Determining a characters action can merely be done while besides sing what Konstantin Stanislavsky named, the given fortunes.

What do I desire to accomplish through my way scheme?

The ability to derive public presentations that are based in truth, that reflect the witnesss ain experiences, that reveal the complexnesss, the contradictions, the futility and the passions of human behaviour.

Konstantin Stanislavsky stated truth as being, `` to be right, logical, coherent, to believe, strive, experience and move in unison with your function '' . # # # # # # # # # # # #

What will be my indispensable duties as manager of BANG?

Dramaturgic advise to the author

In that clip Bang has had several readings for little audiences which has raised some interesting speaking points sing personal religion, salvation, institutionalized faiths, political rightness and of class familial and personal relationships. One of the more interesting remarks was that the drama asked for a balanced receptivity of

bosom and caput ; it was every bit facing and allusive.

At first we toyed with the thought of the drama widening over 2 darks because originally there was so much stuff but as with all new plants clip to discourse, Muse, write and 'unwrite ' brought the drama to a strong plenty bill of exchange to take into the dry run room.

The casting of histrions

This drama requires histrions and interior decorators who non merely stand out at their trade but who besides have had experience working on new unproduced dramas.

The general qualities I 'm looking for are ;

An ability to join forces within an ensemble


An ability to believe critically sing book analysis

A strong originative imaginativeness

Emotional handiness

A shared theatrical esthesia


The book requires 6 histrions to play 21 characters of changing ages and cultural dorsums and with changing moral mentalities. Mention to attachment 3.

I 've decided that as with productions such as Neil Armfeild 's Cloudstreet ( produced by Company B Belvoir and Black Swan Theatre in 1998 ) the switching word pictures will be chiefly indicated by the histrions change in animalism, tone of voice and attitude. The executing of these accomplishments, supported by the written duologue will do big scenic alterations irrelevant and will besides back up the strong ensemble storytelling within the book.

With this in head the accent sing casting of histrions should be placed on a high accomplishment degree.

There are several avenues I use for projecting such as perusing Showcast ( ) , try outing, direct offer and after some idea sing the above qualities my initial casting offers are ;

Blazey Best for Gracie, Hatije and Mother

Caroline Brazier for Belinda, Aunt Agatha and Mel

Wendy Strehlow for Sister Rosalie and Miri

Damian Rice for David, Father and Yusef

Tony Poli for Tricksy, Stanger, Doctor, R'Shaad, Margaret, Shooter, Sister Mary Helen and Imam

Ivan Donato for Kahlid and Pete

Meet GRACIE: the security guard

Everyone must confront decease, but it 's another thing to see it coming. Gracie 's occupation is to watch people, to protect them. Unlike us, she can non turn away in those concluding minutes. But who can watch the unwatchable?

`` I got a decoration. Making out like I was something specialaˆ¦people shouting for me. They did n't acquire it ''

Meet BELINDA: the book editor

She has a successful calling, a lovingness hubby and will shortly be a female parent for the first clip. But something is n't right. A annihilating event on a suburban train station brings Belinda to a minute that will alter the class of many lives.

`` I wanted to travel back and state, all right David I 'll wait. I 'll wait for you until the universe ends if I have to. I wo n't acquire on the train ''

Meet DAVID ; the University lector

All the female parents at the pre-natal categories love David. He 's intelligent. He 's successful.

He 's a lovingness, devoted male parent to be. Then, at 6.40 on a suburban train station his future dreams are shattered and his life becomes a vortex of heartache and desperation.

`` I begged you non to acquire on that train. I begged you ''

Meet TRICKSY ; the retarding

force queen

He is Corey Beaton. He is Tricksy. He has spent his life seeking credence in a hostile universe: sometimes hankering to be ordinary, ever cognizing he is extraordinary. Then eventually something happens, something to do him a portion of history.

`` I like to believe it all ended in a spray of spangles and plumes. There was nil left for me except this one thing ''

Meet SISTER ROSALIE: the nun

Rosalie is ambitious, intelligent, a close reader of titillating literature. She has been estranged from her atheist brother since the decease of their devout Catholic female parent.

At this clip in her life she has settled into a strong sense of devotedness but a life endangering events hakes her belief system to the nucleus.

`` I ca n't fault anyone for believing I 'm non fit for Holy Orders. I 've turned into person I do n't cognize ''

Meet KHALID: the male child from Turkey

Kahlid is n't particular like his sister. But the actions of his twin sister impel him into a hunt for the greater Jihadaˆ¦not the battle with the heathens but the interior battle for peace.

I 've decided early on that as with productions such as Neil Armfeild 's Cloudstreet ( produced by Company B Belvoir and Black Swan Theatre in 1998 ) the switching word pictures will be chiefly indicated by the histrions change in animalism, tone of voice and attitude. The executing of these accomplishments, supported by the written duologue would do big scenic alterations irrelevant ( I would n't hold to switch scenery on and off the phase ) and would besides back up the strong ensemble storytelling within the book. An facet that I knew would be widely accepted from an audience point of position. Everyone loves to be engaged by a good narrative!

There are several avenues I use for projecting such as perusing Showcast which is an on-line information bank about histrions ( ) , try outing, direct offer and after some idea sing the above qualities my initial casting offers were ;

Pic of all histrions.

Blazey Best for Hatije, Gracie and Mother

Caroline Brazier for Belinda, Aunt Agatha and Mel. I 'd work with Caroline on A Moment on the lips, Jonos foremost play so she was a direct offer.

Damian Rice for David, Father and Yusef. Damien came on the recommendation of his agent so he auditioned for the function.

Ivan Donato for Kahlid and Pete. He was besides recommended by his agent and I 'd seen Ivan work so was merely excessively happy to project him. He is about to fall in the Bell Ensemble of histrions.

Wendy Strehlow for Sister Rosalie and Miri. Wendy had been with the drama from the first read. I 'd besides worked with Wendy on another drama I 'd directed so she was a direct offer.

Tony Poli for Tricksy, Stanger, Doctor, R'Shaad, Margaret, Shooter, Sister Mary Helen and Imam. Tony was person that Showcast reminded me about. And this was likely the hardest portion to project because of the comprehensiveness of functions. From Hatijies lover to a nun to Tricksey ( his chief character, who is a retarding force queen )

to Trickseys female parent. So basically one of the things he had to make was play his ain characters mother.

So great, we have the a drama, a theater to make it in, an image and a dramatis personae but what about designersaˆ¦set, costume, illuming, sound?

The securing of other creatives

Set and costume was by Mark Thompson. Mark is an Archibald finalist for his portrayal of Greta Schachi and has some of his sculptures in the National Gallery aggregation and that 's one of the grounds that I like to utilize him. He thinks outside the 'set theoretical account ' and is n't potentially constrained by formal theatrical preparation.

Martin Kinnane designed the lighting and besides would hold been credited with projection and audio ocular design if the drama had n't progressed past the first bill of exchange. Originally projection was traveling to be a big constituent of the storytelling but as you 'll see in a minute the theatre infinite was non traveling to be contributing to quality big graduated table images but regardless it became apparent through the assorted bill of exchanges that images would n't heighten the storytelling, that it was far more interesting to hold an histrion, non an image, associating the narrative aˆ¦ so they were cut.

Steve Francis designed the sound and did the composing and it 's he 's work that you heard on the dawdler at the beginning.

I 'd worked with all these creatives before on assorted undertakings. The acquaintance meant that design determinations could be rapidly made, could be flexible and could be invariably in flux until the public presentation book was finalized.

The inquiry to inquire was, `` how did we desire the set to back up the stuff ' ? Traveling back to some of those initial remarks sing the scriptaˆ¦ '' personal religion, salvation, institutionalized faiths, political rightness, familial and personal relationships '' aˆ¦

I asked Mark to see that the audience is besides a portion of the development of these relationships. When you go to sit in a theater, ideally you want to be engaged, intrigued and provoked. I wanted to admit that the massed witness is an affectional constituent in the theatre experience.

So this is what we came up withaˆ¦

Pic of BANG set.

As Kevin Jackson stated in his reappraisal of BANGaˆ¦ '' Ms Hardwick with her confederates: Costume and Set Design- Mark Thompson, costumes that are fundamentally serviceable with minimal accommodations to make whole universes of word picture for the histrions belief and the audience 's lucidity ; a black floor infinite with scattered debris ( which was really 700 flowers, hemorrhoids of Turkish and Australian newspapers and several bags. All these set elements cite cardinal points in the book ) and a mirrored wall, that allows the Lighting Designer, Martin Kinnane to make reflected images of heightened poetic power, and a Composition and Sound Design by Steve Francis, taking us, oh, so subtly, from topographic point to topographic point, epoch to era, and clip to clip displacement. And what is even more singular is that all that support by the squad is non intrusive on the singular 'readings ' of the

histrions of Mr Gavin 's fantastic drama. Almost unseeable. ''

And for me that was a major demand for the designaˆ¦that it non be intrusive and was adaptable to changing secret plan alterations. You 'll see that what would hold been some projection is now text on the mirrors.

d. The development and sustaining of a dynamic, originative and unafraid dry run environment.

e. The full collaborative realisation of all needed theatrical production elements.

REHEARSAL DIARY ( extracts )

10th May

Today I arrive early at the dry run infinite for the first read through. All dramatis personae and creatives will be present. Jono will besides be present.

Why do I desire to get down with a read? In the procedure of projecting histrions and procuring creatives everyone has read the book so why fuss? The reply is threefold. Firstly it 's a manner of introducing and incorporating histrions with each other, interior decorators with each other and eventually all practises with each other.

Neil Armfield ( the outgoing Artistic manager of Belvoir Theatre ) championed the thought of a 'family ' of colleagues which could include histrions, authors, interior decorators composers, phase directors. `` For Armfield, a production can merely be genuinely great if it is an look of all its participants, if it is owned by its performing artists '' # # # # .

Theatre is a collaborative art and Armfields long standing critical acclamation is testament to the success of his dry run pattern. Easy treatment and an unfastened, inclusive and playful work environment are critical in set uping a production where truth is at the nucleus of the storytelling.

The 2nd portion of my logical thinking for get downing the dry run with a read is that Bang is a text based narrative. Yes, it is chronologically deconstructed but for this work the words and their impact on the relationships between characters is of the topmost importance. Hearing those relationships develop during a read would assist let go of imagination and get down an internal conversation between the creative person and character or interior decorator and trade ; something Stanislavski termed `` the thaumaturgy if '' .

`` If is a word that recurs endlessly in Stanislavski 's Hagiographas. By utilizing the word 'if ' the histrion is able to admit that the phase is simply a phase and non world ; but holding done so the histrion can travel on to entree the deeper degree of designation which occurs when histrions refer the fortunes of the play to their ain lives '' # # # # # # # # # #

Third, this is the clip for interior decorators to discourse with the dramatis personae constructs that are being considered for set, costumes, props, visible radiations and sound.

So, and all start to get. Some of the dramatis personae and creatives know or know of each other and for others this is the first meeting.

I 've made scones! The 'scone treatment ' relaxes people and after tea/coffee we start with the gap lines, `` This is a great mission. To transport it out we need a great hero. Do you believe you know anyone who

is a great adequate hero for this mission? ... I am a great adequate hero '' .

Two hours subsequently the read coatings with, `` This was the terminal, this was the beginning '' .

The sarcasm does n't get away me!

For a manager no reading of the drama is every bit of import as the first, because the experience will most closely mirror that of the mean audience. The narrative will blossom in unexpected ways but it will besides impact in the expected so to feel the emotional impact that Bang has had on everyone nowadays is inspiring.

Interpretation is cardinal to the managers ' work. In modern-day theater the reinterpretation of classics by managers such as Peter Brook, Peter Stein and late Benedict Andrews Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare at the Belvoir Theatre has contributed to an international and national grasp of the managers ' interpretative function ; sometimes called `` the cult of the manager '' .

Language can transport many significance and so reading is necessary. The shutting lines of Bang, `` This was the beginning, this was the terminal '' , are equivocal, intentionally unsettling and can be interpreted in many ways.

It 's at this minute, when the read coatings, that I must pass on my reading of the drama and my attack to the staying rehearsal period.

I find myself utilizing words such as fluid, hard, unknown, affectional, unsolved, amusing, heroic, tragic and heroic poem. I find I 'm unsettled and diffident and I 'm reminded of an electronic mail Jono sent to me months ago sing the authorship of the drama where he said, `` I was lost most of the clip, standing outside at 3.00am in the forenoon, get downing at the sky, imploring for counsel '' .

`` Ultimately the manager is a Godhead of communities-someone who can animate the really best from other creative persons, take them, welcome parts and do everyone feel they are equal and of import spouses '' . # # # # # With that in head I open the treatment

With that in head I

But it 's thrilling!

That eventide