Chapters 13-15 Study Questions

Which of the following comprises the lowest channel richness?
Distributive negotiation is a collaborative approach to negotiation that is based on a win-win assumption, whereby the parties want to come up with a creative solution that benefits both sides of the conflict.
Upward communication is usually used to communicate information about all of the following, except:
What percent of the details passed through a grapevine is accurate?
70 to 90 percent
Selina is meeting with her subordinate Mike for his annual performance review. At the end of the review, Mike tells Selina that he is confused about some things she said. By asking Selina to explain certain things in more detail, Mike is engaging in which component of the communication process?
Providing feedback
Productive output pertains to the team’s ability to meet the personal needs of its members.
The skills of _____ require receiving messages to accurately grasp facts and feelings to interpret the meaning of the message.
Jenna composes an email from home to her boss to inform him that she will be late getting to work that day. The act of composing an email involves which stage of the communication process?
Encoding the message
To be effective communicators, managers should:
encourage the use of multiple channels of communication.
As a general rule, large teams makes it harder to interact and influence others.
Silvia, a seasoned assembly line worker at an automobile manufacturer, wants to demonstrate to Allison, a new trainee, how her job relates to other organizational activities. This encompasses which downward communication topic?
Job instructions
When informing your staff of the date for the company picnic, a _____ would be most practical and successful.
Two common behaviors of the socioemotional role are energizing and encouraging.
When interviewing prospective employees, Samuel, a seasoned manager, often observes hand gestures, facial expressions, and use of space to gauge individuals’ personalities. These are all examples of:
nonverbal communication
Types of information generally communicated upward include performance reports, suggestions for improvement, and performance feedback.
The five stages of team development are forming, storming, reforming, performing, and adjourning.
Channel richness refers to the:
amount of information that can be transmitted during a communication episode.
Social media does not include blogs and wikis.
Most executives now believe that important information flows from the:
bottom up
According to the text, all of the following are ways managers can improve their writing skills, except:
writing lengthy explanations
Making explicit statements about the desired team behaviors is a powerful way leaders influence norms.
Most managers spend 80 of their time telling and 20 percent asking, but it should be the other way around.
Information distortion or loss of message content is a major problem with:
downward communication
Messages that are designed to share information among teams and departments that can help the organization change, grow, or improve are called change initiatives and improvements.
_____ is necessary for communication to be considered two-way.
Team members, in decentralized networks, must communicate through one individual to solve problems or make decisions.
Team cohesiveness does not necessarily lead to higher team productivity.
Louise, a top-level manager at INF Inc., has the difficult task of informing 12 employees that they are about to be laid off. Which communication channel should Louise use to break the news?
Communication can break down if sender and receiver do not encode or decode language in the same way.
Horizontal communication is particularly important in teaching organizations, where teams of workers are continuously solving problems and searching for new ways of doing things.
Jay, a divisional vice president of a consumer goods manufacturer, gives a presentation to all divisional employees to outline the company’s goals for the coming year. This is an example of what type of organizational communication?
Downward communication
An expense budget lists forecasted and actual revenues of the organization.
A cash budget estimates receipts and expenditures of money on a daily or weekly basis.
Which of the following includes anticipated and actual expenses for a responsibility center?
Expense budget
The system of governing an organization so that the interests of corporate owners are protected refers to corporate governance.
A task force is sometimes called a(n):
cross-functional team
The goal of open-book management is to get every employee thinking and acting like a business owner.
An activity ratio that measures how many times the inventory is turned over to meet the total sales figure is called the inventory turnover.
A process in which lower level managers anticipate their department’s resource needs and pass them to top management for approval is called top-down budgeting.
TQM tends to be most successful when it enriches jobs and improves employee motivation.
_____ standards represent an international standard for quality management.
ISO 9000
Randy is a team leader at His team is made up of fifteen co-workers. Recently, he has noticed a tendency for some team members to participate much less than others. They seem uninterested and content to let others do the work. This is called:
free riding
The final step of the feedback control model is to do nothing if performance is adequate or to take corrective action if performance is inadequate.
Most organizations measure and control performance using qualitative financial measures.
The forming stage of team development is characterized by:
Jessica has just been appointed leader of a new work team in her organization. She is wondering what to do at her first meeting with the group. Which of the following would you suggest?
She should allow time for team members to become acquainted with one another; allow for informal social interaction.
Fred, a software engineer, is in charge of scrutinizing electronic communication patterns as part of his role within a virtual team at work. Fred’s role fulfills which virtual team practice?
Monitoring progress and rewards
Which of the following is the process of measuring your organizational process against the best in the industry?
Andrea is team leader of the focus group at her organization. In the past, the group was plagued by lack of cooperation and disrespect. Today, she told team members that if anyone tried to undermine another member, that person would be kicked off the team. This is an example of a(n):
explicit statement
Which of the following teams are created outside the formal organization structure to undertake a project of special importance or creativity?
A common dysfunction of teams is the presence of conflict.
Michael’s team has evolved to the storming stage of team development. As team leader, what should Michael be emphasizing?
Participation by all team members
The implementation of total quality management involves the use of many techniques such as quality circles, benchmarking, Six Sigma principles, reduced cycle time, and continuous improvement.
Which of the following is a quality control approach that emphasizes a relentless pursuit of higher quality and lower costs?
Six Sigma
The initial cost of implementing the SOX reforms is relatively minor for a small business once it becomes public.
Sally is a member of a work team at Beauty-R-Us Corporation. She often proposes new solutions to team problems. This is an example of which task specialist role?
All well-designed control systems involve the use of _____ to determine whether performance meets established standards.
Very high expectations from senior management and a desire to share authority by middle managers are two of the positive factors leading to success of TQM.
A competitive and adversarial negotiation approach in which each party strives to get as much as it can, usually at the expense of the other party is called distributive negotiation.
Which of the following countries has the most secretive economy?
What is the first step in the feedback control system?
Establishing standards of performance
Continuous improvement is the implementation of a large number of small, incremental improvements in all areas of the organization on an ongoing basis.
Brad is a department manager at Home Theater, Inc. His sole role in the budget process is to implement the budget that is developed for him. This is an example of:
top-down budgeting
The certification based on a set of international standards for quality management, setting uniform guidelines for processes to ensure that products conform to customer requirements is the ISO certification.
Work team effectiveness is based on three outcomes: productive output, capacity to adapt and learn, and:
Forms of nonverbal communication include blushing, perspiring, glancing, crying, and laughing.
Norms begin to develop in the first interactions among members of a new team.
When a group of workers have routine tasks to perform, a _____ communication structure allows more time for the task to be completed.
The receiver usually will give more weight to behavioral actions than to verbal messages when verbal and nonverbal messages are contradictory.
_____ and _____ are potential sources for communication errors, because knowledge, attitudes, and background act as filters.
Decoding; encoding
Virtual and global teams are particularly prone to communication breakdowns.
About 75 percent of effective communication is:
Managers spend 80 percent of every working day doing desk work.
When an electronic mail system is installed as part of the communication system, what element of the communication process is changed?
Distributive negotiation is a collaborative approach to negotiation that is based on a win-win assumption, whereby the parties want to come up with a creative solution that benefits both sides of the conflict.
Customer service, external business processes, financial performances, and the organization’s capacity for learning and growth are the four major perspectives of the balanced scorecard.
In the process of implementing the balanced scorecard approach at his company, operations manager Seth Howard wonders whether internal activities and processes add value for customers and shareholders. This involves which dimension of the balanced scorecard?
Internal business processes
A quality circle is a group of _____ volunteer employees.
6 to 12
The _____ plans future investments in major assets to be depreciated over several years.
capital budget
According to the control model, after establishing standards of performance the manager should:
measure actual performance
Tammy is a production manager at Eagle’s Nest, Inc. She is concerned that too much money is being wasted on inventory that is sitting in the warehouse too long. She should calculate a(n):
inventory turnover ratio
A standard for performance is included in an organization’s overall strategic plan to compare organizational activities against.
The liquidity ratio shows the company’s ability to meet its current debt obligations and a measurement of the firm’s margin of safety.
Effective virtual team leaders use technology to build relationships through all of the following ways, except:
scrutinize electronic communication patterns.
The goal of open-book management is to get every employee thinking and acting like a business owner.

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