Chapter 5 Review

The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is the

A filibuster can be stopped when three-fifths of the Senate votes for

This is required for a legislative body to take official action.

January 3 of odd-numbered years
Representatives’ term
November of even-numbered years
Senators’ term
the way every law starts
House subcommittee
prestigious Senate committee
key House committee
attends committee meetings
personal staff member with office management duties
start of each term of Congress
2 years
6 years
as a bill
Social Security
Foreign Relations
Ways and Means
legislative assistant
administrative assistant

This is an example of a subcommittee.
Human Resources

The budget-making work of Congress is coordinated by the
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

People in districts represented in Congress are called

In the Senate the rules are designed to make sure that all senators
have freedom to express their ideas.

This is NOT a qualification for election to the Senate.
married for 5 years

This great center of information contains almost a 100 million items.
Library of Congress

This group specializes in a subcategory of its standing committee’s responsibility.

This has guided the selection of committee chairpersons.
seniority system

This staff member runs the lawmaker’s office.
administrative assistant

In the House one of the most prestigious committees is
Ways and Means.

These committees act as study groups for the House and Senate.
joint committees

This person’s main job is to steer the party’s bills through the Senate.
majority leader

This committee is set up when the House and Senate have passed different versions of the same bill.
conference committee

These assistants make sure that legislators are present for key votes.

This is a House subcommittee.
Human Resources

In the Senate bills are brought to the floor by
unanimous consent

Before both houses of Congress pass it and the president signs it, a proposed law is a

The flow of legislative work in Congress is controlled by the
majority party

Congressional staffs grew as
lawmaking became more complex.

Senators are elected for
six-year terms

This staff member handles requests for help from the lawmaker’s constituents.

Representatives are elected from
congressional districts

The process of setting up new congressional districts after reapportionment is called

Redistricting power was abused by creating congressional districts of unequal power and by

These staff members are largely responsible for the work involved in making laws.
committee staff members

The power to write the rules in Congress is controlled by the
majority party

This government office is responsible for the Statistical Abstract of the United States.
Government Printing Office (GPO)

Standing, select, joint, and conference are all types of congressional

Some lawmakers believe this group has too much power.
congressional staffers

This staff member attends committee meetings for the lawmaker.
legislative assistant

One reason incumbents are reelected is that they have
name recognition with voters.

The United States Congress, which is made up of two houses, is a
bicameral legislature.

The Senate conducts most of its business through
unanimous consent

Many procedures in Congress are organized around
party affiliation.

The main task of each house of Congress is to
make laws.

Members of Congress can be arrested for this offense even when attending Congress.

This could bring about a vote of censure.
accepting a bribe

key power centers in Congress
legislators’ answer to violent television
permanent groups
temporary committees
act as study groups
standing committees
select committees
joint committees

The filibuster is not as strong a weapon as it used to be because of
the two-track procedural system

This is NOT a qualification for election to the House of Representatives.
a degree in law

In Congress the majority and minority leaders are assisted by

The standing committees of each house are controlled by
the majority party

The president of the Senate is the
vice president