Chapter 23: Public Health Nursing and the Disaster Management Cycle

Which statement about disasters is true?
They can be natural or human-made
The use of weapons of mass destruction or natural disasters, such as earthquakes, will often have more casualties because
victims have little time to make evacuation preparations
Which is an example of natural disaster?
Communicable disease epidemic
Which is any example of human-made disaster?
Structural collapse
What emotion would a nurse anticipate when working with an older person following a disaster?
Fear of loss of independence
In which situation would a nurse experience vicarious traumatization?
When listening to survivors’ stories about traumatic events
A nurse is working in a temporary shelter for victims following a natural disaster. Which condition is the nurse most likely to encounter?
A riverfront community builds a retaining wall to divert flood water away from the town. This is an example of:
An example of community preparedness for a disaster is
developing an evacuation plan to remove individuals from danger
What would most likely occur during the preparedness stage of disaster management?
Assembly of disaster kits for the home, workplace, and car
When working in a disaster, which attribute would be most important for the nurse to process
What is most likely to occur in the community during the Honeymoon Phase after a disaster?
Survivors share their stories
What is the first action a nurse should take when assessing persons arriving at a shelter following a disaster?
Assess whether this type of facility is appropriate for the person.
What action would the nurse take when triaging victims following a disaster?
Allocation of treatment based on the victim’s potential for survival.
Which task would a nurse be most likely to perform while volunteering on a disaster medical assistant team?
Assist in triaging disaster victims
Which is an example of a bioterrorism and emergency readiness competency for a public health worker?
Recognition of unusual events that might indicate an emergency
What is the purpose of the national response framework?
Develop a nationwide all-hazards approach to domestic incident management.
Which organization would a nurse collaborate with when developing and coordinating an emergency response plan for a community.
Emergency Management Agency (EMA)
Following a disaster, what is the priority of the disaster response?
Reestablish sanitary barriers and focus on basic needs
If a bioterrorism attack was to occur in the US, which program would be used to provide large quantities of medication to the american public?
Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)
What is anticipated to happen in the future with disaster management?
Increasing sophistication in technology and surveillance
Which populations are at greatest risk for disruption after a disaster? Select all that apply.
Single parent families, children, substance abusers
Which organizations offer volunteer opportunities in disaster work for nurses? Select all that apply.
-American red cross
-citizens corps

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