Chapter 2: Jesus of History-Christ of Faith – Flashcards

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The Gospels
Reveal the meaning and significance of Jesus for the people of his time
The Catholic church bases its teachings and practices
On church Tradition and the Christian Scriptures
The Resurrection
Absolutely central to the Christian faith
Non-Jewish person
‘The Anointed One’
First Gospel
A Gentile doctor who was also an Evangelist – 2nd Gospel
The most popular and widely used Gospel because of its well – organized manner – 3rd Gospel
The only Gospel not known as a “synoptic gospel” – 4th Gospel
New Testament
27 books
The two Evangelists that walked with Jesus
Matthew (also known as Levi) & John (The Beloved One)
The two Evangelists became disciples after the resurrections of Jesus
Luke (Gentile Doctor) & Mark (often referred to as John Mark)
Gospel of Mark
– first Gospel (written in 65-70 C.E.)
– author is known as John Mark
– Written for the Church in Rome, Gentiles, and followers of Jesus
– reorganized as the Gospel of ‘action’
– Humanity of Jesus – strong human emotions
– Stresses the humanity and suffering of Jesus
Gospel of Luke
– second Gospel (written 70-85CE)
– author is Luke – a Gentile Doctor
– written for Gentile Christians and well-to-do Christians
– Stresses Jesus’ compassion & mercy and the central role of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life
Jesus’ message is for everyone
Follower of St. Paul
Gospel of Matthew
– third Gospel (written and completed by 90 C.E.)
– author is unknown but is attributed to Matthew
– written for Jews converting to Christianity
– Stresses Jesus as the fulfillment of the promises/prophecies of God in the Old Testament
5 Great lessons – Our Father, Beatitudes, a new commandment…
– Jesus as a great teacher and preacher
Gospel of John
– fourth Gospel (written and completed by 95 C.E.)
– author is attributed to John and other beloved disciples
– written for early Christian communities
– Stresses Jesus as ‘the Word of God’ – the ‘Divine Son of God’
– uses symbolic languages and images
oral tradition
Information about Jesus – passed on primarily by word of mouth
means to ‘see together’ Gospels of Matthew, Mark, & Luke
official Catholic church teachings and practices
Historical Scholars
Those that study the history of a certain period of time
Biblical Scholars
those that study the bible and other sacred writings
not Jesus’ last name; comes from Greek, means ‘Messiah’ in Hebrew; literal translation: ‘Anointed One”
A Greek word meaning ‘Good News’
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