Chapter 19 History BLAH

This is the preoccupation with buying material goods
he developed a vaccine against polio
Dr. Jonas Salk
This is a company that offers the same products or services in many locations
McDonalds is one of the earliest examples of this type of business
this is a marketing strategy in which manufacturers purposely design products to wear out or become outdated in short period of time
planned obsolescence
this is a major corporation that includes a number of smaller companies in unrelated industries
the height of this unprecedented population explosion was in 1957
baby boom
this type of business seeks financial security through diversification, or investment in various areas of the economy
“White Flight” involved the mass exodus of white Americans from the nations
The author of the influential book THE OTHER AMERICA: POVERTY IN THE UNITED STATES was
Michael Harrington
Braceros were workers who came to the united states from
the longoria incident involved the refusal by town officials to provide funeral services for a world war II veteran because he was
the unsuccessful effort to assimilate native americans by moving them off their reservations and into the nations cities was known as the
termination policy
the nations poor in the 1950s were found in large numbers in every group except
suburban residents
one of the benefits that the GI Bills of rights offered to returning veterans was
low-interest loans
president truman threatened to WHAT striking workers to prevent strikes from crippling the nation
The dixiecrats nominated WHO to run for president in 1948
J. Strom Thurmond
During the 1950s, WHAT jobs declined
A WHAT is a large corporation that owns a number of smaller companies
the vast majority of new homes in the 1950s were built in the
with more money to spend and an increased number of products to buy, WHAT became an American way of life
most americans in the 1960s relied on WHAT as their primary source of entertainment and information
the expression of noncomformity by WHAT developed into the beat movement
artists and poets
most WHAT enjoyed the prosperity of the postwar period
white Americans
What was not an early effect of the conversion from a wartime to a peacetime economy
the supply of good exceeding demand
what were early effect of the conversion from a wartime to a peacetime economy
increased unemployment, inflation and decreased wages
what contributed to the economic recovery after the ward
consumer demand, cold war, and the Marshall Plan
what didnt contribute to the economic recovery after the war
labor strikes
the factor that most contributed to the upset win of Truman in the 1948 election was
his relentless campaign against a “do-nothing” congress
the first politician to skillfully use the new medium of television was
Richard M. Nixon
One disadvantage of standardization in American business was that it
discouraged individuality
the group that benefited most from the economy and culture of the 1950s was
white men
the dramatic increase in car ownership in the 1950s did not contribute to
decreased usage of national parks
the dramatic increase in car ownership in the 1950s contributed to what
noise pollution, the interstate highway act, the widening gap between the middle class and the poor
the longoria incident prompted mexican americans to do what
promote politcal candidates who represented their interests, organize the GI forum, and found the unity league of california
criticism of television in the 1950s was based on
its prtrayal of an idealized society
in the 1950s, both the beat movement and rock n roll were viewed as forms of
called television a “vast wasteland”
Newton Minow
unofficial “King of Rock n Roll”
Elvis Presley
Prominent beat poet
Allen Ginsburg
innovative jazz artist
miles davis
popular fifties movie star
james dean
wrote beat novel On The Road
Jack Kerouac
attempt to improve a nations inner cities
urban renewal
southern democrats opposed to truman
company with many locations
devised polio vaccine
Dr. Jonas Salk
Mexican hired hands in America
Trumans domestic program
fair deal
rapid population growth after WWII
baby boom
demand for materal goods
followers of the beat movement were
noncomformist writers who critisized the american emphasis on material goods
manufacturers used the strategy of planned obsolescence to get people to
throw away “out of dat” products and buy new ones
the termination policy was
a US government plan to give up responsibility for native american tribes
the mass media include
radio, tv, newspapers, and magazines
urban renewal was
a plan to rebuild the inner cities
most popular sit come of the 1950s. the adventures of a housewife
I Love Lucy
pitched a perfect game for the NY Yankees in the 1956 World series
Otherwise known as the GI Bill of Rights
service mens readjustment act
admitted to the union in 1959 as our 49th state
sex symbol of the 50s. featured in high hefners new magazine
marilyn monroe
walt opened this new venue in 1955 for kids of all ages
winner of the presidential elections of 1952 and 1956
fastest growing mass media of all time
our 50th state added in 59
post-WWII population explosion
formulated a polio vaccine that saved millions
Dr. Jonas Salk
southern democrats who formed a states rights party in 1948
federal communications commission
first african american major league baseball player. joined the dodgers in 1947
city that hosted the 1956 summer olympics
authorized by eisenhower, it created a nationwide system of expressways
interstate highway system
english professor who accused of cheating on a quiz show
author of “on the road”. describing nomadic search across america
first man to fly faster than the speed of sound. did so in a jet in 1947
chuck yeiger
the music of miles davis and john caltrine
pediatrician who published a guide for raising kids
benjamin spock
set the standard for fast food. opened by brothers maurice and richard in 1948
ended the reservation system. distributed indian land to individuals
termination plicy
manufacturing idea where products wear out or become outdated in a short time
planned obsolecsence
teen idol of the 50s. died in a tragic car accident at the age of 24
james dean
comic about a round headed boy and his beagle that debuted in october of 1950
launched by the soviets in october of 57. sent the US scrambling to catch up
some said he was too smart to be president. defeated in 52and 56.
the king of rock n roll. recorded “heartbreak hotel” and “dont be cruel”
elvis presley
fastest growing area in the 50s. not quite city, not quite country.

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