Chapter 17 Social Studies- Questions

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How is Fascism different than communism?
I t favors working class culure and allows a mixed economy.
How is Fascism similar to communism?
They want to unify the country by discipline.
How did Stalin change the government and the economy of the Soviet Union?
Stalin abandoned Lenin’s NEP and took \”One Great Leap Foward\” to communism. He launched the first of a 5 year series of plans to modernize agriculture and build new industries. He encouraged the combining of farms into collective farms. This caused famine. Stalin introduced rationing. Stalin went on political purges removing people in office that were enemies or undesirable. He purified the communist party. His \”show trials\” only had one possible verdict. guilty. By 1939 7 million people were arrested from all social levels. 1 million executed and millions in forced labor camps.
Why did so many people die during Stalin’s rule as dictator?
He killed anyone who spoke against him (threat) and what he wanted to do. Also he got rid of all of his compeditors.
Give examples of how the Great Depression severely affected Germany and contributed to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis.
Germany was in debt because of the reperations they had to pay from WWI , unemployment was at an all time high, the value of curancy decreased, and the people lost hope.This made it very easy for Hitler to take power by promising to fix the economy and keeping his promises. He restored the German peoples hope and they believed that he was doing good things.
How did leaders of totalitarian states feel about using force against people and nations they considered their enemies?
Totalitarian government controls everything, using terror to suppress individual rights and silence opposition. People who disagreed with Hitler were silenced, beaten, or killed.
Why did Britain and France abandon their policy of appeasement?
Because they were unprepared for a conflict, they agreed to sacrifice sudetenland.
What benefit did Hitler gain by signing a pact with Stalin?
independance with the soviet union and received land of the independant states which is divided between the soviet union and germany
What were the limitations of the Maginot Line?
the line protected only part of french border that faced germany; leaving france vulnerable to an attack from belgium
Why were the events at Dunkirk memorable in military history?
Because the battle of Dunkirk was an evacuation of the our British allies
How is Fascism different than communism?
Fascist governments support the right of labor representatives (labor unions) and corporate representatives (CEOs, company presidents, etc.) to negotiate – through a system called corporatism. Communist governments have complete economic control and ownership of the economy.
How is Fascism similar to communism?
Fascism is the polar opposite of Communism, but both have extreme behaviors and hyper nationalism.
What were some of the main causes of Japan’s growing military power?
Japan joined the Allies. Even though it had played a minor military role, it conquered several German possessions in the Pacific and won access to markets abandoned by the Europeans. As a result, Japan’s economy prospered.
What were some of the effects of Japan’s growing military power?
by the military growing it provided a great sense of nationalism and desire other nations
Why was the Manchurian Incident a turning point for Japan’s civilian government?
It helped end the multiparty government, putting the parliamentary system itself in danger
What was the initial outcome of Japan’s war against China?
There was a battle at Shenghai between china and japan,and more than 200,000 troops died then later china lost to japan in october.
Why did Japan look beyond China for future expansion?
Because the Japanese lacked the land and the materials they needed
What was required by the Neutrality Acts? Did they succeed in keeping the US neutral? Why or Why not?
The Neutrality Acts were suppossed to prevent the United States from selling arms even to nations that were trying to defend themselves from aggression. By doing this, as FDR pointed out later, the Neutrality Acts encouraged agrresssion. BBecause the U.S. economy was struggling.
Why did FDR ask Congress to pass the Lend-Lease Act?
FDR wanted Britain’s help in the war but during the time they were facing a financial crisis. The Lend-Lease Act allowed the president to laid any nation he believed was vital to U.S.A security.
Describe relations between Japan and the United States before the attack on Pearl Harbor.
U.S. and Japanese relations were not well due to Japanese aggression in Manchuria and the pacific.

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