Chapter 14- Services Marketing

A major cause of —- is the difference between what a firm promises about a service and what it actually delivers
Poorly perceived service
Which of the following is NOT a company-controlled factor that influences customer expectations
Word of mouth communication
Which of the following statements about communications and the service marketing triangle is true?
External marketing communications include advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotions
Rangu read in the newspaper that he could receive a free mouth’s cable television service if he would agree to use the service for two years. The as had not other states restrictions and appeared to apply to the entire county in which Jackson lived. When Rangu went by the cable or the free month offer. If he wanted cable, he had to pay $400 to have cable service brought to his house. Rangu experienced a problem with:
Marketing communications that were not integrated
Which of the following described a reason why integrated marketing communications have not been the norm in many companies?
Various parts of the company are responsible for different aspects of communication
Which of the following is NOT a factor that contributes to service communication challenges?
Servicescape omniscience
Variations in the supply and demand of services result in:
Inadequate management of service promises
When Selena’s purchased a new refrigerator from Sears, she was told by the salesperson that the refrigerator would be delivered to her apartment Thursday between the hours of 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. However, the refrigerator was not delivered until 4:00 pm on Friday. The late delivery caused Selena to be dissatisfied with Sears delivery service. Selena’s dissatisfaction with Sears’ delivery service results from
Inadequate management of services promised
The ad guaranteed that you would be skydiving after only a couple of hours of lessons. Megan was excited at the prospect. After enrolling in the class, she learned that rather than skydiving by herself, which was what the ad implied, she would be skydiving in tandem (belted to another experienced skydiver) due to safety regulations. Megan’s disappointment was the result of
Inadequate management of customer expectations
Cookies is a retail store where customers host parties for guests to bake and decorate cookies. Children attending a party staged at Cookies were upset when the adult owners of the store did all of the baking while they watched. The store owner’s insurance provider had told her that she as not covered is a minor was injured on her premises. The children’s disappointment was a result of
Inadequate management of customer expectations
Mike and his rehabilitation confusion
Providing inadequate customer education
Inadequate customer communication occurs when
The service is difficult for the customer to evaluate even after it has been delivered
In which of the following services is inadequate customer communication most likely to result in customer dissatisfaction?
Physical rehabilitation therapy
Customer education is beneficial for closing provider gap 4 when:
The supply and demand of the service are not synchronized
—– occurs when a service firm develops an advertising campaign without input from operations and contract personnel are not able to deliver service that matches the image portrayed in the advertising
Inadequate horizontal communication
Vernon has used a Nordic track he wants to sell……. Vernon’s dissatisfaction with Play It Again Sports is the result of:
Differences in policies and procedures
Last summer, Kenta and Sawako spent part of their vacation in St. Louis and Boston, staying at the St. Louis Hilton and the Boston Hilton. When they checked in at the St. Louis Hilton the front desk clerk was very friendly and helpful. However, when they checked in at the Boston Hilton, the front desk clerk was cold and indifferent. The inconsistent from desk clerk behavior experienced by Kenta and Sawako resulted from:
Inadequate internal marketing communications
By having specific guidelines for cleaning a room, Marriott is avoiding one of the problems associated with:
Inadequate internal marketing communications
—- means transmitting information across functional boundaries in an organization to align all functions with customer expectations
Managing horizontal communications
Which of the following is NOT a category of strategy that service providers can use to match service promises with service delivery?
Integrate the service dimensions
Cookies is a retail store where customers host parties for guest to bake and decorate cookies. The store offers customers their money back is the party experience is boring. Cookie’s is:
Offering a service guarantee to manage customer expectations
Which of the following is NOT one of the properties of intangibility that has been identified by the research of Banwari Mittal?
Dynamic vs. static
Which of the following statements about the Banwari Mittal’s properties of intangibility is true?
Services such as an MRI or CAT scan have a high level of mental impalpability
Which of the following services is highest in incorporeal evidence?
Management consulting
Which of the following products has the highest degree of nonsearchability?
Massage therapy
Joshs teachers describe him as mathematical genius. His parents did not get any education after high school. They have hired josh a tutor even though they do not understand why Josh needs to understand string theory and quantum physics. The tutoring that Josh receives has a high degree of —— for Josh’s parents
Mental impalpability
The chiropractor is using —– to address service intangibility
Using narrative
By featuring Marlene Wei in an advertisement, the Four Seasons Hotel is —– to address service intangibility.
Featuring service employees in advertising
Because a service is a performance, it often cannot be previewed or inspected in advance. This property of intangibility is known as:
A commercial for Carnival Cruises shows a group of friends scuba diving, rock climbing, dancing and having a really great time. Which strategy for tangibilization is Carnival using in this commercial?
The four strategies of tangibilization proposed by researchers Leonard Berry and Terry Clark are:
Association, physical representation, documentation and visualization
He did not offer her a free breakfast and Kente swore to never stay at the inns again. The chain of inns needs to:
Coordinate its external communications
By guaranteeing that all participants in its dance classes will be able to do the foxtrot by the end of their first lesson or their money will be refunded, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio is:
Managing customer expectations
By instituting the GoldParker System, Hartsfield’s management has —– to manage customer expectations:
Created a tiered-value service offering
Offering choices to the customer is a strategy for:
Managing customer expectations
Which of the following is NOT a strategy a service provider would use if its goal were to manage customer expectations?
Teach customers to avoid peak demand periods and see slow periods
By Eddie Bauer offering different delivery options they are:
Managing customer expectations
Cable TV companies that offer subscribers different programming packages are:
Creating tiered-value service offerings
Internet service providers that offer subscribers their choice of hook-up speed and type of spam blockers are:
Creating tiered-value service offerings
Creating tiered value service offerings is a strategy for:
Managing customer expectations
Because he has a busy practice, new patients for dentist Dr. Kirby Brown are informed that, unless there is an emergency, the first available appointment will be in three months. Dr. Brown is —– to manage customer expectations
Making realistic promises
Which of the following is a strategy used for managing customer education?
Prepare customers for the service process
Preparing customers for the service process is a strategy for:
Managing customer education
Emory Vision Center has a packet of information that it sends to people who are interested in LASIK surgery. Through it communications with current and potential patients, Emory Vision Center is:
Managing customer education
Service providers sometimes need to tell customers that services have been performed for them. To get credit for their actions, service providers need to reinforce their actions with appropriate communication about their accomplishment of the service. After which of the following service customers most likely require further information?
A fluoride treatment given to a child
Under which of the following conditions should a service provider confirm performance to standards and expectations?
Answers A, B, and C.
A. The customer cannot evaluate the effectiveness of the service
B. The decision maker in the service purchase is different from users of the service
C. The service is performed out of sight of the customer
Clarifying expectations after the sale is a strategy for:
Managing customer education
When Sarah opened her savings and checking accounts at First National Bank of CHicago, she was given a brochure entitled ” How to lose wait” that gave her advice on how to avoid delays at the bank and listed her branch’s busiest and slowest times. By giving Sarah the “how to lose wait” brochure, First National Bank of Chicago is ——- to match service promises with delivery.
Managing customer education
The aAtlanta Kroger Marketing Area (KMA) publishes a monthly newsletter, Hot Off the Press, to provide information to its employees about food safety and preparation, changes in store encounters, This newsletter is an example of:
Vertical communications
By involving employees in cross-functional team to align their jobs with end customer requirements, a service firm is:
Managing internal marketing communications
Any company that disseminates information through different communications channels needs to be concerned with integrating this information so that customers receive unified messages and promises about its offering
A more complex type of integrated marketing communications is needed for goods than for services
Many companies find themselves in the position f having to manage expectations downward
Just as all service providers must advertise, all integration across departments to be able to deliver quality services.
One way to address service intangibility is to offer the customer a variety of choices
An insurance company that used advertising showing satisfied customers thanking the company for their prompt payment after a flood would be addressing service intangibility
The four strategies of tangibilization are documentation, illustration, imitation and physical representation
Service providers should never encourage word-of-mouth communication
If a company’s goal is to manage customer expectation, it should avoid offering service guarantees
An airline that sells, first-class, business-class, and tourist-class seats on its planes has created tiered-value service offering
It is impossible to manage customer expectations in a business-to-business situation
Once the sale is made, service provider can manage customer education by clarifying expectation after the sale
There is no way to improve the education of the customer after the sale is made
In most companies, it is significantly easier to improve horizontal communications than vertical communications
Interaction and measurement are tools used to manage internal marketing
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